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Mirror Dream Weaver _ Cangyue _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:39   Independent & Freelance   Cadolzburg   300 views Reference: 7
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Amy looked back in surprise and suddenly exclaimed, "Another living skeleton!"! A long-haired skeleton dressed in white holy clothes and full of ornaments came to her, followed by a group of dark skeleton priests in the temple just now. At a glance, she saw the red cross star necklace worn by the woman's skeleton-it was the saint who served the gods in the temple of Yunhuang Jialan to ward off evil spirits! But these people. Are these people supposed to be dead? Why, why can you walk and talk like a living person? Which time and space did she come to? Amy exclaimed, retreating along the railing, not knowing what to do. So it's you? Did you steal the ancient jade to ward off evil spirits, break through the boundary and break into the cloud wasteland? Seeing the jade hanging from the girl's neck, the saint sneered, and the skeleton, with its white teeth, suddenly grabbed Amy's necklace and took it away. The protection that the gods feared just now had no effect on her at all. Looked at the ancient jade, and looked at her for a moment, the saint suddenly suddenly: "You should be God's chosen dream weaver, is not it?"? That's why you came here wearing the ancient jade to ward off evil spirits. Amy,Stainless steel foundry, confused for a moment, looked fearfully at the white skeleton saint with her mouth open and closed, and kept asking her, "But even if you are a dreamer, what are you doing in Yunhuang now?"? Does God know that you have traveled through time and space and boundaries to come here? Why didn't God come with you? Has the last dream weaver left office? Dream weaver? Dream weaver. The skeleton mentioned the three words that Taotie had just said! What exactly is a dream weaver? However, without waiting for her to come up with a clue,alloy die casting, there was a sudden commotion under the temple. It was as if countless voices had joined together and passed through the white clouds to the temple of sixty-four thousand feet high! "What's the matter?" The skeleton saint asked in surprise. An oracle next to him bent over and said, "Saint, last night an enemy spy from the south sneaked into the imperial capital and set fire to a large block. The weather was dry, and the fire dragon team could not control the fire. The fire even spread to the front of the White Pagoda. The people were in a panic and gathered under the White Pagoda to pray and ask for God's protection.". The emperor and the ministers all came up and asked the saint to appease the people. "How dare you set fire to the temple!" The saint suddenly turned around and clenched the ancient jade to ward off evil spirits. "Are you trying to shake the authority of God while it is stolen?"? I want to show the world the supreme power of God! Walking quickly to the altar, the skeleton dressed in the clothes of a saint raised the ancient jade in his hand to ward off evil spirits. At the bottom, a dark mass crawled: kings, nobles, and the people. It's all skeletons in clothes. Amy just looked dumbfounded-all this. What's all this about? Now, all the things that happened in front of her, and the story she wrote on Xiao Yin's sister's manuscript in Xiao's house yesterday afternoon, were exactly the same! "After the rainy season, die casting parts ,Steel investment casting, the imperial capital entered the dry season of water shortage, and the water in the Qianyuan Reservoir was only 30% of that in the full period.". Enemy spies from the south sneaked into the imperial capital at this time. After careful planning, six places in the imperial capital caught fire at the same time in the late night of June 7. The water crews were unable to put out such a large and dense fire, and it was not until four days later that the fire was contained. By this time, nearly half of the blocks in the imperial capital had been burned down. The fire even reached the temple of Galan, and although it was forced back by the priests, it had already destroyed the lintel of the temple. On the fifth day, people who came to pray gathered in front of the temple to be comforted by the priests and saints. However, seeing the temple licked by the tongue of fire, all of them doubted the existence of God in despair. In order to appease the mood of the people, the saint raised the ancient jade of God on the altar.. These skeletons.. What are these skeletons doing? They Are they rehearsing the play according to the script? Look at their appearance, as if they do not know that they are dead, all very calm. Even if you are acting, you are not so devoted to acting, right? "What are you doing?" Finally, the girl could not help asking in a very low voice, "rehearsing?" However, the whispered question was like a thunderbolt, which shocked all the skeletons. Countless dark eyes turned around in an instant and stared at her. Skeletons were supposed to be expressionless, but I don't know if it was an illusion, but at the moment of saying that question, Amy felt that the pale faces of the skeletons flashed with despair and fear, as if the words she blurted out had violated God's will. The silent pressure was so great that Amy was suddenly confused and did not know when and where she was. Dream weaver. How could you, how could you say such a thing? There was also despair and fear on the face of the saint. Her dark eyes looked at the girl who was at a loss. Suddenly, she shouted crazily, "Shut up, do you want to'dream '?"? What the hell are you doing! Everyone, put a gag on her mouth! The skeleton was ordered to rush at her. Countless pale hand bones stretched out to her. Amy retreated in horror, and in her panic, she rolled over the railing and fell! At the top of the white tower of sixty-four thousand feet high, she fell as lightly as a feather. Must be dreaming! In the confusion of her mind, the girl exclaimed in despair, "Either I am dreaming, or you are dreaming!"! Look at yourselves! You should have been dead for years! Cloud wasteland. Yunhuang has already sunk to the bottom of the sea! Ka la la! With her exclamation, there was a sudden thunderbolt in the dark sky! In a flash,Magnetic Drain Plug, the wind and clouds surged and the sky collapsed. Amy fell from the sky, and the world was upside down in her eyes. She faintly saw countless skeletons on the ground looking up at her, with a look of fear and despair in their dark eyes. Either I am dreaming or you are dreaming! Look at yourselves! You should have been dead for years! Cloud wasteland. Yunhuang has already sunk to the bottom of the sea! She exclaimed with all her strength. autoparts-dx.com

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