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Mi Xian Lu Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:16   Medical & Healthcare   Sankt Wendel   191 views Reference: 201
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The green light group fled back to Zhao's sleeve, while Zhao did not have a look of luck at all. At this time, he looked at each other through his mask, showing a kind of almost desperate anger, and wanted to breathe fire! "Ho!" Zhao to a low roar, unexpectedly has the meaning of infinite madness! "Now that the demon body has been destroyed by you, I will draw your soul today and use your corpse as my demon body!" Zhao in the heart of a cry, there is no longer any way out of him, immediately means together! While he manipulated the nine flying swords to continue to arrange the sword array, at the same time his body was full of inspiration, in this moment, he actually sacrificed several means! Changeable puppets holding a staff in each hand, twenty identical red tiger-shaped jade charms, twenty leopard-shaped jade charms flashing with blue arcs, ten puppets holding bows and arrows of ten thousand years of burning jade, and ice wind dumplings spewing cold white gas as soon as they fly out! This tiger-shaped and leopard-shaped jade amulet is exactly the amulet beast of the yuan Ying period. It is made of ten thousand years of Yan jade and ten thousand years of Lei crystal as the main materials. It was made by Zhao Di during the period of practicing the magic body. It was the means prepared to deal with a large number of high-level Warcraft that may exist around the ancient demons. As soon as these jade amulets were offered, they were drenched with a drop of blood that he had just spurted, and urged the formula in his heart. In a moment, these jade charms have turned into a tiger wrapped in red flames, and a leopard wrapped in a layer of constantly jumping blue arc, each roaring or roaring, the momentum is amazing! "Cut this devil into pieces!" Zhao to a command, these fire tiger thunder leopard immediately according to its instructions, regardless of everything to the ancient demon. The ever-changing puppet waved his hands, and the two staffs in the form of the electric Jiao and the ice dragon in his hands, of course,information kiosk price, the thunderstorm scepter and the ice scepter, flashed numerous runes, apparently preparing powerful spells. Ten puppets also put on the jade arrows one after another and pulled the jade bows in their hands. Countless red lights flowed out of the high-order fire spirit stones inlaid on the jade bows, and all of them gathered on the jade arrows, forming a dazzling group of light about the size of a foot, which people dared not look directly at, and shot neatly at the ancient demons. Bingfeng Jiao did not attack, but his body shook and fled to Zhao's body, carrying Zhao's back on Jiao's body. At the same time, the nine flying swords were still circling and flying in a certain formation,face recognition identification kiosk, and inspired a series of different colors of light connected with each other, which was the precursor of the completion of the sword array. Manipulate so many means at the same time, even with the mask of divine consciousness of Zhao, also almost to the limit, if he is not used to the spirit of magic, can easily multitask, otherwise even if the divine consciousness is strong, at this time will be in a hurry, attend to one thing and lose another! Although the other party's cultivation is far higher than his, it is obvious that he has not yet reached the peak of the late stage of deification, probably just recovered to the late stage of deification. Zhao's strength is far superior to that of the same rank. What's more, the aura here is far more abundant than the magic spirit. Zhao has countless treasures, but the opponent is unarmed. The best magic treasure is in Zhao's storage bracelet! The ebb and flow, at this moment, Zhao is not without the power of the first world war, and now, the demon body was destroyed, he also has no way out! As if he had seen through Zhao's mind, thermal imaging camera ,face recognition identification, the ancient demon sneered, "Do you think you have a chance to win if you don't have the God-killing Sword in your hand? Hum, in the Demon World, the inferior clan refines the body and the superior clan refines the treasure. But like this kind of cultivation genius, all the body treasures are cultivated. Only in this way can we give full play to the greatest advantages and talents of the Demons. Let you, a human being, see it today." Even if the Demons are powerful with their bare hands, they can defeat a pile of Lingbao! As he spoke, the body of the ancient demon shook, like a black gas, rushed to Zhao, because the speed was so fast that it left a string of black shadows behind him, and even Zhao could not see his figure clearly. Jade arrow, fire tiger, thunder leopard also swarmed up, the tide rushed to the ancient demon to kill the only way to Zhao. "Bang, bang, bang!" Several loud noises came out one after another, and it was not clear how the ancient demons in the shadows actually made their moves. The fire tigers and thunder leopards that rushed headlong into mass action were shocked and flew dozens of feet away. Some of them lost their spiritual power, and some were even smashed on the spot! "Boom!" There were several explosions, and several dazzling fireballs exploded near the ancient demon, raising huge clouds of flame. However, this seemed to have no effect on the ancient demon. It still turned into a meteor-like shadow, passing through the fireballs one by one, and directly killed Zhao. In the blink of an eye, it was only ten feet away. For the existence of this kind of cultivation, the distance of more than ten Zhangs is close at hand! A dark talons suddenly appeared in front of Zhao, a grasp, with a burst of black wind, just the pressure on the talons, it seems to imprison this space in general, Zhao only felt a tight body, difficult to escape! If he is only yuan Ying's late cultivation, there is no special means, I am afraid that in the scope of this claw, immediately lost the opportunity to resist, can only close their eyes and wait for death! However, the ice wind Jiao is at this time gently shaking the tail, and carrying Zhao suddenly disappeared in the distance, the next moment, appeared on the cold pool where the ancient demon was originally located! In the blink of an eye, the two men actually moved more than a hundred Zhangs, and they just exchanged positions with each other. Ancient demon slightly stupefied, this dragon unexpectedly under his grasp, and the ability to display strange wind escape, it can be seen that it is not the general eight-level dragon, even the ordinary ten-level dragon can not do it! Fire tigers and thunder leopards followed the ancient demons, or turned into red flames with extremely high temperature, or spewed out a series of arm-thick arcs, entangled endlessly! The ancient demon took a cold look at Zhao Di and Bingfeng Jiao, and waved his fist, carrying a black gas, smashing a fire tiger wrapped in flames, turning it into a little red light and disappearing. A few more amulet beasts pounced on them in time, and the ancient demons were completely destroyed one by one with ease. Just then, the Jiugong Huanyuan Sword Array was finally arranged! Five flying swords of five elements are at the bottom, three flying swords of different attributes are in the middle, and the dream glass sword is at the top. They are connected with each other by various sword lights,temperature screening kiosk, constantly flying and rotating, forming a gorgeous and incomparable sword light barrier in a moment, which protects Zhao Di. hsdtouch.com

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