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Peerless myth Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:09   Independent & Freelance   Saarbrücken   371 views Reference: 187
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"Swish!" Words just finished, heard a strange voice, unusually fast, the man seemed to fall to the ground with the voice and then turned into a burst of white light, very simple, this man died, was killed by flying clouds, no one thought he would kill here, did not think he would be so fast. Xiaoyao several people looked at each other, all saw the shock in each other's eyes, everyone's eyes are written, this person is a master. Is the leader of the Broken Army going to ask me out now? Said Feiyun as if pondering. Feiyun, I have been patient with you again and again, but today you killed my people, I think it is impossible not to care about you. "Nonsense. If you don't care, I will. Anyway, either you or I will die today." Volume IV Chapter 28 Wedding Banquet (III) (Number of words in this chapter: 2617) The smell of gunpowder on both sides has been very obvious, some of the people who were invited to attend the wedding banquet have retreated to escape, afraid of bringing disaster to the fish in the pond, now Xiaoyao saw the broken army and they, things have come to this point, what will they do? The four guilds jointly kill Feiyun? It is estimated that it is impossible, not to say that the hand just shown by Feiyun shows his strength. If Feiyun is really killed by them,plastic bottle making machine, there will only be rumors outside that it is the function of the four guild bosses working together. If Feiyun runs away carelessly, the four guilds will lose face. Broken army is also worried about the strength of the cloud in the end, although know that he is also the master of a gang, strength will not be worse, but did not expect to be so outrageous, the speed of killing is so fast that they can not see clearly. I'm proud of myself, but I'm not stupid enough to come here alone. Is that what you four think? Feiyun looked at the leader of the four guilds with a sneer. His words were a pun. He not only scolded them for being stupid, but also reminded them that they still had people and that it was not good to act rashly. Smelly boy,PET blowing machine, you are so arrogant. No matter how many of you are, I will kill you like a dragon. On one side, the dragon's face had turned red, and he grabbed his weapon and jumped toward Feiyun. At the beginning of the war, Xiaoyao several people hurriedly dodged back to one side, the day smiled and saw that their food probably could not be saved, hurriedly grabbed the plate on the table and jumped to one side, but Lu Xiaofeng was not happy, just slowed down, the food on the table had been scattered to the ground under the fight between the two people, and now they could only look at the food on the ground in a trance for a while. He looked at the two men who were fighting bitterly for a while. Xiaoyao carefully looked at Feiyun, in terms of moves is no characteristics, but his speed is not used in general, and until now Xiaoyao did not see Feiyun use weapons, of course, Xiaoyao did not think he would not have weapons, juice filling machine ,Beverage packing machine, such as his speed, even if he took a weapon he was not familiar with to compete with people will have a great chance of winning. Simon, do you know what school he belongs to? Looked for a while, Xiaoyao asked next to the Simon, this guy used to look for people of various sects, it is estimated that he will know some. Ximen frowned and shook his head helplessly. Xiaoyao was stunned. There are probably two kinds of martial arts that Ximen will know. One is that there are some new martial arts in the school, but this can be ruled out. If there is such a thing, Jianghu would have made a lot of noise. The second is the task martial arts, which is naturally the martial arts obtained by doing the task. But want to get this kind of martial arts luck and strength is not, but also spend a lot of time, ordinary people simply can not complete, thinking, Xiaoyao looked at Ye Gucheng, listen to Simon said, he has done the task of martial arts, but has been in the state of practice has not been used. Ye Gucheng felt that Xiaoyao was looking at him and knew what he meant, but he just said helplessly: "Don't look at me. I am also in a state of groping for the martial arts of the task. I don't understand many of them. If this person's martial arts are really task-oriented, then he is the first person I met who knows this kind of martial arts." After listening to Simon's words, Xiaoyao is really more interested in this task martial arts. Ye Gucheng is not a fool. He hasn't understood all the task-oriented martial arts for such a long time. The effect of successful practice must be amazing and exciting. Looking at the battle between the two men, the dragon has reached a state of great anger, because in the state of competition, Feiyun relies on his wonderful flying skills to keep evading, never really and the dragon against a move, how can this be called the dragon is not angry? How long are you going to fight if you keep running like this? Can it be said that you only know flying skills? The dragon shouted angrily. Oh? Angry? Crazy dragon, you don't make a mistake, I will be so entangled with you, because you are not a broken army, so I don't want to kill you. As Feiyun spoke, he still drifted easily in the light of the dragon's knife. If you really have such ability, then try it. My dragon is not made of mud. No one can kill it if he wants to. Kuanglong felt very uncomfortable with Feiyun's arrogant attitude. Flying cloud at this time also suddenly changed just pondering attitude, face appears very cold, "you want to die I help you." Said, a wave of his right hand, a strong wind swept away to the dragon, the dragon slightly stupefied, anxious wisdom, desperately waving their weapons, as for the flying cloud is quickly back to one side, with a smile on his face, watching the dragon is not in the hand. As for the dragon is a face of horror, as if he did not believe what he saw, a knife, a very small throwing knife is inserted in his throat, can not wait for his speaker has turned into white light to revive the point. Second kill, but also absolute second kill, Feiyun's hand can be said to have produced a great effect, so that people here feel shocked, or fear? Who is the dragon? He is the boss of one of the four guilds, the sixth person in the master list. Who wouldn't be surprised to kill such a person? Feiyun seems to be very satisfied with the effect, with a smile on his face, "I can only do it if you want to die yourself." With these words,juice filling machine, Feiyun stretched out his right hand to the throwing knife left on the ground, and his palm suddenly closed into a claw shape, and the throwing knife was taken back into his hand. gzxilinear.com

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