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Lord of the Rings Full-time Job

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"He won't wake up again," Denethor said. "Fighting is futile. Why should we linger on? Why don't we die together? "Prime Minister of Gondor, you have no right to choose the time of your own death," replied Gandalf. "Only fallen kings, under the influence of the dark forces, commit suicide out of pride and despair, or kill their own blood to be buried with them." He carried Faramir out of the mausoleum and placed him on the stretcher that had been carried. Denethor followed, standing trembling and looking lovingly at his son. For a brief moment, the old king struggled. Come on "Others need us," said Gandalf. "There is much you can do." Suddenly Denethor smiled. He puffed out his chest and looked proud again. He walked quickly back to the stone table where he had been lying and picked up the pillow on which he was lying. He went to the door, uncovered the cloth of the pillow, and there was a crystal of true knowledge under it! When he lifted the spar, others seemed to see flames inside, and the thin face of the castellan was stained with red light, looking as cold as a statue. Pride and despair! He shouted, "Do you think the white pagoda is blind?"? Nay, foolish man in grey, I have seen more than you know. Hope is but a word for ignorance. Go ahead and heal him! Go ahead and fight! It's no use. You may win a victory for a while, gain a few inches of land,Horse weight lbs, and survive for a few days, but against the rising power? We have no chance to win. The whole East is out. Even now, the sea breeze that brought you hope has brought a whole black fleet. The West has failed, and anyone who doesn't want to be a slave should leave here. "Such an idea will really make the devil win and not lose." Said Gandalf. Then you can continue to hope! Denethor roared with laughter. Misranda, do you think I don't know you? You want to take over and sit on the throne of the four directions, ruling North, South and West. I have guessed your thoughts and plans. You think I don't know you're keeping this halfling quiet? Or didn't see that you sent a spy into my temple? But in the course of our conversation,Surveyors tape measure, I have learned the names of all your companions. It seems that you will first use your left hand to manipulate me as a shield against Mordor, and then use your right hand to arrange for the Northern Ranger to replace me. Gandalf Mithranda, let me be clear! I don't want to be your puppet! I'm the prime minister of the House of Anourian, and I don't want to abdicate the throne for a callow boy to be his subordinate. Even if he did have proof of descent, he was Isildur's heir. I'm not going to bow down to this guy. He's just a poor royal family without country and glory! "Well, if you could do what you wanted," said Gandalf, "what would you do?" "I will make everything the same as it has been every day of my life," Denethor replied. "And like all my ancestors before me, I will be the Lord of the city and leave my throne to my son, who will be his own master, not a wizard's plaything. But if it were not for me to do so, I should be nothing but a wretch: I would not live a low life, Fish measuring board ,horse weight tape, nor let honor be challenged, nor let the respect and love I have received be divided. "In my opinion, the honor and respect of a dutiful prime minister will not be diminished," Gandalf said. "At least you should not deprive your son of his life before you are sure." Hearing this, the fire in Denethor's eyes rose again. He put the spar under his side, took out a knife, and went to the stretcher. But Beregon immediately jumped out and blocked Faramir with his body. Hum Denethor said, "You have stolen half of my son's love for me, and now you have stolen the hearts of my knights, and now they have completely taken my son from me.". But at least you can't stop it. I have to decide my own fate. "Come here!" He shouted to the servants, "If you are not traitors, come here!" Then two servants ran to him. He took the torch from one of them and ran back to the mausoleum. Before Gandalf could stop him, Denethor had plunged his torch into the firewood, and the house immediately went up in flames. Denethor jumped onto the stone table and, bathed in the flames, broke the prime minister's scepter at his feet; he threw the broken scepter into the fire, held the spar to his chest, and lay down on the stone table. It is said that from then on, if anyone uses the spar, unless he has great willpower, he can only see a pair of old hands burning slowly in the flame forever. Gandalf turned his head mournfully and closed the door. He pondered for a moment. There was a dead silence outside the door, but the sound of a raging fire kept coming from inside the door. Denethor shrieked, and never made a sound again. No mortal ever saw him again. "Denethor, son of Ecthelion, is dead," said Gandalf, turning to Beregon and the servant who stood there. "Gondor as you know it is gone, for better or worse, it is over. Evil things have happened here, but please put aside the hatred between you first, because all this is the plot of the devil. You're just innocent bystanders caught up in the plot. Come to think of it, you slavish servants, if it hadn't been for Beregon's disobedience, Faramir, the general of the Pure White Tower, would have turned to coke by now. Take your fallen companions away from this sad place, and we will take Faramir, the Prime Minister of Gondor, so that he may rest well or die quietly at the mercy of fate. Gandalf and Beregon carried the stretcher to the hospital, with Pippin walking behind with his head down. The castellan's servants were still staring blankly at the mausoleum in front of them, and when Gandalf came to the end of Rastinan, there was a loud noise behind him. When they looked back, they saw the dome split open,tape measure clip, sending up a huge cloud of black smoke; then with a crash, the whole dome came down, but the flames were still moving through the ruins. Then the servants fled in fear and followed Gandalf. tapemeasure.net

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Lord of the Rings