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Miss Ping's Idea _ Josephine Tiei Full-time Job

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Lucy followed her friend's huge body up the shallow steps and heard Handa's tone. As Handa said when she was a monitor, "No slippers are allowed on the floor of the cloakroom." This tone leaves no room for discussion. You know, Handa doesn't think this school she loves is an altar for young students. Middle school is a bright road for students to the future. If a small number of people think that this channel is full of dangers, then it can only be said that they have different aspirations, but they must not blame the good intentions of the founder of the school. "It's like being in a monastery," Nash said yesterday morning. "There's no time to imagine life outside." This is a fact. Miss Ping saw the daily life of the school. At dinner last night, she also saw two reports that the students had left in the classroom that had not yet been reviewed. But in the convent, the world is small but still peaceful. There is no competition and everything goes smoothly. There is no life in the nunnery that is too anxious and requires crazy efforts. The only thing that is the same is self-devouring and endless narrowness. Is it really so narrow? She suspected Think of the party in the studio. If you are in another college, the party is likely to be attended by the same type of people. If it is a science college, the meeting will be full of scientists; if it is a theological college, there will be many theologians. But in this warm studio hung with paintings and covered with printed cotton cloth, the high windows are open, blowing the fragrance of flowers and plants on summer nights,Nail machine supplier, but also gathering people from different worlds. Mrs. Leif reclined gracefully on a hard imperial sofa and smoked a yellow cigarette through a green filter, representing the theatrical world full of paint, art and affectation. Miss Luc, sitting upright in her chair, represents the academic world of books and discussions. Busy pouring coffee, the young Miss Wagg is the voice of fitness,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, competition and intuition in the world of sports. The dinner guest, Dr. Enin Knight, who is also a guest teacher, is a representative of the medical community. The foreign representatives were not present: Fu Ruo Getasen accompanied her mother, who did not speak English, to her room to facilitate a conversation in Swedish. Lucy continues to weave the story of a school leaver. With so many representatives of different worlds teaching, students will at least not leave because the course content is not exciting enough. Miss Ping, what do you think of the students after spending an afternoon with them? "Mrs. Leif asked Lucy, rolling her eyes.". What a stupid question! Lucy thought to herself. And began to wonder how a respectable middle-class English couple could raise a serpent like Mrs. Leif. I thought, Nail production machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, "Lucy was happy that she could speak honestly." Each of them could be a walking advertisement for Lai's Sports Institute. " Handa's face brightened. School is like Handa's life. Every tree and grass and every activity of Lai's College is closely related to Handa, and the school is her parents, lover and children. They are really a group of lovely young people. Doreen Wagg sang along happily. She hasn't been out of her school days for long. "They are like a pack of war-loving beasts," said Miss Luc sharply. "They think that the painter Botticelli is a kind of pasta." She carefully examined the coffee that Miss Wagg handed her. Speaking of which, they don't even know what pasta is. Not long ago, when Dykes was in nutrition, she stood up and accused me of ruining her imagination. "This is beyond my expectation. I always thought that anything about Miss Dykes could not be destroyed." Mrs. Leif spoke in a languid, velvety tone. What did you spoil for her? The young doctor, ensconced in the window seat, spoke. I just told them that all pasta is just flour products. This apparently caused Dix's disillusionment with Italy. What did she imagine Italy to be like? ” "The swaying macaroni stretched out over a vast expanse of sea." Handa added two sugar cubes to a small cup of coffee (Lucy secretly admired that she was already like a flour bag, but she didn't mind), turned around and said, "At least they don't have anything to do with crime." "Crime?"? "They all asked in surprise.". "Miss Ping just asked about the crime of Lai's College.". It really doesn't change the nature of a psychologist. Before Lucy could make any excuses for her simple desire for knowledge, Mrs. Leif followed Handa's words and said, "Then she must be allowed to speak.". Take out all the secrets we have hidden. What is our crime? ” "The worst was when someone rode a bike without lights around last Christmas." Miss Wag said of her own accord. "A crime," said Mrs. Leif, "is a crime, not a misdemeanour." "If it's a misdemeanour, there's that horrible nymphomaniac who shows up every Saturday night at the gate of the garrison in Labo." "Yes," said Miss Luc as she thought, "does anyone know what happened to her after we pulled her out? ” "She works at the seamen's refuge in Plymouth." Handa opened her eyes amid the laughter of the crowd. I don't think it's funny. The only real crime we've had in the last ten years, as you know, is the watch incident. Even this incident, "Handa added at once, fearing that it would affect the reputation of her beloved school," should be regarded as a character deviation, not a theft. She takes nothing but her watch, and she never uses it. It's just laid out in a desk drawer. There are nine watches in total, which is a behavioral deviation. "If precedent were any guide, she would be working with a goldsmith now." Said Mrs. Leif. "I don't know," Handa said seriously. "I think her family kept her at home.". Their family is fairly well off. "Look, Miss Ping,Iron Nail Making Machine, the proportion of incidents on campus is less than one third." Mrs. Leif shook her thin hand. "We're not very interesting people." "It's too normal." Miss Wagg answered, "It would be more interesting to have a little scandal once in a while.". In addition to handstands and back rolls, there are always other variations. 3shardware.com

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Miss Ping's Idea _ Josephine Tiei