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Lick a small milk bag. Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:10   Public Service   Sankt Augustin   236 views Reference: 191
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Bei Xiaochuan pushed Tang Zhi with his elbow and glanced at Bo Ye. The little adult whispered in a low voice: "You see, the meaning that brother Ye doesn't like is so obvious. My brother can't see it yet. Do you think he is shortsighted?" “…………” Tang Zhi was speechless for a while, unable to adapt to the mature soul under the tender appearance of Bei Xiaochuan. They accepted Bei Dahai's Amway and went to Jiugongge Hotpot Restaurant, which has recently become popular on the Internet. Before getting off the bus, Bei Dahai said proudly, "Fortunately, I know the boss, otherwise I have to book two days in advance.". By the way, I forgot to ask, can Xiao Tang eat spicy food? The owner of this restaurant is a native of Chongqing. He is also a member of the "extremist organization" in the Chongqing hotpot industry. Apart from the red soup, there is no room for other pot bottoms in his eyes. In his opinion, clear soup, health soup and so on are blasphemous to the hotpot. But the guests who come here just want to eat something exciting, and they can accept that there is no Mandarin duck pot and clear soup pot bottom. The butter red soup here is especially pure, fragrant, spicy and spicy. On the shelf of Jiugongge, a pot full of pepper oil and hot pepper is churning with the boiling soup base. The red-hot look is satisfying. Once I ate it, it was like a fairy. That's why business is so hot. In fact, Tang Zhi has no idea whether he can eat spicy food or not. Because of his growing environment, his taste is weak, but he is curious about Chinese hot pot,artificial plant wall panels, so he nodded ambiguously. Bei Dahai said a few words to the waiter at the door, and they were taken to the hidden booth. It's not that Bei Dahai has any idol burden. He never needs to cover up when he is away from home. He is Frank and eager to make some noise to let fans recognize him. Unfortunately, he seldom bumps into fans. Even if he meets them, fans are not limited to recognizing him. After all, he adds three layers of filters when he broadcasts live. But Bo Ye is not the same, the recognition is too high, and today dressed so eye-catching, it is easy to attract the attention of passers-by,faux grass wall, it is difficult to guarantee that there are concerned about the e-sports circle, to be on the safe side, or low-key point. When ordering, Bo Ye sat opposite, holding a teacup in his hand and taking a sip from time to time. He watched Bei Dahai and Bei Xiaochuan order together with their heads. The more he looked, the more upset he was: "Why did you come back so early?"? What about the third? Bei Dahai and Bei Xiaochuan were blinded by duck intestines, Maodu, yellow throat and old meat slices, and did not hear the resentment in his words. Bei Xiaochuan eagerly poked the menu: "Brother Hai, I want to eat this!" "I know, I know." Bei Dahai helped him tick in the back, his eyes on the menu, replied: "As soon as I go home, seven aunts and eight aunts surround me to introduce a partner. It's too annoying. My brother hasn't had enough single life yet. My parents have something to do, so they come back together in advance." "Brother Hai." Bei Xiaochuan pointed to a snowflake fat cow again and exposed him mercilessly, faux ficus tree ,artificial coconut palm trees, "When you eat the banquet, you beg your aunt to introduce you.." Half of the words were covered with his mouth. You're the one who talks too much! Bei Dahai also wants to save face, he glared at Bei Xiaochuan: "What do adults talk to children?" "You're an adult, and you don't even have an ambiguous object?" Bei Xiaochuan pouted unhappily and protested in a low voice, "I've had five girlfriends.." Holding a teacup in both hands, Tang Zhizheng lowered his head to play with his mobile phone. After hearing this, he raised his eyes in surprise: "How old are you?" "I am twelve years old." Bei Xiaochuan is a natural face control, Tang Zhi took the initiative to talk to him, he looked away from the menu, elbows on the table, hands holding his face to concentrate on the opposite side, "this year's fifth grade." "Fifth grade.." said Tang Zhina. Change a girlfriend a year. "Hey.." Like mentioning a sad thing, Bei Xiaochuan lowered his eyelids with a lost face. "It's not so exaggerated. First love is a big class thing. The first grade and she were assigned to different classes. At that time, both of them were not mature enough and gradually became estranged. The second grade was empty for a year." "Hey.." Sighing again, the child sighed with infinite emotion: "Really, long-distance love will not have a result." “…………” Tang Zhi was shocked by thunder. Although he was also born after 00, he felt that there was a generation gap with Bei Xiaochuan. While Bei Xiaochuan was immersed in memories, he touched Bo Ye and asked quietly, "Are all primary school students like this now?" "He is special." Bo Ye chuckled and shook his head. Bei Xiaochuan was really his source of happiness. The waiter came over with the red and spicy bottom of the pot, and Bei Dahai just finished the dish, and the waiter confirmed it with him again. Tang Zhi looked at the soup base with red oil and chili in front of him, swallowed the saliva, even if it was not boiling, the spicy fragrance had drifted out, and looked very appetizing. No wonder Nosuke always says he misses Chinese hot pot. When the red soup was boiling, most of the dishes were ready. With a cheer, Bei Xiaochuan first scalded the duck intestines with chopsticks. After boiling, he put them into his mouth. They were numb, hot and spicy. He ate them while inhaling, and a thin layer of sweat oozed from his forehead. Tang Zhi imitated his appearance, put the ingredients in the nearest grid, and fished them up from time to time to see if they were cooked. Haven't you eaten? Bo Ye noticed his unfamiliar movements and looked at him and asked. He couldn't help wondering where Tang Zhi was from? I have never eaten hot pot in my life. Then he remembered that the address bar on his profile was blank and felt a little strange. Tang Zhi was a little embarrassed and took back the chopsticks he had stretched out, looking very stiff. I'll do it. Bo Ye put the yellow throat that had just been scalded into his bowl, "you are responsible for eating." Tang Zhi whispered, "Thank you," and expectantly put it into his mouth. After chewing twice, he did not move. He tightened his hand holding the chopsticks, endured for a while, and opened his mouth slightly to exhale. Brother Ye, you are partial! Bei Dahai shook his shoulders back and forth and said coquettishly, "They want your favor, too." Bo Ye lightly lifted his eyelids to look at him, picked up a colander of pepper and put it in his bowl: "The favor you want." "Damn, you son of a bitch." Bei Dahai hurriedly cleaned up the pepper and whispered, "Am I still the one you love most?" Bei Xiaochuan wiped a sweat, while eating happily, he did not forget to reply to his brother: "Obviously not." Tang Zhi slowly eliminated the dishes in the bowl,outdoor ficus tree, keeping his head down and sweat running down his forehead. Bo Ye did not pay attention to his situation, a strong fishing for him, he did not eat a few mouthfuls. hacartificialtree.com

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