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May I take the bait Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:40   Real Estate   Falkenhagener Feld   269 views Reference: 48
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Two people on the side said that there seemed to be a lot of snow this year, probably the most since I can remember, and it was especially long and beautiful. Jin Lin asked with a smile, "Really?"? What did you do during the Spring Festival? In the past, she didn't go back to China occasionally for the Chinese New Year, but stayed in Los Angeles. If she went back to China, she wouldn't have much fun except to go to her uncle's relative's house. She was too unfamiliar with the country. When Xi Hang heard this, he said, "Later, at twelve o'clock, the old house will set off fireworks in the front yard.". But it's all couples and children. Anyway, yuan Huai and I didn't let it go. The implication is that we are serious and mature people, and we don't play this thing. Jin Lin: "Oh ~" Xi Hang: "Then, at zero o'clock, I will eat glutinous rice balls. I don't like to eat them either. They are always on the table and slip away." Jin Lin smiled: "Oh." Xi Hang: "Then if the snow is heavy, the children will make a snowman after eating. At one or two o'clock, the sound of fireworks is lower and they go to bed. But we don't sleep as soon as we go home. Every year, we play games with friends until dawn." "Well." Always feel that their year is much more colorful, Jin Lin asked, "what about you,silk ficus tree, brother?"? Do you play games? Do you play games together this year? yuan Huai was about to open his mouth when his cell phone suddenly shook. He took it out and looked at it. It was Ye Xinghui who sent him a message on WeChat. [Former classmate, Happy New Year! [Cute: JPG].] yuan Huai immediately typed: [Happy New Year, Miss Ye.] Ye Xinghui sent a cute meme and asked: [What are you doing?] yuan Huai: [Visiting.] Yeh Hsing-hui: [Well, I have something I don't want to put off until next year. Do you think you are free now?] yuan Huai:? [What is it?] Ye Xinghui: [That … I hear you have a little green plum neighbor who wants to marry when he grows up. yuan Huai: [… …] yuan Huai suddenly got up and greeted Xi Hang. "You accompany Jin Lin. I have something to do." As he spoke, he left the pavilion and went to the opposite porch to make a phone call. Jin Lin looked at Xi Hang in a boundless way. "What's wrong?" Xi Hang had just accidentally seen yuan Huai's WeChat note "Miss Ye", so when he heard it, he poured tea and sipped it lightly, "It's nothing,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, but he's obviously not going to play games with me all night this year." "Why is that?" Jin Lin, a curious baby, grabbed him and asked. Xi Hang touched her head, "leave him alone, it is estimated to provoke his female classmates.". We play ours. "Oh ~" Jin Lin immediately smiled, drank tea, then his eyes fell on his face through the top of the cup, and asked cooperatively, "What are you playing?" Xi Hang looked at her amber eyes, which reflected the snow outside at the moment, like a lake in the middle of the night, which was really touching. His heart was itching. "Will you stay here until twelve o'clock and set off fireworks with you?" Jin Lin raised his eyebrows and said, "Ah, didn't you say that the fireworks were set off by couples and children?"? Am I still in the small category? Xi Hang: You are a fool. The author has something to say: Thank you, fake blossom tree ,fake ficus tree, Li Zisusu, Mo Zhu, the landmine thrown by MAHRO. Chapter36 Adults and couples, of course. Xi Hang was helpless, but he could only smile and said, "If you want to put it, you can put it. You really pay attention to so much." "That's good." She said cheerfully. Xi Hang was cured. After thinking about it, he took a glance at yuan Huai, who was making a phone call in the distance. He got up and whispered, "Go out for a walk. Don't disturb yuan Huai's phone call." Jin Lin really liked the environment of the Xi family so much that he put down his cup and got up. yuan Huai watched the two of them walk away under his eyes, but there was nothing he could do. He was too busy to take care of himself. Back to God, he said to the phone: [Joking, there is no little green plum, I know you transferred to our school in high school, but you shouldn't be so ignorant of the history of No.1 Middle School, I will tell you the history of your former classmates all night tonight, OK?] The man on the phone hummed in a low voice: "I just know you too well to know your background." yuan Huai laughs: [What details? Are you listening to me? No. Can you sleep tonight? If I can't sleep, I'll change my seat next semester and not sit next to you. Ye Xinghui murmured with grievance. The original Huai voice line is low: "You try, this year's matter is solved this year, I will not give you to defer to next year." "Tell me quickly. I'm waiting for you. It starts in three minutes. It's not out of date." yuan Huai Yang smiled and stood under the porch, looking at the snow accumulating at his feet. His smile was as warm as the spring breeze. "Where does this come from? He really can't stop. He has fallen deeply.". Over there, the two men went out of the gate of the old house of the Xi family. Under the night sky of the old lane, which was interwoven with black and white, a breeze came to their faces, and the snow kept greeting them with the wind. Xi Hang wanted to take an umbrella, but Jin Lin, who liked to play with snow, protested strongly, "I don't want it, you can hold it yourself." Xi Hang had no choice but to follow her in the snow and walk slowly in the narrow lane, approaching the entrance of the lane. From time to time, she raised her head, reached out to catch the snow, and then stopped to see that Xi Hang did not wipe it for a moment and bumped into her. Jin Lin turned his face, and the two of them were so close that their breath could be heard. She took a leisurely step back, followed by a small step at the intersection, which was suddenly empty. Xi Hang reached out and held her against the pole on the side. Jin Lin breathed tightly in an instant, slowed down, calmed down the disordered heartbeat, and then whispered: "Thank you, you can let go." Xi Hang's eyes moved slightly, looking away from her snowy white cheeks and letting go of her hand. Jin Lin turned around leisurely and continued to kick the snowflakes forward. There are old houses nearby, red lanterns spread along the long street, and a row of Xi's cars are parked in the snow at the foot of the wall. The white snow and the red lanterns cover the roofs of the cars. It's really beautiful and incredible. Is your Xi family so lively during the Spring Festival? She was lost in the atmosphere and asked. Xi Hang stood behind her and found snowflakes falling from her collar. He reached out to sweep them away and recalled them while sweeping. "This year is more lively." Jin Lin felt the movement on his neck. He turned his head gently and asked, "Really?"? Why? Because your brother brought his fiancee? Xi Hang nodded, and finally looked at her side of the face,large palm trees for sale, the corners of the mouth unknowingly light hook, "and, you came." hacartificialtree.com

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