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My husband is a vegetable Full-time Job

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Xu Huan and Gu ran looked at Wang Rongrong at the same time, and even Lin Yu and Zhou Quan turned their heads. Where on earth did this classmate see that Zhou Quan wanted to express his love to Lin Yu? "Isn't it?" Embarrassed by the four, Wang Rongrong stepped back a little and added nervously, "Lin Yu is the school beauty goddess!"! Zhou Quan will like her, there is nothing strange, right? Is it so hard to accept? Of course not! My wife is such an excellent and perfect girl, how can she not be missed? Still sitting in a wheelchair, still with bodyguards, Xu Mo's appearance is always shocking. And his words are even more eye-catching, very righteous, at the same time, full of confidence and pride. Wife? People who did not know the truth were dumbfounded, and Wang Rongrong grabbed Lin Yu's arm excitedly, "Lin Yu, your boyfriend?" Despite sitting in a wheelchair, Xu Mo's appearance is excellent enough, and his aura is also strong. He deserves to be the best. What's more, they travel with bodyguards, who can't afford to offend big shots, and others dare not underestimate them easily. Just like Wang Rongrong, the first reaction is not that such an outstanding person can't walk, but that he. Did he call Lin Yu "wife"? Boyfriend? Lin Yu did not think of such a name. She thought that when Xu Mo shouted like this,tannic acid astringent, everyone would know her married status? "Ha ha!"! It's a boyfriend! Yes, it's a boyfriend! Without warning, Gu ran a hot brain, silly Leng Leng gave a positive answer. You can't tell everyone that Lin Yu is married, can you? But also married to the outside rumors of a vegetable Xu Dashao! A conscientious person will certainly attack Lin Yu maliciously! Then think of Lin Yiqian and Zhou Quan also involved in it, the relationship is very deep, pull all pull not clear. Gu ran shook his head. No way! Anyway, we have to muddle through first. Idiot! Xu Huan moved his lips, just mouthing,lutein eye complex, but did not shout out. Sure enough is Lin Yu's brain-damaged supporter, for the sake of Lin Yu's reputation, Gu ran really can be said to throw caution to the wind! Also do not think even his cousin personally, who can bully Lin Yu? Didn't you see him step down silently and say nothing? Gu ran did not find Xu Huan's silence. Xu Mo's excellence was enough to attract everyone's attention as soon as he appeared. Gu ran is no exception, at the moment all the attention on the face of a gentle smile on the body of Xu Mo, can not help but secretly pray in the heart: Xu can not be angry, must remember to consider for Lin Yu ah. Xu Mo's eyes full of deep meaning passed over the worries in Gu Ran's eyes and returned to Lin Yu, who was looking at him silently, with a slight jaw: "Well, it's a boyfriend, a relationship based on marriage." With a bang, all the people around him looked different and exploded. First, Zhou Quan, the president of the student union, intended to express his love to Lin Yu, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,pumpkin seed extract, and then Lin Yu's mysterious boyfriend appeared. Two heavy bullets hit them in succession, and they almost couldn't react. Knot. Get married? It's so exciting! Lin Yu, you're rich! Shaking Lin Yu's hand, Wang Rongrong was so excited that she said incoherently, "Remember to inform me at the wedding banquet that I want the gift money!" "No.." Lin Yu just wanted to say no, she would not hold a wedding banquet with Xu Mo, and was cut off by Xu Mo. Don't mention it. When the time comes, everyone just cares about people coming for a happy occasion. Xu Mo calmly sat there, smiling warmly, warm and beautiful, and in an instant captured the hearts and good feelings of the girls behind Lin Yu. Handsome Finally, a girl couldn't help shouting with a red heart in her eyes and nodded repeatedly, "I want to go!"! I'm sure to go! "Then I'll go too." Many girls nodded their heads and blushed their cheeks. So handsome! Even more handsome than Zhou Quan! Zhou Quan, who was neglected as a passer-by, stood aside with a stiff expression and was surprised by Xu Mo's arrival. Did Lin Yu inform Xu Mo to come? Could it be that Lin Yu was so ruthless that he made up his mind to draw a clear line with him? Or, Lin Yu did not know, is Xu Huan told Xu Mo? Subconsciously, Zhou Quan is biased towards the latter guess. Because if so, he and Lin Yu still have room for discussion. But if it is the former, Zhou Quan's eyes are somewhat ruthless, and he turns his head to look at Lin Yu. Feeling the malicious line of sight cast on her, Lin Yu looked back, just in time to look at last week's spring. Xiaoyu, I.. Quickly restrain the mood of the fundus, Zhou Quan soft tone also want to say a few more words with Lin Yu, but see Lin Yu quietly away from the line of sight, as if he was nothing. Without giving Zhou Quan a chance to continue speaking, Lin Yu went straight to Xu Mo. Both hands push Xu Mo's wheelchair, look as usual to Gu ran: "Gu ran, you don't have to treat.". However, if you don't mind, you can still drink milk tea together, and someone will pay for it. How about going or not? "Go!"! Of course! Gu ran immediately nodded, funny to Xu Mo made a bow, "Xu Dashao, thank you!" "You're welcome." Xu Mo has never had the experience of paying for the whole class to drink milk tea, and then added slowly, "If you want to eat ice cream, remember not to be polite, just open your mouth." The situation changed sharply, and Zhou Quan never found a chance to open his mouth and cut in. Left and right look around, see all people are easily bought by Xu Mo, immediately more and more injustice in the heart. Isn't it just a cup of milk tea and an ice cream that he can't afford? Zhou Quan can naturally afford it. Unfortunately, however, Gu ran a group of people did not want him to treat them at all. Following behind Xu Mo and Lin Yu in twos and threes, Zhou Quan was directly forgotten at the back. Seeing the plan fail again, Zhou Quan kicked the stone bench beside him angrily. Carelessly failed to control the strength, and after kicking, he cried out in pain again and again, drawing his breath and cursing bad luck. Bad luck? Of course it's a little bit. No,turmeric extract powder, when everyone left, there was still one who was waiting to see the good play and did not move. Seeing that Zhou Quan showed his true emotions as if no one was watching, Xu Huan thought about it and kindly reminded him: "There is no need to worry on Tuesday. I will have a good talk with my cousin and sister-in-law's classmates later." prius-biotech.com

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