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Loyal Dog General's beautiful wife Full-time Job

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Empress Dowager Zhao was easy-going by nature and loved Anqing, but she would never care about this. It's just that the rest of us don't like it. Princess Zhaojiao, who had been silent all the time, could not sit still. She said angrily, "Princess Anqing has a big face. We are all your elders. According to your status, we should sit at our feet. How dare you sit in front of our ancestors?". I am your aunt anyhow, see you behave like this is really unruly, need not teach you a few words! Princess Zhaojiao's elder brother and mother were out of favor, and she was hated by the emperor. She should have kept her duty, but her unruly temper could not be changed for a while. Her words were still so sharp that the princess of Anqing was ashamed of herself for a moment. The princess of Anqing was scolded for a moment. Her face suddenly turned red. She said haltingly, "I, I think we are all a family.." Our ancestors also said that there were not so many rules at night Chinese New Year's Eve. "Unbridled!" Zhaojiao snapped, "Princess Anqing, you are too ignorant!"! Ancestor's exemption from the rules is to love you, but not to let you flatter yourself! Why don't you get up and sit in your own seat? Zhao Jiao is suppressed by the princeling to suffer unspeakably, today very not easy to catch the eldest daughter of the prince, Ann can gently let go? It is a fact that Anqing's behavior is not in line with the rules. Even if Princess Zhaojiao slaps her in public at this time, it is not easy for others to say anything. Zhaojiao is reasonable and has grown up for a generation. It is natural to teach her niece a lesson. Chapter 44 Anqing VS Zhaojiao. The princess of Anqing was so young that she did not know how to deal with it and stood up in fear. All right, Zhao Jiao, you are too serious. Fortunately,Faux cherry blossom tree, the Empress Dowager Zhao smiled to smooth things over and said, "We're all together today. We won't talk about those empty courtesies." Zhao queen mother this at the same time gave two people step down, Zhaojiao princess sat down with a sneer, but the princess of Anqing no longer had the face to sit down. She had no choice but to salute the queen mother and turned to the seat in the corner. A proud smile appeared on Zhaojiao's face. It's just that in the next moment, things change. When the princess of Anqing came to Zhaojiao's side, she somehow tripped at her feet and fell forward with an exclamation. Her fall was not serious, and she instinctively grabbed a sleeve at hand to save herself. The sleeve was not someone else's, but the unfortunate Princess Zhaojiao's. Princess Anqing was young and weak,faux ficus tree, and should not have had much weight, but she pulled Zhao Jiao down directly from the chair and fell firmly to the ground. Zhao Jiao was caught off guard when she fell down. Her two teeth were knocked loose and her mouth was full of blood. But the culprit, Anqing, landed on her back when she fell down, but she was not hurt. The two girls fell down together, and everyone looked over in amazement. When she saw that Princess Zhaojiao's mouth was full of blood, even the Empress Dowager Zhao was frightened. "Oh, why did you fall so badly?" She hurriedly asked! Quick, please come to see the doctor, don't break her teeth, it will be difficult to grow out in the future! Several princes and concubines rushed up to help them. Anqing was so lucky that he rubbed his waist and stood up first, which was not a big problem. But Zhao Jiao's injury was so miserable that her tears flowed down in pain and she rolled on the ground sobbing, unable to climb up. They helped her up, and the maid beside her quickly handed her a veil to stop the bleeding. She covered her mouth with a veil, silk olive tree ,fake blossom tree, and as soon as the heart-rending pain had subsided, she howled and accused: "Anqing!"! It's all you. It doesn't matter if you fall by yourself, but I'm still involved! Because of the injury to the front teeth, Zhao Jiao's voice and expression were ambiguous, but the shrill scream frightened the people next to her. Zhao Jiao pressed her front teeth and cried, "If my two teeth fall out, I will never forgive you!" Zhao Jiao looks discomfited and sharp, and looks like a street shrew. It's just that no one blames her at the moment-she's really hurt a little badly. The key is that the front teeth are not children, and they really can't grow out if they fall out! Mrs. Zhao was so softhearted that she went up to see him in person. "Don't talk," she said, "so that you won't lose it later." Zhao Jiao did not dare to speak, but with a pair of cannibalistic eyes staring at the face of the princess of Anqing. Anqing was so frightened that she began to cry. She knelt down to Zhaojiao and apologized. "I didn't mean it," she said with tears in her eyes. "I didn't mean it.." At this time, not only Zhao Jiao, but also many people looked at Anqing with reproachful eyes. Really, oneself walk not carefully, but implicate others! The princess of Anqing is indeed somewhat ignorant. Not long after, two medical women ran in first and knelt down to pay their respects. Royal doctor did not come, because Chinese New Year's Eve night courtiers are in their own home to watch the New Year, into the palace to also need a certain amount of time, then first asked the medical woman to see. The two doctors went up to Zhaojiao to check the injuries and said, "The princess's gums and lips are injured, but they don't hurt her nerves. The teeth won't fall out. Please rest assured." Princess Zhaojiao breathed a sigh of relief. Doctor female again way: "Just can't eat a thing at will recently, use some of liquid food at most." What? Can only eat porridge? Zhao Jiao wanted to jump up again and asked, "How many days will it take to get better?" "About half a month," said the doctor. Half a month! Zhao Jiao was so angry that her face turned purple, and when she looked at the princess of Anqing, who was kneeling and crying in front of her, she was even more furious, and her eyes were even more frightening. The princess of Anqing was so frightened that she trembled and stepped forward to hold Zhaojiao's arm and said, "Aunt Wu, I'm sorry. It's all my fault." I, I'll hold you! If put in the past, Zhao Jiao will shake off her hand, and then mercilessly reward her an ear scratch. Only now, Zhao Jiao can no longer dare to do so. Yu Wang and his mother and concubine have lost their favor, and the mother and concubine are still grounded. She, the princess, is no longer the favorite child of the emperor! On the contrary, the prince was highly valued by the emperor. Thinking of this, Zhao Jiao held her breath and let Anqing help her. But as soon as Anqing helped her sit down, he suddenly pointed to the place where she had just fallen and shouted, "Oh, what is this?" Everyone was stupefied and looked down her finger, only to see a hairpin with a red gold inlaid with agate phoenix tail and beads lying on the ground. A princess who was close to her immediately picked it up and said with a smile,decorative palm trees, "This hairpin is so exquisitely made. Who dropped it?"? Anqing, if this is not yours, it should be Zhaojiao's. hacartificialtree.com

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