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Mislead the Chief Bad President Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:20   Financial Services   Bayreuth   166 views Reference: 356
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She lost her soul in his sudden kiss, forgot to breathe in the teasing of his tongue, could only open a pair of misty eyes, dare not move to look directly at his hot black eyes, straight into the hot depths of his eyes, sincere people can not refuse. Finally, Ji Zhen gently nodded, slender arms, wrapped around his strong neck, let his tall and straight strong body, completely wrapped her petite, in his record of a deep kiss, spit out a burst of Xiao soul singing oh. Chapter 30: Dissolution of Engagement (2) She looked into his eyes, and her body trembled with his sprint. Shake, in the most intimate moment, deeply into his eyes, in his full and gentle torture under the tactful Jiao Yin. Both of them found that the love between men and women could be so wonderful, and the feeling of physical and mental pleasure seemed to come from the deepest part of their hearts, touching the soul, unspeakable, and making him want to grasp it tightly. So he begged her again and again until she couldn't bear it any longer and fainted in his arms. It was not until nearly noon the next day that Ji Zhen woke up in a daze. The velvet curtain was carefully pulled down to isolate the dazzling sunlight, so that she could sleep more peacefully. She stretched lazily and groped on the bed with her tender little hands. The silk was cold and there was no body temperature left. Binteng to the island! She gave a confused cry. She turned and looked at the side where he had slept. It was still a mess. There were still messy clothes scattered on the ground. Benton went to the island but disappeared. In the heart inexplicable loss, a moment of sleepiness, smelly man these days is how to return a responsibility, do not say to leave her to go. It has been more than ten days since she was rescued from Pei Nanjun. In the first few days,automated warehouse systems, they were like little men and women in love, like glue on their knees. But these days, for some reason, Binteng's attitude on the island suddenly cooled down. Especially these days, always inexplicably go out early and come back late, even with her most intimate time, is also a preoccupied look, often from love to sleep, leaving only Ji Zhen alone in bed,heavy duty metal racking, always let Ji Zhen feel inexplicable loss, is all men are like this, but once the interest has passed, they will talk to the women around them. This book can be downloaded from Pai Pai Forum. For more great books, visit http://www.paipaitxt.com/?u=11306171. Ji Zhen was unwilling to put on his clothes, picked up his cell phone and dialed Bin Teng's phone on the island. No one answered the phone, only Bin Teng's message on the island as usual. Baby, I have important things to deal with, stay at home and wait for me to come back, I will let Gong Yi to accompany you! Is this sentence again, these days, every day with that cold, oil and salt with the woman, it is almost suffocating, the president's wife is still difficult, early know should not be so quick to agree to Binteng on the island. Instead of going out with the woman who keeps a straight face all day, I would like to stay at home, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,shuttle rack system, feel a little hungry, drag my slippers to the kitchen, and prepare to find something to eat in the refrigerator. Just now, I listened to two maids talking while doing things at the door. Xiaoxi, you say, this time this Miss Ji, and how long can the president keep! "I think the president is very kind to Miss Ji, although in Japan, the relationship between the two has not been settled, but I heard that in China, the two have been publicly married, why do you ask?" "Hey, before, Mr. Binteng, to Shizuka Akimoto, Noriki Yamamoto, these women, although cold is a little cold, is not also good ah, I do not think the relationship with this Miss Ji, Bao!" Hold on too long. ” "No, we've been here with Mr. Binteng for so long. I've seen Mr. Binteng and brought two women back here. One is Miss Yangzi and the other is Miss Ji. I heard that this villa was left by Mr. Bintengshangdao's dead mother. It was never easy to bring women in. At that time, Mr. Banteng and Miss Yangzi were dating, although Miss Yangzi also came." But Mr. Binten never let her spend the night here. Mr. Binten let Miss Ji stay here for so long. I think it must be true this time! "Hey, Xiaoxi, what do you know? At the beginning, Miss Yangzi and Mr. Bin Teng were both engaged, but the result was not to break up. Rich men, especially excellent men like Mr. Bin Teng, have never had many women around them. Although they were interested for a while, they were interested too much. No matter how good a woman is, it's boring. Didn't you find that when Miss Ji first came here, Mr. Binten and she are very affectionate, but these days Mr. Binten seems to be a little perfunctory to Miss Ji, so I think the relationship between Miss Ji and Mr. Binten should not be worse than me. "Well, if you don't say it, I haven't found it yet. If you say so, it seems to be true!" When the maid named Xiaoxi said this, she suddenly thought of something and raised her voice. "Yes, I heard that Miss Yangzi came back from the United States. Yesterday, I saw a picture of Mr. Binteng picking up Miss Yangzi at the airport in the newspaper. Do you think it is possible for Mr. Binteng and Miss Yangzi to rekindle their old love?" Abrupt, expression of another housemaid is stiff, stretch one's hand pulled her garment horn, make canthus stops her not to say again. Xiaoxi said so quickly that she didn't understand what she meant for a moment: "Why are you pulling me? What I said is the truth. Miss Yangzi is elegant and generous, and she is beautiful. I think Mr. Binteng and her are very likely.." Without waiting for her to finish, another maid stamped her foot and smiled shyly at Ji Zhen, who was standing frozen in the doorway: "Miss Ji, don't listen to Xiaoxi's nonsense. With Mr. Binteng's identity, it's hard for the entertainment media to have some gossip. Don't take it to heart." Without waiting for Ji Zhen to come to his senses, he had already pulled Xiaoxi out of the kitchen, looking at the back of the two people leaving, Ji Zhen felt inexplicably lost in his heart. Although, knowing that Dao Bin Teng went to the island with such astonishing financial resources and power, one A man whose words and deeds are watched by people,pallet rack shelving, there will always be some gossip news in the entertainment media. She accepts that he must accept his past when he goes to the island. However, when she hears the words of the two maids just now, she feels very uncomfortable. kingmoreracking.com

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Mislead the Chief Bad President