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Necromancer Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:44   Security & Safety   Sankt Augustin   243 views Reference: 55
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It took two months for Lengyue to finally take her purple eyes to the so-called Quimira Mountains, where gods often appear, and climb up the main peak, Mount Tramat, to enter the cave, where she thought there was a new discovery, but when Lengyue kicked open a pine stone door deep in the cave, a large group of inferior zombies, ghosts and mummies rushed in. Frightened cold moon hurriedly pulled purple eyes to run. The cold moon in the running thought more and more cowardly, thinking that he was a high-level dead spirit, high-level to what extent do not know, unexpectedly by the inferior zombies who can only jump and walk, floating on the ground, not even a physical ghost, waddling even unstable mummy running. If the future is known by the cold wind or Cang Ming and other guys, then he will lose face. What should I do? The purple eyes running in the arms of the cold moon, although not yet recovered, but the voice is no longer intermittent. What should we do? Do we have to ask at this time? Aren't we on the move? Leng Yue answered with a smile that sprint running was no different from walking for him. You can't kill these dead things unless you use magic. Lengyue said, Muran remembered that these inferior zombies, mummies, ghosts, simply can not be classified into the dead, they can only be regarded as garbage dead at most. Although the body of the dead is dead, they all keep their souls in life, even if they look closely, they are still similar to living creatures, and they also have the ability to reproduce the next generation. And these dead things,smartboard for business, not to mention their souls, even their bodies are rotten. Master, are we going to keep running? Purple eyes asked, for the rare dead species of Yakun continent, she had not even seen, let alone find a way to deal with. Dead creatures, in the land of Yakun, are only legendary things, and the number of times they are hit by people is even less than those so-called gods, and the cold moon can actually hit them,touch screen board classroom, probably thanks to the so-called God's curse on Purple Eyes. The cold moon is now banned, even with the immortal armor, but the immortal armor can not block a person's bad luck, perhaps, the cold moon can not be regarded as a person. Lengyue turned her head to see rows of zombies, jumping very fast, and the sound of "bang bang" sounded when they landed; while those floating ghosts, because their speed was similar to that of zombies, and the top of the cave was high enough, so they floated over the zombies, emitting faint fluorescence, and quickly wanted to catch up with Lengyue and his disciples and devour them; Perhaps, of the three dead things, the most rubbish should be the mummy, although walking, limbs and joints can still rotate, but still can not compare with the speed of zombies jumping, so they are separated by twos and threes in the zombie pile shuttle, back and forth to find a gap to run to the cold moon. This situation is really ***ing spectacular, 86 smart board ,touch screen whiteboard, if it is a military parade for ordinary people, it may be able to make all the people in high spirits, but it is zombies, mummies and ghosts, that is the only audience of the cold moon and purple eyes master and disciples can only run for their lives in high spirits. Seeing this, the cold moon subconsciously accelerated the speed, light, light, as long as they run to the mouth of the cave, let these dead things be illuminated by light a few times, then they will be completely finished, but then again, although these dead things have no wisdom, but their instinct is still very powerful, know that there is danger, even if they use to rush will not go. Just run to the place where there is sunshine, the dead can't see the light, I think the cold moon, standing at the top of the dead, was chased by a group of zombies, hey.. Speaking of the end, the cold moon sighed a long sigh, this time, he is really too cowardly. So Master's name is Cold Moon? The purple eyes held in the arms of the cold moon have come back to life, heard the cold moon in the words of their own name, so to confirm. Purple eyes with cold moon nearly two months, cold moon never said his name to her, purple eyes asked, cold moon also only said let her call him master on the line. Listen to purple eyes so ask, cold moon looked down at the face of purple eyes, see her excited eyes, also can not bear to again vague answer. Master's real name is Lengyue, which is similar to the guy in the back. He belongs to the class of zombies among the dead. After sleeping for more than 25,000 years, he became a human being and followed the elder sister Xiuzhen. His name is Xingqing Zhenren. "Having said this, the cold moon saw that the purple eyes did not seem to recall his words and asked," Master and the things behind are almost the same. Are you afraid? " Despite being held in the arms of the cold moon, it was a little inconvenient to move, but Purple Eyes still shook his little head very violently. After shaking enough, he said: "Only the Master is the best for Purple Eyes. Purple Eyes are not afraid. Since the first day I met the Master, Purple Eyes did not believe that the Master was a God. If the Master was a devil, then Purple Eyes would believe it." After listening to the words of purple eyes, although I know that purple eyes do not understand his words, the true meaning of his identity, but the words of purple eyes still let the cold moon feel warm in my heart. Is there anything in the world that makes you happier than finding someone who really knows you? As the saying goes, a thousand pieces of gold are easy to get, but a bosom friend is hard to find. A famous saying is a famous saying, and it is by no means comparable to ordinary bullshit. Is it the sixth sense of female siling, or are you a siling/human hybrid with special powers? When I first read the "Mainland Annals," I said that women's sixth sense of thinking was particularly keen. I didn't quite believe it, but now I believe it. The cold moon laughed happily. Maybe it is? Purple Eyes has always had a deep hatred for the person who caused her to be cursed and the mixed bloodline of Si Ling. Now it is mentioned by the cold moon. Although it is a good thing, her expression still changes slightly. However, in the blink of an eye, Purple Eyes suddenly recalls something. Her whole body trembles, and her expression turns to an exaggerated question: "Master, listen to what you just said. You are more than 25,000 years old?" Stunned, Leng Yue immediately remembered that she was really over 25,000 years old now, so she replied,interactive boards for classrooms, "Yes, what's so strange about that? You don't think these zombies and other monsters can die naturally, do you?" "Will I be the same as the Master in the future?" Endless life means that you can enjoy the favor of the cold moon forever. Purple eyes ask questions excitedly. hsdsmartboard.com

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