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Northrend by Time Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:08   Medical & Healthcare   Saarbrücken   172 views Reference: 184
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I didn't see QQ WWEE online during the whole long vacation. Did he go out to travel? Or are you too busy to work overtime during the holidays? An Sidong was a little depressed. Once he asked the Red Rabbit carefully, "Where is the DK who brushed the ordinary trial with us last time? Why didn't you see him?"? Otherwise, we can be self-reliant, and we don't have to bother to bring a tuba. The big tank is very kind: "No trouble, no trouble." The Red Rabbit said, "He went home to honor his parents." So he went home. It's a little frustrating not to see him for a week, but at home, at least he can sleep and eat well and have someone to take care of him. Men just can't take care of themselves. I really don't know how he got through these three years. These seven days have the big belt, but the harvest is quite abundant, at the end she even went to a 10-person crusade trial to see once, rubbed a good healing hammer. On the first day of work after a long vacation, I haven't adjusted from the state of vacation, which is a bit lazy. Only Zhao Rui was full of energy and her eyes were shining: "Hey, I tell you, Owen is really back!"! I just saw him. He's even more handsome than the video! Look over there. His workstation is right there, next to Jason. You can see it if you come a little bit! Come here! An Sidong could not resist her, sitting on the computer chair and sliding out of the cubicle, looking in the direction she pointed. On the opposite side of the aisle by the window is a row of supervisors'workstations,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, each with a separate compartment, and the tables and seats are more luxurious than those of ordinary employees. The empty space next to Jason has been placed on the mainframe, monitors, telephones, folders and other objects, there is a person drilling under the table, buttocks pouting high,ultrasonic cutting machine, is pulling all kinds of wires. That's him? Uh. Looking at the back seems to be far from the word "handsome boy". What's the look in your eyes? That's Xiaozhu from the it department, helping Owen install the computer. Zhao Rui craned her neck and looked around. "Owen is not here. He probably went to a meeting with Lao Ma.". Don't worry, we'll see you at the regular meeting in the afternoon! Who's in a hurry? She's not in a hurry at all. Afternoon is the monthly meeting of the whole technology center, presided over by Lao Ma, mainly talking about some personnel changes, company dynamics, department activities and other content unrelated to technology. There are more than 100 people in the technical center now, and they have booked a large conference room on the sixth floor for a meeting. After passing the work area of the third project department on the sixth floor, I suddenly met an acquaintance I hadn't seen for a long time. The man recognized her first: "Wax Gourd …" Wax gourd! It's really you. I thought I had mistaken you for someone else! He has orange-red hair like a flame, at least a dozen holes in his ears, all kinds of earrings and earrings, shining all over his body, ultrasonic generator driver ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and his body is as skinny as a mummy. He is a hipster artist of the Academy of Fine Arts. You can't see my classmate. Do you also work in this company? Yes, I graduated the year before last and worked in the art group of the third project department. Here, sit over there. Can't you see? I pointed to the workstation next to me. "Did you just come in this year?" An Sidong said, "Yes, you have become my senior." "I dare not. You are the Elder Martial Sister, and I am the Younger Martial Brother. I dare not mess up the seniority." Two people stood in the aisle and exchanged greetings for a while. You couldn't see me and asked, "Wax Gourd, are you still playing World of Warcraft?" "No," she said shyly. I stopped playing after the school blocked it. "WLK opened at the end of August, and now the level 80 is capped." You can't see that I'm a little uncomfortable, and I probably think of the past. "Yes, we're all going to play in the tribe now. If you want to come back, you can also play in the tribe." "Oh.." Let me see. "My ID calls me to see you, or Onyxia clothes, if you play, add me as a friend, I will take you." "Good.." Can't you see? I hesitated for a moment and then said, "Wax Gourd, in fact, QWE.." "An Sidong!" Zhao Rui ran over from the conference room and patted her. "What are you waiting for? It's time!"! Help me go to the small conference room over there and get two chairs. There are not enough seats. She had no choice but to say to you that you could not see me: "Our department has a meeting, and I will find you later." Yes, my extension is XXXX X. ” She and Zhao Rui went to the small conference room and moved two chairs. When they entered the big conference room of the regular meeting, it was already full of people. The last row of seats was placed against the wall, and the aisle was crowded. They sat by the door. The title of Lao Ma's handout today has been shown on the projector, and the supervisors are sitting in the front row discussing something. She recalled what you couldn't see me say just now, and suddenly found a very serious problem. Last time and I see you, QQWWEE team, listen to their chat voice, always talk about the company and so on, it seems that two people are colleagues. Now I find that I can see you in the third project department. Doesn't that mean that Qu Weien is likely to work in this company? Thinking of this, she raised her head subconsciously and looked around. Then she saw a familiar figure in the crowd. The man sat in the first row, next to the old horse, with broad shoulders, wearing a light blue striped shirt, and was operating a laptop with his head down. Through several rows of people, not very clear, she stretched her neck to look more carefully, the front row of people tilted their heads, and blocked him again. At this moment old horse says: "The person arrives almost?"? Let's get started. She had to pull her neck back and sit up straight. I'd like to introduce my colleagues who are new to the company this year. This is Owen, the director of the engine department. He just came back from the Boston branch. Since this month, the manager of the engine department has stopped reporting to me and Owen has taken over. Owen,ultrasonic dispersion machine, I want you to meet everyone. The familiar figure stood up and turned around. "Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Owen," he said. "My name is Qu. Qu Weien." fycgsonic.com

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Heaven's plan to control hegemony