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Peach blossom ring Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:15   Transportation & Logistics   Wangen   196 views Reference: 199
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"I won't drink it, but I haven't had a good drink yet!" Sun Yanan stared, eyes flashed a trace of anxiety, "Wenwen sister, your capacity for liquor is really big, and then accompany me to drink a cup before leaving, OK?"? I'll fill you up. With these words, she grabbed the bottle and poured it into Zheng Wenwen's wine. No one saw it. When her hand moved over the glass, a trace of white powder melted into the foam. Who said not to drink? I still want to drink. Suddenly, Shen Wenwen struggled to raise her head again, groping to find the glass, but did not touch the glass, and did not move. Over there, Sun Yanan had raised his glass to Zheng Wenwen, drank it down, and then stared at her with his eyes wide open. Zheng Wenwen shook her head and said with a smile, "Little girl, you want to get me drunk. Don't dream about it. In the Black Dragon Gang, I claim that I can't get drunk in a thousand cups." "Then don't drink!" As if discouraged, Sun Yanan put down his glass and said, "Go to bed." No one saw a trace of cunning in her eyes. Sister Wenwen, there are two suites, 303 and 304. Do you mind if I sleep in one room with you? Sun Yanan took out his room card. It doesn't matter. Zheng Wenwen nodded and went over to help her sister,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, "Let's go!" "Brother, are you all right?" Sun Yanan ran to Wang Bo's side and asked with concern. Don't worry Wang Bo rubbed his head, staggered to his feet, and forced a smile. "Which room is it?" "I'll take you." Sun Yanan ran over and supported him. Room three o three. Put Shen Wenwen on the bed, Zheng Wenwen suddenly felt dizzy, she smiled bitterly and pressed her temple: "It seems that she drank a little too much!" "Sister Wenwen.". Are you all right? Sun Yanan ran back again. Don't worry Zheng Wenwen gave a dry laugh, "is Wang Bo asleep?" "Mmm!"! Go to sleep. Sun Yanan nodded and took two glasses of water from the water dispenser. The powder was put into the cup again. "Sister Wenwen, drink some water!" "I want to drink water,touch screen interactive whiteboard, too!" Shen Wenwen sat up with a murmur. Sun Yanan grinned and handed her a cup and watched her drink it down. Zheng Wenwen rubbed her temple and asked, "Yanan, are you hot?"! Why is the room so hot? "That's what happens when you drink too much." Sun Yanan smiled. "Sister Wenwen, go to sleep. It's all right if you fall asleep." With these words, she went over to help Shen Wenwen take off her clothes. You go to bed early, too. Zheng Wenwen took off her coat and blushed, "I may have drunk too much and been a little dizzy, so I don't care about you." Before she could speak, she lay down on the bed. Ha-ha! Brother, thank me! You are blessed! Sun Yanan smiled, quickly jumped out of bed, ran to Wang Bo's room, woke up Wang Bo, "Brother, wake up quickly, let's change a room." "Change rooms, 75 smart board ,smart board touch screen, why?" Wang Bo is in a daze. You'll know when you go. Sun Yanan pulled him up, pulled him to room 303, and then locked the door. On the big bed, the clothes of the two Wenwen were torn off by themselves, and they kept writhing on the bed, making a groaning sound. The almost identical bodies showed a strange pink color at the same time, and the whole room gave off a charming atmosphere. Seeing this gorgeous scene, even Sun Yanan couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva, but as soon as she looked back, she was almost angry and crooked. Over there, Wang Bo sat on the sofa and fell asleep. It's a real bummer. Sun Yanan covered his forehead painfully, took another glass of water, concocted it, and shook Wang Bo awake again, "Brother, come on, drink a glass of water and sleep again." Time goes back to before entering the hotel. As soon as Sun Yanan got out of the car, the rumor of Feng Xiaoke sounded in his ears: "Sun Yanan, come to me later, don't let them know." As soon as she looked back, she saw Feng Xiaoke standing in front of the car door, blinking at her. When they entered the hotel, she deliberately lagged behind and walked to Feng Xiaoke's side: "Brother Feng, what's the matter?" Feng Xiaoke gave a sly laugh. "Yanan, do you want to monopolize your brother Wang Bo?" Sun Yanan is stupefied: "What meaning?" Feng Xiaoke took out a bag of powder from his body: "This is a powerful aphrodisiac. When they eat later, I will send Shen Rongrong away. You put this thing into their wine, and then take them to a room.". "Then he took out a small digital camera and handed it to her," and took a picture of them. Do you understand "Don't understand?" Sun Yanan shook his head and stared at him suspiciously. "What's the point of doing this?"? So I can have it all to myself. Besides, why are you doing this? Feng Xiaoke smiled: "I am for my Tongtong.". Wait for them to enter the room, I will go to find Tongtong to come over, let him see Wang Bo's ugly, I do not believe Tongtong will follow him? Besides, you can show the recorded things to the women around Wang Bo. Don't you know what will happen? He put it into Sun Yanan's hand. "It's a win-win thing!"! Do it! Sun Yanan rolled his eyelids and secretly paid, "What do you know?"? I'm not trying to monopolize it! The woman around my brother won't leave him because of this little thing! Besides, Zhao Xiaotong suffered such a serious injury, but he couldn't get over it! "Don't hesitate. No one will know. The medicine I developed can't be checked out by any instrument," Feng Xiaoke said with a smirk. Sun Yanan rolled his eyes and thought of something. "All right," he said with a smile! I'll do it! "Is that right?" Feng Xiaoke raised his eyebrows, "you go in!"! Call me when you get a room, tell me the room number, and I'll go to catch adultery. Watching Wang Bo drink the glass of water, Sun Yanan helped him to the bed and grinned: "Brother, I created the opportunity for you, and then it's up to you." Over there, Wang Bo stood on the edge of the bed and rubbed his eyes. Hei Hei smiled and said, "Sure enough, there are thoughts in the day and dreams in the night." With these words, he took off his clothes, arched his head to the middle of the two women, and touched his hands to both sides. "Anyway,smartboards for business, it's OK to have an addiction in a dream first." Behind him, Sun Yanan took out his digital camera and aimed it at the bed. "Leave it as a souvenir," he said with an evil smile. Chapter 131 four blood flowers. hsdsmartboard.com

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