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Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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Creation Farm is like a paradise isolated from the world, quiet and peaceful, and no one can imagine that human civilization will be destroyed by a rocket launched from this place one day later. Most of them had fallen asleep, and the members of the Mujahideen, who had worked hard for many days to prepare for the final preparations, could not resist the tiredness caused by fatigue. Ling Du Yu returned to the water tower, took the elevator from the underpass, came to the entrance of the cold storage, according to the password Charlie saw that day, opened the door of the cold storage, entered the empty cold storage. A few red lights on the four walls of the cold storage bathed the whole space in dark red light, and the boxes, like the coffins of zombies for thousands of years, made people feel cold from their hearts. Apart from the fence surrounding the entire farm, Chuangshi Farm has almost no security, because all the important facilities are hidden underground and are not afraid of being discovered by accident. Tight security will only make people suspicious. This kind of "ordinariness" is also the wisdom of the Jihad. Ling Duyu moved quickly in the spacious gap of the box, and soon came to the box carrying Chieko. Under the red light, Chieko is like a beautiful female ghost who has been lying for thousands of years and whose body will never decay. Ling Duyu wanted to open the glass cover, but he didn't know that the gap between the cover and the seam was as big as a pinhole. He tried his best to make the wind not move. Knowing that there must be another switch, he hurriedly searched around the box and found that there was a big box locked at the head of the box. Fortunately,uns c70600, it was an ordinary door lock. He pulled out several unlocking wires of different thicknesses from the heel of his shoes and inserted them into the pin hole. After a while, there was a "sound" inside, and the lid of the box was opened. Ling Duyu lit a small flashlight and saw that the lines inside were crisscrossed. Fortunately, there were three ventilation pipes about two inches thick, which were printed with different words, namely "oxygen", "liquid nitrogen" and "thawing agent". Oxygen,347 stainless steel, of course, is provided before freezing, while liquid nitrogen is necessary for freezing. Thawing solution, as its name implies, is a liquid that returns to normal. However, there was no instruction to open the lid of the box, which might be related to some of the lines, but he did not dare to try, because the box was filled with a living person, a bad one might lead to a tragedy. He looked carefully inside the box and noticed that the three functioning pipes had an "open" and a "closed" switch when they entered the box. In other words, as long as these three switches are turned off, the freezing process can not be carried out in the box. Freezing is very expensive, and the mujahideen will not allow it to be wasted. If they wake up in 300 years, the earth will not return to its original appearance. They will have to sleep for another 100 or 200 years, 316 stainless steel plate ,x56 line pipe, so the frozen raw materials are very precious, and because they adopt a central control system, when a box is not needed, its own independent shutdown system is necessary. Ling Duyu moved in his heart and closed the throat leading to the "liquid nitrogen" and "thawing agent" in Chieko's box. Then he cooked the No.258 "own box" and closed the same two pipes. After completing these tasks, he left Chieko and went to the console of the core of the cold storage, where there must be a switch to open Chieko's freezer. His plan is very simple, that is, to rescue Chieko first, and then try to attack the Nazis with a powerful anesthetic needle that aggravates the drug, and after success, inform the police to come and sweep. He was ambivalent. Although the Mujahideen is a very dangerous organization, they have very lofty ideals, which are produced by reason, not blind decisions. But he had no other choice. There may be a lot of respectable people in the jihad group, but there are more respectable and lovely people outside to be destroyed, although there are also many bad elements. Ling Duyu moved from one set of instruments to another. Suddenly he stood still. A stream of cold and evil energy pierced his cranial nerves. He knew that the Nazis were coming, and he was in a dark place in the cold storage, watching its every move like a cat and a mouse. He habitually blanked his mind, but he knew it wouldn't work any more. The thing wouldn't let it go. Ga! A light sound that could not be heard if you were not careful sounded from the entrance. As soon as Ling Duyu's cranial nerves loosened, he knew that the Nazi's mind was shifting to the door that was opening, but he did not know who would come so late. A figure came in through the open door and called softly, "Marv, Marv, are you here?" Ling Duyu was in a daze before she realized that she was calling herself. Her heart turned and she sent out a heartfelt surprise and shouted, "Nancy!"! I'm here. I thought you weren't coming. It turned out that this cold storage was the place where she said, "I refused you the last time you made love.". The Nazi's spiritual exploration extended again, and this time Ling Duyu had been prepared to fantasize about the scene with Nancy on the couch in the control room. Nancy ran up to the console and threw herself into his arms. The two men embraced and kissed passionately. The spirit of the Nazis to scan them back and forth many times, Ling duyu was forced to fully into the Nancy that can turn steel into a soft burning passion, dare not have the slightest effort to show, cold storage in a moment of enthusiasm. When Nancy stirred up for the second time, the Nazis quietly withdrew from the cold storage. The weather was surprisingly good, and in the bright sunshine of the morning, the nearby water tower, the barn, and the mountains around the distance were shining, full of vitality and vitality. Ling Duyu, Neng En, Bai Lairen, Charlie and several other members of the Jihad Group sat at a large wooden table in the open air and enjoyed a rich breakfast. Nancy took a big pot of strong coffee. Coming out of the three-story wooden house behind her, she filled the empty cups in front of each person. Her watery and affectionate eyes drifted to Ling Duyu from time to time, apparently recalling the lingering death in the cold storage last night. Ling Duyu is extremely grateful to her, if not for her, last night really do not know how to let that thing "see" this seamless "explanation", he can not now drink coffee here. Neng En added sugar and milk to his coffee,uns c68700, but Ling Duyu did not dare to act rashly. Although he spent three weeks imitating and learning everything about Mai Fu, he did not know how many grains of sugar he would put in his coffee. It was these details that made him most likely to reveal his identity. Nancy sat down beside him and said with a smile, "Your habit of drinking black coffee has not changed for ten years." lksteelpipe.com

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Ling Duyu Series-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise