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Peerless Myth of Online Games Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:42   Engineering   Sankt Ingbert   152 views Reference: 345
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Peerless Myth of Online Games

"Go" As soon as Xiaoyao finished speaking the flying skill came out in an instant The man rushed to the sleeping monster like a shadow drew his sword attacked and then sent out a series of attacks in an instant The action was so fast that it didn't seem to be true The painful monster woke up and turned around sending out a loud roar Be careful Xiaoyao took aim at the partners Fertilizers around him out of the corner of his eye because he was afraid to get too close to the strange strength which led to the encirclement of several people expanding a lot Xiaoyao and Tianxiao two people first rushed up their attack part is the front of the strange Simon and Ye Gucheng attack the back and Hua Manlou and Mo Yan respectively attack the left and right sides of the strange Lu Xiaofeng's task is also easy not easy he needs to pay attention to the situation of the battle at any time any side can not resist their own must help Xiaoyao played the flying skill to the limit and because the place is too small Xiaoyao also has no way to perform the royal swordsmanship can only use the Taiji Yin and Yang swordsmanship with Tianxiao to perform the attack Xiaoyao's flying skill plus Tianxiao's super high blood to take a frontal attack can really reduce a lot of danger Besieged strange for a while can not break through the tight attack around the body has been stabbed out of a blood hole blood kept flowing out crazy twisting the body mouth also kept roaring Xiaoyao can clearly feel the hot breath Xiaolou be careful As soon as Lu Xiaofeng's face changed she quickly went around to Hua Manlou's side crossing the sword in her chest hoping to resist the strange turning attack When Hua Manlou took the thrust attack the sword was inserted into the strange body The painful body turned and the sword fell off from her hand The strange also put the specific target on Hua Manlou Lu Xiaofeng saw that he had lost his weapon and wanted to rely on his own resistance to the strange blow Boom! Strange huge head road hit Lu Xiaofeng across the chest in front of the sword the huge impact of Lu Xiaofeng to drag the line of the kite spitting blood flew out the eyes will hit the wall behind suddenly a white shadow flashed pulled the inverted flying out of Luxiaofeng It turned out to be Ximen He noticed this side when Lu Xiaofeng shouted When he saw the collision between the monster and the sword Ximen flew out Otherwise he could not catch up with the speed at all so he saved Lu Xiaofeng's life "Eat this" Ximen took out the elixir and handed it to Lu Xiaofeng and returned to the battle again T I almost died After Lu Xiaofeng swallowed the elixir she coughed heavily grabbed the sword on the ground and immediately looked lively again "I'm going to kill you" Hua Manlou also took back the lost sword saw Lu Xiaofeng joined the battle smiled slightly and concentrated again In the side of the day and so on all serious watching see a few people in danger when all Zou frowned now also all relieved "now I just know why they will be so fierce time has passed five minutes but their flying skill as freely this need how much of the internal strength ah even the middle of the medicine is not even More terrible is their tacit cooperation it is like an iron wall Chemicals Suppliers although everyone is guarding their own position but when their companions are in danger they can quickly reach out to help when fighting only focus on what they should do will not worry about the monster will attack themselves from other gaps this is entirely the trust of their friends He thought that he could not achieve such a tacit cooperation with his friends around him It's too strong I can't think of anyone who can resist under their siege and attack The crazy dragon also stared at the front in a daze and the hand holding the knife kept trembling because of the excitement After fifteen minutes "Xiaoyao can you see the blood value of this monster It's been so long How can it seem to be all right after bleeding so much" The sky laughed and shouted all the while being stared at by the angry eyes of the blame I can't help it The level difference is so much that I can't see its blood value at all Not only are they in a hurry next to a line of people are also anxious under the joint attack of seven people even if a close to a million blood value of the strange should also bleed too much close to the weak state but this strange not only did not but more ferocious "It seems that we were wrong" Wu Tian was a little frightened to say fortunately there was no impulse and guild people to do the task it is simply asking for death now only put hope on them thinking and full of confidence to look at the front of the people the success of the previous lost things can be easily obtained again You ~ ~ you look quickly Attacking the main part of the day laughed Inorganic Chemicals suddenly shouted people quickly back up just a moment he felt a very dangerous breath "everyone quickly back away" Similarly Simon who was in the back felt an unusual breath and shouted Wu Tian really did not know when it happened and saw that the seven people in front of him were all out of the range of the attack "Maybe it's going to mutate What should I do" Sky asked with a smile he was the first to get out of the way so it was clear that the moment just saw the monster's eyes turn blood red which is the common point of monster mutation in mythology Xiaoyao didn't know what to do "It's troublesome Attacking him at the time of mutation can't cause harm at all And the place here is too small I can't use the sword at all After it mutates the situation will become more and more unfavorable" "Yes we can lure it to the outside ah there may be no way when there is no mutation but after the mutation of the monster will only blindly attack the people around then it can be easily led to the open space outside" "Yes that's what we'll do When the mutation is over we'll all focus on seduction" Say a few people swallow the medicine to recover for a while shake the spirit to prepare to fight again "Wu Tian you go out first and we will lead it outside" Xiaoyao shouted several people once again surrounded the mutation after the strange now not only the eyes are blood red even the body's skin and even the overall hair are red revealing a strange atmosphere While fighting and running Tianxiao you and Lu Xiaofeng go outside to expand the hole Xiaoyao instantly remembered that the mouth of the cave was so small that such a big monster could not get out at all globalchemmall.com

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Peerless Myth of Online Games