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Panlong _ I eat tomatoes _ txt novel paradise Full-time Job

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Lin Lei immediately looked into the distance in the direction of Edens, Lin Lei only saw a snake-shaped body covered with blue scales, which was more than ten meters in diameter, as for the length. What Lin Lei could see was only tens of meters, and the other parts of his body were blocked by icebergs. Is it a snake? Lin Lei's heart trembled. Buck was also shocked. He and Lin Lei looked at each other and both flew quietly. Whether it was the two of them, or Edens in front of them, the three strong people in the Holy Land, they did not dare to make a sound for fear of waking up the terrible God-level Warcraft'Ba Snake '. After flying for a while, Lin Lei saw the main part of the snake's body. The snake's body was winding around the huge iceberg and there was no end in sight. But this part of the iceberg is already thousands of meters away. This is the biggest Warcraft that Lin Lei has ever seen since he was a child. Ordinary Warcraft is at most at the 100-meter level. But this snake has seen thousands of meters. Do you want to cross ten thousand meters? Lin Lei, Buck and a group of people are still quietly flying to find the passage. Lin Lei looked at the strong man in the Holy Land who also entered the third floor. "I hope these guys don't wake up the snake.". If they are involved, it will be really miserable. Now there are many strong people in the Holy Land in the third layer. If any one of them makes a mistake, everyone will have bad luck. The head of a snake. Lin Lei saw the huge snake head which was twenty meters high in the distance. The snake was closing its eyes. The breathing sound was not loud, but in the silent environment of the third layer, Lin Lei could hear it clearly. When the snake sleeps,artificial grass panels, there is a rhythm of black airflow in its mouth. The black airflow escapes around like a whirlwind. When the black airflow touches the iceberg around it, the iceberg will turn into powder directly. Panlong episode 11 graveyard of the gods chapter 11 plant life novel-txt heaven Chapter 12 is the snake awake? In the third floor of the tomb of the gods, all the strong people in the Holy Land made a little sound carefully, lest they wake up the terrible sleeping monster'Ba Snake '. Throughout the third floor, there was only the deep breathing sound of the snake when it was sleeping soundly. Whew! "Suck!" Every time the snake inhaled,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, it would inhale some ice pieces around it into its mouth, but when it exhaled, it was black airflow. Fortunately, there is no other creature in the third layer except the snake. Lin Lei glanced at the snake in the distance. The snake's 10,000-meter-long body covered with blue scales surrounds the tall iceberg. The huge head of the snake has six or seven stories, and the closed eyelids are like steel with metallic luster. The visual impact alone will make all the masters of the Holy Land tremble. I've been looking for a long time. Where is the passage to the fourth floor? Lin Lei is a little anxious in his heart. Not only Lin Lei is anxious, other strong people in the third layer are anxious, if they stay in the first and second layers for ten days and a half months, they will not be afraid of anything. But on the third floor, even if you stay for half a day, outdoor ficus tree ,large ficus tree, it's like a thousand years. This snake, if someone makes a loud noise, it will certainly wake him up. Even if you don't wake up, the snake may wake up naturally. If it happens to be a while, the snake will wake up naturally. It was too late for the strong men of the Holy Land to cry. There are more and more people in the third layer, and now it is estimated that there are more than thirty. Lin Lei looked back, and those strong people in the Holy Land who were originally on the first and second floors also entered the third floor one after another. No one on the third floor found the entrance to the fourth floor. Naturally, there are more and more people in the third layer. The more people there are, the more likely there are to be mistakes. Whew! Although the sound of the snake's breathing is not loud, it strikes the human mind like a heavy hammer. Desley, Tully Ray, and Fine were the most advanced, but they were not seen. Lin Lei carefully avoided a black airflow, which immediately melted an ice pick next to him into powder. Don't touch the black air that the snake breathes. Desley, they all have experience, and it is estimated that it is easy to find the passage. I've already gone to the fourth floor. Lin Lei understands. When I was looking for the passage on the first floor, I'm afraid that several people, such as Desley and Farn, had already rushed up continuously. I can't help it. I have experience. Someone was approaching, and it was Edens. Lin Lei looked at Edens doubtfully. Edens pointed in the other direction, and pointed in another direction, indicating that several of them were looking for a passage from this side, and that Lin Lei and Buck were looking for a passage in the other direction. Lin Lei nodded his head. Edens smiled and then flew off with the other two strong men of the Holy Land in the designated direction. Linley and Buck looked at each other. Both of them understood each other's thoughts and flew in the other direction designated. The most important thing now is to find the passage! Time goes by minute by minute. There are more and more strong people in the third layer of gathering places. According to Lin Lei's estimate, the number has reached 40 now. After all, there are more than sixty strong people in the human holy land. There are nearly twenty strong players in Warcraft. And those people like Desley and Fane have entered the fourth floor. If it drags on like this, there will be more and more people on this floor. Edens. Lin Lei saw Edens ahead. The three Edens shook their heads at Lin Lei. It was obvious that they had not found the passage. Lin Lei also shook his head. He, like Buck, failed to find the passage. Many of the strong people in the Holy Land have made eye contact with each other. Apparently, none of them found the passage. As time goes by.. Lin Lei, Edens and a large group of people became more and more nervous, but such a large group of people could not find the passage. Impossible. Lin Lei frowned, "although the internal space of the fourth floor is relatively large,outdoor palm trees, so many strong people are flying very fast to find it.". It's impossible not to find it. "The only reason is." Lin Lei looked in the direction of the snake, "the entrance of the passage is beside the snake!" From the beginning of entering the third level, every strong man in the Holy Land immediately avoided the snake in horror. No one dares to go near the snake. The first is that the snake is too terrible. The second reason is because.. The snake is surrounded by a large amount of black air. hacartificialtree.com

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