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Lotus Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:27   Financial Services   Saarlouis   137 views Reference: 462
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She was lying on her back on the gynecological table. There was an instrument with wires around it, and there was still blood in the transparent rubber straw. Blood-sucking cotton balls were thrown on the ground, giving off a sour and strong smell of blood. The lower half of his body was naked, and his two thin legs were set up separately and fixed on the foot rest. There were a few wisps of blood on her thighs, which ran lightly down her skin. Looking up at him, his face was pale, his forehead was covered with sweat, and his bangs were wet and stuck together. Clear tears fell imperceptibly from the corners of her eyes, but her eyes were not sad. Just whisper, come and help me. Shansheng. I'm in pain. I have no strength. I can't stand up. His eyes were caught off guard and saw the forbidden organ between her legs. The core of darkness and shame appears in front of us. The sudden evil struck with such gravity that it seemed to be hit in the eyes by two hammers. He closed his eyelids in pain, blackened his eyes, and could hardly stand. 9 Lhasa to Bayi Town, Nyingchi. More than 420 kilometers. Nearly eight hours' journey. After a tiring day, I spent the whole day in the car. They arrived at dusk and found a clean little hotel to stay in. Put down your bags and apply for a border pass first. Motuo is close to the Indian border. If you get the certificate, you can leave for Paixiang early tomorrow morning. He shaved in the bathroom, rinsed his face with cold water,water filling machine, and dabbed a grass-scented toner in front of the mirror. This is a habit that has been preserved in a decade of senior management career. Many details of life will eventually be stereotyped into habits. A man who often needs to negotiate, hold meetings and socialize must take good care of his face. He looked in the mirror, changed into a white cotton shirt, sprayed a little cologne into the air above his shoulders, then took his coat and walked out of the room. She washed her hair, lit a cigarette and stood in the corridor waiting for him. She wore a cotton jacket with a pattern of Egyptian blue and dark green peony flowers, large Indian hemp trousers,CSD filling line, hair coiled back and silver earrings. She always dressed like a country girl in Southeast Asian style. Face up to the sky, never make up and maintenance. She said that today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, and we went to a small restaurant in Sichuan to eat dumplings. They asked for half a catty of dumplings, stir-fried vegetables and a smoked sausage made by the Sichuan proprietress, as well as a small bottle of liquor. The tiny restaurant is dimly lit, and the TV, high on the wall, is playing a crude and outdated Hong Kong and Taiwan drama, which is noisy and noisy. After making dumplings, the boss and the waiter began to sit on the stool and watch TV. The big dog is hovering at the door. In the evening, the weather was cool and cloudy. The Nyingchi area is rainy, Edible oil filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, which is different from the dry Lhasa. Clouds covered the moon and could not be seen clearly. In fact, she said, I don't pay attention to festivals at all. Almost never have a birthday. I often forget the date, I don't know the day of the week, because I never wear a watch. But it was a night for a festival of sharing. Because this is our last night in the clean and bustling gathering place. From tomorrow, they will officially embark on the route into the Grand Canyon. Entering the no-man's land of the primeval forest means that there will be no more comfortable hotel rooms with toilets, restaurants with rich food reserves and exquisite tastes, lively crowds and convenient means of transportation.. All material resources that can be immediately exchanged for money. No information, business, entertainment, idols, news, fashion, economy, politics.. All the products of modern society. She raised her glass to him and said, "To the ancient forest.". A Mid-Autumn festival celebrated with white wine and dumplings. The two men finished their meal and walked out into the street in the cool drizzle. They played a few rounds in a simple billiard shop along the street. I didn't meet any passengers. The shop was deserted and empty, with a pale fluorescent lamp on. She bent down to hit the ball neatly and hit the ball into the hole with a bang. At this time, the rain outside the window became heavier, and there was an uproar. They didn't share any more thoughts about rain with each other. The end of September is already the end of the rainy season in Motuo, and it is coming to an end. But it may also be delayed. Continuous heavy rain will cause mountain collapse. Landslides and mudslides will make the only hiking paths in the canyon disappear because of these changes. They know in their hearts, but they don't want to communicate these things that will bring negative imagination. She stood up, looked out of the window at the torrential rain, lit a cigarette and said, This is the first time I have seen heavy rain in Tibet for so long. We can run back to the hotel. 10 She said, Shansheng, I feel that my mind is getting richer and richer, every little thing will be moved, my heart is full of agitation, but I feel that my heart is like falling into a dark prison, unable to move, feeling suffocated. I feel like I'm wasting my life. She said, Shansheng, I pursue feelings. I crave affection. I want to treat the world in my own way. Scene 2 Dark Echo (8) The man she saw was just a passenger on the ferry with her, and his face was not clear in the night. She sailed alone, believing that this was the journey they had agreed on. He bent down to look at the small canvas she had painted. He was the art tutor she had signed up for. Instead of live practice, she painted what she imagined the sea to be: waves painted with blue paint mixed with deep purple foam. The sun is a bright yellow ball, without luster. The air twisted and quivered in the heat. They are painted with undulating lines one by one. He narrowed his eyes slightly in the sunlight, as if he had been lightly hit by the strong picture. He said,plastic bottle making machine, is your favorite painter Van Gogh? Yes. His paintings have a character of children's paintings. In the field of art, after the creator crosses a certain realm, the style will return to simplicity and simplicity. What is accurate must be concise. He said. He often wore a white shirt with loosely rolled up sleeves and a slovenly appearance. Greasy and sloppy hair. She was attracted by the respect with which he leaned down. Listen to his footsteps slowly passing by. The wooden floor in the classroom was old and cracked softly. The air was filled with the temperature of a grown man and the smell of shaving water. gzxilinear.com

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