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Li Liang-Imp Big Winner Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:31   Independent & Freelance   Calw   243 views Reference: 157
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Ling Qianer thought of this, and the gratitude and light tenderness that had just risen had completely disappeared. Suddenly he stepped back and said coldly, "Who cares about him?" When Bai Zhonghong saw her sudden reaction, she knew that the misunderstanding of the past had filled her mind again. The burning hatred really made him feel. To the extreme of helplessness. He could only sigh, not knowing what to say. Ye Shuixin saw that she would change as soon as she said so. She was really ungrateful. She could not help saying angrily, "We will try our best to save you." Come on, you still keep a straight face? "Who wants you to save?" Ling Qianer's face was pale, and she was not an ungrateful person. It's just that what Bai Zhonghong did had a purpose. It broke her heart. How could she trust this man again? What about everything you do? In the struggle between kindness and false feelings and hatred, Ling Qianer was forced to stay here any longer and drank "get out of the way" in a hurry. He was about to run out of the cave. Ye Shuixin, however, saw that she was not used to it and scolded her coldly: "What kind of rule is it if you don't even say thank you?" He dodged and blocked Ling Qianer again. Ling Qianer was even more furious. "Get out of the way!" She snapped. She suddenly pushed out a palm, trying to force Ye Shuixin back. However, Ye Shuixin did not dodge, let the palm hit his chest, knocked him upside down, and was about to fall to the ground. Ye Shuixin bounced up again like an iron plate bridge, still blocking Ling Qianer's way. Ye Shuixin laughed and said, "Isn't it too bad to ask people to get out of the way?" As soon as Ling Qianer's blow failed, he remembered that he was the grandson of Changqing Xianweng, and his martial arts were not bad, not to mention that he dared to be in Luo last time. He should have two strokes to show his power and prestige in front of the master of the brake. However, she was not willing to admit defeat. With a cold shout, she gave herself a slap and angrily rebuked, "If it's hard to get in the way,Time Delay Tap, I'll hit whoever it is!" When the strength of the palm passed, the heart of the leaf water fell back again. Ling Qianer wanted to take this opportunity to plunder the past. Ye Shuixin, who was not willing to let her go, suddenly jumped up again, eager to stop people. But Ling Qianer had a premeditated plan and hit her with her right hand. Did not recover, wait for the other side's body to jump up, the palm suddenly attacked again. Ye Shuixin gave a strange cry: "It's not that easy!" The word Yi did not come out, and the figure flashed obliquely to the right. But Ling Qianer, at the same time,Time Delay Tap, threw his left palm over. Ye Shuixin immediately exclaimed that it was not good, but in such a close and urgent situation, he simply could not retreat completely. Be thrown by the fingertips of the other side. As soon as the trumpet rang, he was stunned on the spot, still doubting whether he had won the lottery. Ling Qianer also froze! She just wanted to hit him on the shoulder, but she didn't know it would be so accurate, so she slapped him in the face! Ye Shuixin felt his cheeks burning. "How dare you hit me?" He asked in surprise. Ling Qianer scolded coldly: "So what if I beat you?" How can she admit defeat when she has already beaten someone? Ye Shuixin suddenly shouted like a madman: "You hit me!"! How dare you hit me? What are you, dare to fight? I He immediately waved his hands crazily and rushed over, clinging to Ling Qianer, which had no rules to speak of. However, the strength of the road, but enough to tear open like a tiger. Ling Qianer did not expect that Ye Shuixin would be so angry, that move is simply desperately, he did not observe for a while, still eat. A slap in the face. "I'm afraid you won't be able to do it," he shouted. At that moment, he tried his best to display what he had learned, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, and all he did was to attack. The two men were like mad monkeys twisted into a pile and killed inextricably. Seeing that more than ten strokes had passed, there was still no winner or loser. Smelly woman, we try our best to save you, but you dare to hit me! "So what? I'll hit whoever I like!"! None of you are good! The two men fought and scolded, letting Bai Zhonghong drink, don't fight, don't fight. The two men did not listen at all and fought to the death. If you don't stop it, maybe it will really be like a cockfight, and the battle will be bloody. He suddenly swept between the two men, each hand forced a person, a bang, the two men have been forced to open, pedal pedal pedal back several times. Step, is panting like an ox, it seems that the battle is really fierce. Although Ye Shuixin was forced to open, his anger was not exhausted. With a shout of anger, he wanted to attack again. Bai Zhonghong stretched out her palm and stopped him again. "Are you out of your mind?" Ye Shuixin scolded, "She slapped me in the face, but you still helped her?" "You got it back, too," said Bai Zhonghong. "Don't forget, you're a man. Can you show some grace?" "Are men, men, men doomed to suffer?" "I don't want to be a man. I'm a woman now!" Ye Shuixin scolded! Move out of my way A palm push, want to push away white in red, want to fight again. Bai Zhonghong suddenly reached out, grabbed his head very quickly, turned him around like a small watermelon, and laughed: "Shit!"! In order to fight with women, even male dignity can be sold, I castrate you! Make you a woman forever. As soon as he reached out with his left hand, he wanted to buckle down to Ye Shuixin. Ye Shuixin was so frightened that he screamed like a pig, covered his hands and fled desperately. Scolding constantly: "You are dirty, mean, shameless, abominable!"! I help you, but you help others to bully me! Scold from a distance, but dare not approach again. "I won't help anyone," said Bai Zhonghong. Turning to Ling Qianer, he said, "You shouldn't have hit someone first!" Ling Qianer was very angry. "Who are you?" She said! Why do you care about me? I can beat up whoever I want. It's up to you. "?" Bai Zhonghong sighed, "You can ignore me, but you can't be ungrateful. You should know that he helped you when you were hurt." A lot of busy, so angry, should not. Ling Qianer was wronged for a moment, how could she not know this truth? It's just that she can't control herself! She knows that both of them are indebted to her. However, this favor was built on purpose, and she hated Bai Zhonghong for doing so. But He hated the inexplicable love in his heart, which almost made him unable to extricate himself. Such gratitude and resentment, love and hate continued to confuse her, and her mind was entangled. As long as things happen, she just wants to escape, escape as far as possible,stainless steel squatting pan, never touch this unsolvable complex, who? Knowing that someone was preventing her from escaping, she tried her best to resist. It's the same for everyone. Don't stop me from running away. cnkexin.com

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