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Master Xiuzhen is in another world Full-time Job

Mar 1st, 2023 at 06:41   Independent & Freelance   Salzgitter   121 views Reference: 431
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With a hard pat on his head and a look of remorse on his face, Wright repeatedly said, "Right, right, right!"! You see, I almost forgot my business when I talked about the potion! With these words, Wright walked to the side of the gate in two or three steps. First, he locked the door firmly with a huge bolt. Then he pushed it several times in succession. Then he turned around and walked quickly to Yi Tian's side. He put one hand on Yi Tian's shoulder and said softly, "Yi Tian!"! My oriental friend! This time Wright has a very important thing to ask you for help! Do you know where I've been for the last few days? "Where?" Yi Tian, who was full of doubts, couldn't wait to ask. Blinking mysteriously, Wright lowered his voice again and said, "Aintree Palace, the most sacred and gorgeous place in Kemi City!"! I've been in the palace these days! "Oh?"? The imperial palace? What are you doing at the palace? Did someone in the royal family have an accident? Eyes flashed a trace of Li Mang Yi Tian hurriedly asked. With a slight nod, Wright continued to say in a low voice, "That's right!"! It was the princess who had a strange disease and had been in a coma for more than ten days. King William III knew that my father had been doing business all over Atlantis for many years and had seen a lot of things, so he sent him there, and then my father recommended me to the king. Should the princess go to the doctor when she is sick? Why did you invite your father? Wasn't your father a businessman? Wright's apparently incoherent words made Yi Tian, who was already suspicious, even more confused. Shaking his head slightly, Wright went on to say, "The princess is suffering from an unusual illness. All the royal doctors in the palace are at their wits' end. That's why my father, who has traveled all over Atlantis and is the president of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Tims, has been invited.". According to my father, the princess was actually kissed by the most vicious sorcery in the dark world, the goddess of sleep, Metis! Volume I Chapter 53 Kensei's Conspiracy "The kiss of the sleeping goddess Metis?" Suddenly his eyes widened, and Yi Tian,Amber Dropper Bottles, with an incredible expression on his face, almost shouted out. The so-called "Kiss of the Sleeping Goddess Metis" is an ancient dark spell circulating on the continent of Atlantis, which Yi Tian has seen introduced in the Journal of Magical Creatures. It is said that this forbidden spell is a vicious spell left by Metis, the sister of the ancient former demon king Soit, before she was reduced to ashes by the divine light. Once entangled by this spell, the person in the spell will sleep endlessly, and even the soul will not be able to die. But this terrible ancient curse is said to have been sealed for hundreds of years, even in the dark world, few people can summon this curse, but now how can this terrible curse suddenly come to the palace of Kemi City? With a slight sigh, Wright, who always talked a lot, became extremely cautious at the moment. He continued in a steady tone: "According to my father, in the past hundred years, Glass Cream Jars ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, only one person has ever used this kind of magic spell. That is Fagal, the Lord of the Blood Refining Castle and the Great Wizard of Darkness, who was killed by the three light mages in the wilderness war between the three principalities and the dark forces more than a decade ago!" Yi Tian, who looked puzzled, seemed to understand something and said hurriedly, "So that means only the descendants of Fagal can use this magic spell, and the only one who survived the battle in the wilderness is the only one." As he spoke, Yi Tian's black and white eyes suddenly flashed an incredible light, and then he blurted out, "Are you saying that the person who cursed the princess was the mysterious woman in black who followed Anthony like a shadow?!" With a flicker of doubt in his eyes, Wright raised his voice and asked, "Have you ever seen her?" With a slight smile, Yi Tian nodded and said, "Not only have we met, but we've also met!" "Oh?"? Does she really have the forbidden power of darkness? Wright, somewhat surprised, asked hurriedly. With a slight nod and a slow frown, Yi Tian paced forward slowly, as if to himself: "Judging from the black gas she summoned with the'Black Prison Curse 'when she fought with me, the dark power she possessed was already quite powerful.". But why did she hurt the princess? At this point, Yi Tian, who looked puzzled, seemed to remember something again. Suddenly he turned his head and asked, "Didn't you say you wanted to ask me for help?"? What exactly can I do? Walking slowly to the rectangular table in the hall and picking up the container that contained the half-bright blue liquid and was emitting white smoke, Wright went on to say, "Well, my father told me about the nature of this dark spell, so I tried to come up with a formula that would wake up the princess.". But all the raw materials are ready, but there is still a lack of the most critical introduction, so I hope to ask you to help! In the end, the most critical material is. "Is it the ice lotus of Pars Snow Mountain?" Without waiting for Wright to finish, Yi Tian said first. Looking doubtfully at Yi Tian, Wright was puzzled and asked, "How do you know?" With a slight smile, Yi Tian told Wright how the owner of the Cross Bar had asked him for help and how he had met the mysterious black-robed wizard Palu of the Magician Association in the small room behind the bar. But the secret recipe I want to configure is absolutely confidential? How would they know? After listening to Yi Tian's statement, Wright, the "potion monster," still asked in puzzlement. By this time, however, Yi Tian had slowly found out some clues and said slowly, "Wright, I ask you, if something really happens to the princess, will there be chaos in the palace?" Although he did not know the meaning of Yi Tian's words, Wright still nodded and answered, "Yes!"! Princess Casey is the apple of the king's eye. If she really can't wake up,oil dropper bottle, the king will surely collapse! "So what would happen if the snow elves of Pars Snow Mountain attacked again when the palace was in chaos?" Yi Tian, who was always smiling, continued to ask. penghuangbottle.com

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Master Xiuzhen is in another world