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Mad dog plus three Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:51   Real Estate   Falkenhagener Feld   315 views Reference: 71
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"Hey, big guy, can you understand what I mean?" Add three to release soul power and want to hook up with huge magic objects. ……” "This is my sincerity, I invite you to eat delicious food, then!" A box of magic food was thrown to the mouth of the magic object. The huge magic object refused all comers, and with a big mouth, it swallowed all the box of magic food. Add three squats in the hole and wait for the reaction. Renault was a little amused by his small appearance. Five seconds, ten seconds.. Suddenly! The huge monster clapped its claws and opened its mouth wide again. Add three seconds to understand, this is to eat out of taste, still want. How about we make a deal, guys? I can't give you back that shard. In exchange, I'll give you a thousand delicious, filling pills. The giant demon clapped its paws. So is that a yes? I don't have so many materials now. I can pay you a deposit first. The giant demon suddenly let out a fierce roar, and the big mouth clattered several times. Jia San was silent for a moment and threw out hundreds of satiety pills directly. This thing is cheap, and it can be cooked with the magic grass everywhere as the main ingredient. The giant demon stood up happily, and the stones of the stone forest under its feet suddenly broke a lot, and slowly recovered under pressure. Uh-oh! Swallow a hundred satiety pills. …… Less. The huge magic object finally came to vague consciousness. Add three face to smoke, one hundred is still too little,316ti stainless steel, although the raw materials are cheap, but it takes time to make it. I'm going out to find something to cook for you, and you can't attack me. If you attack me, you will never eat such delicious magic food again. Add three to test the tunnel. ……” So is this a yes or a no? Gassan no longer hesitated, let Wenli and Aton continue to stay in the cave, he and Renault slipped out of the cave separately. Add three feet to the ground, look up,uns c70600, see that the huge magic object seems to be looking down in his direction, did not move. Jia San tentatively took a few steps forward, but the huge magic object still did not move. Looks like we got a deal? Plus three nodded to Renault, and the two were ready to fight together to improve and restore their strength as soon as possible. Look! It's that bastard! He's coming out! A sharp-eyed demon found him and immediately pointed in his direction and shouted. The battle team of the Lord mansion was the first to act, and the devil was also called to the battle team. Although there are many demons in the Stone Forest nowadays, most of them have to listen to his orders and dispatch because of the power of the Lord. That little guy, don't run! Only our Lord can protect you now! The demon who shouted is definitely a clever demon. Jia San made a face at him. "I don't believe you!"! Want to catch me, dream! "Get him!"! Alive! The leader gave the order with a cold face. A small team immediately outflanked him. Suddenly! A fierce wind swept through, and all the members of the team who had just rushed to outflank the three were swept into the sky, and as soon as they fell to the ground, they were trampled flat by a huge claw. The big claw pulled out a few demons and the demons they were riding from the stone and swept them to the side of Jiasan. …… Material Add three: "…" Not only are the plus three in a daze, but the other onlookers are also in a daze, uns s31803 sheet ,a333 grade 6 pipe, okay! Last night, this super monster lay there motionless and never hurt any demons or monsters again. Everyone thought it was sitting and waiting for the demon cub, but now the demon cub is out, but what about the picture of the bully feeding the cub?! Chapter 447 inherit the power of the cave and the Demon God. The huge magic object looked at Jiasan in a daze, thinking that he was not satisfied with the material, so he had to take the initiative to "work hard" again. He deliberately raised his paws and beat dozens of them to death, all of which were swept in front of Jiasan. Back off! As soon as the leader gave the order, all the demons immediately retreated to the place where the claws of the huge demon could not reach. And the disorganized demons who intend to get a little benefit by the way run faster. The Lord who had been summoned did not move. He wanted to see what the relationship between the huge monster and the demon cub was. Jia San looked at the "material" like a hill in front of him and was speechless for a long time. It's like he just promised to make belly pills? But so many materials piled up, waste is not good, plus three perhaps subconsciously still think that they are mostly human, but do not have too many scruples about dealing with the body of the devil, mainly because the demons also regard the same kind as food and materials, plus three by the special beauty and inheritance of memory imperceptible influence, there is nothing that can not be done. Generally speaking, a good cook is also very good at handling food materials, adding three to remove psychological scruples, only using these demon corpses as materials, blood, bones, meat, eyeballs, hair, skin, special tissues and so on are all separated, separated and cleaned up separately, and then further processed. When disposing of the corpses, Gassan thought that he would no longer absorb the power of the demon God, but when he divided the corpses, he found that there was a special energy flowing into his body, but not much. Seeing that Jia San was busy, Renault also came to help. The demons watched the bodies of their own kind being disposed of in this way, without too much fear and disgust, but with a very interested expression. When the Lord saw the image, he had a guess in his heart, and the demon standing next to him had already said first: "Is that cub a magic cook?" "It's possible.". Only a Magic Chef and a Materialist would subdivide a Demon's body and treat it with such care. The Lord whispered. I'm afraid there's no hostility between the cub and the super monster. "Then why did the baby run away last night?" Who knows, maybe I don't want to cook for the monster? After all, how much food does it take to feed such a huge monster? Jia San did not know the secret discussion between the Lord and the demons. He looked attentive and carefully handled the material mountain in front of him. The giant demon waited impatiently, during which he ate a few raw, and urged him to add three: ".." Hurry up "You can't be too hasty if you want to eat delicious food," Jiasan said slowly as he handled the ingredients. "If you eat like this, you won't feel full as much as you eat,316 stainless steel plate, but after I handle it, you can eat as little as you can." Plus three is also afraid of huge magic objects and other urgent, so first get a part of the meat that is easier to handle out to make barbecue. lksteelpipe.com

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