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Peak of reincarnation Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:45   Independent & Freelance   Cadolzburg   319 views Reference: 23
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What breeze? What answer? What is she laughing at? If the answer is hard to believe, why say it. The answer is the answer. But is it really the same to say or not to say? The reason can let the person accept, persuades, not necessarily really, has the reason. Qing Ming, and when, become and Chu Xiang, so familiar. I remember the first time we met, she was deeply alert to Chu Xiang. Is it because of the breath of the Lord of the underworld, or time to see the heart, or … Not everything needs to get to the bottom of it. Because that is already in the place of silence, clearly … … I really didn't do anything. Do you believe it? If you don't believe it, neither do I. But what did I do? I reached out. I really just reached out. I'm using you. I'm obviously using you. At least that's the case. You didn't understand at that time, but later, did you really not understand? You get it, and you confuse me, yourself.. "Chu Xiang, if Qingfeng shot you, would you kill him?" "Yes." “… You are so heartless. He did a lot of things for you after all. Without him, I wouldn't be any worse off. Besides, it's him, not him. Since'he 'is no longer him, why not kill him? “… I don't seem to understand.. "If the body of the person you love is occupied by another soul,stainless steel toilet, will you kill the person you love?" You said chaos? I won't.. I can hunt ghosts. Besides, even if really helpless, I will not hurt him, any name of harm.. "I will." “…” “…” "How do you know he's not him?" He forgot the rainbow, but clung to the insignificant clinging. He forgets the things that can make him detached, or make him detached. What he gave up was not the hope I gave him that he thought he would selectively forget, but the right he could have chosen how to do it. He doesn't even understand that when hope is given, it no longer belongs to anyone. That thing can never be used as a favor. He did not understand, did not understand that the breeze had understood at the last moment. He has no right to choose,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, so he will stick to some trivial things and wander between yielding to fate or yielding to the will of the ego. He is not the breeze who should make a choice. Is that why you didn't give him an answer? Because he's not qualified. “… Sort of. "Where are we going?" "Taiyin Tianjing." "Oh.." … Qingfeng, which Qingfeng are you talking about? He, he, his, who is it? That one His name is Qingming. I'm asking you. “… You're going to call me.. Sister-in-law. "Humph.." “… Hum Sister-in-law! "Hee hee, that's right.". Just now, that thin guy on the road. "Road?"? "Where?" "Eh?"? You didn't see it? You don't believe me? “… Nonsense Do you believe it? Nonsense, naturally do not believe. Chapter 77 Guang Han Taiyin day, thirty-three days of overcast Taiji. Tai Chi is too extreme! Too "originally too, extreme meaning." "Pole" has the meaning of expounding the end of the other end. Taiji is an ethereal concept and a description of the limit, which is second only to Tao and Wuji. Thirty-three days have never been created out of nothing, but have existed since ancient times. Within 33 days, all walks of life have special and unique features. And those who can be crowned with the name of "Tai", such as Taiyin Tian, Taiyang Tian, Taixu Tian and Taitian, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,Flush Retrofit Kit, all contain some kind of truth close to Tao! … The so-called day and night in the mortal world, in ancient times, there are no stars, no golden laurel, which contains endless energy, and the light that breeds all things in one's life comes from the two heavenly realms of Taiyin and Sun! In ancient times, there was a golden bird born, acting on behalf of the responsibility of the sun in heaven, shining on the earth, in charge of the day, immeasurable merit. That's why there is Emperor Jun, the ancestor of Jinwu, who is the most important weapon in the world and the Emperor of Heaven. There are also Biluotian fairies who use the multicolored stones used to mend the sky in the past years to refine the precious stars, which are placed outside the territory for thousands of years and achieve natural brilliance. Just at the time of the great struggle between the witches and demons, the former sister of Biluo Tianzun inexplicably turned out to be Biluo Tianzun. Helplessly, carrying the precious stars, he set foot in the realm of Taiyin Heaven and sought the secret of the door of Chang Xi, the fairy of Guanghan. Willing to incarnate the jade rabbit, serve the rare treasure, just ask for the promise. No one knows what Chang Xi should do, but the world only knows it. Since then, there has been a moon in the sky. And that night light, originally misty, but gathered to the moon and stars. There is also a powerful man who ascends the moon and stars and peeps into a tree and a palace. The name of the tree is Huai Gui and the name of the palace is Guang Han! Guang Han frowned deeply. In the past, there were fairies living in the Guang Han Palace. No one could say clearly. Since then, Wu Gang, the only powerful sorcerer who stepped into Guang Han Gong, has become a mute who felled trees by the moon and stars. One minute into the wood, three inches into the tree. In an attempt to save him, he was burned to ashes by the surrounding prohibitions. Relatives try to ask what happened, but let his wife and children cry blood and tears, he just cut down trees, ignore foreign affairs … The moon and stars are in the sky, just like the stars of Zhou Tian. When there was no one to set up a department, the strong people in the realm of Jinxian could cross and enjoy it wantonly. But in the Guanghan Palace, no one knew what was locked in it except for a jade rabbit who would look out in front of the palace gate every fifteen nights. Wu Gang was the only witch who was imprisoned and the only one who stepped into the Guanghan Palace. Guanghan palace, he is not the only one trying to spy? However, under the great sorcerer Yasheng, all the people in heaven, even step into the palace hundred miles, or even Wu Gang after stepping on the moon and star range of qualifications, are not … Since then, it has become an unwritten rule that the moon shines in the morning and the moon shines in the night. And in fact, how many people know that the duty of the golden bird is bestowed by heaven, and the moon and stars are now … Man-made. … Break through the void, extraditing all living beings without loss. Only snap a finger, never spent half a minute of strength, Chu Xiang has taken all the people, came to a star outside the territory! In ancient times, after the battle of Fengshen, and in recent times,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, the stars of the sky and the stars of Zhou Tian had their own masters. For example, the once mysterious Guanghan Palace seems to have been unveiled by Chang'e Fairy after she ascended! As for what was behind the veil, Chang'e Fairy was forbidden to live in the palace by the current Emperor of Heaven on the charge of stealing the elixir of Yi Emperor's longevity. cnkexin.com

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