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Legend of the Red Star of Rebirth [School] Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:37   Public Service   Cappeln   222 views Reference: 3
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The 101st Group of the puppet North China Public Security Army has been stationed in eastern Hebei for a long time and is the most ferocious enemy of the people in eastern Hebei. These guys, to some extent, were worse, more ferocious, and more barbaric than the Japanese army. They seized our local cadres and soldiers and immediately stuck wooden drills on their fingers and toes, pierced their noses, and led them until they were tortured to death. The Eastern Hebei Military Subdistrict launched a special campaign against the public security forces, beating the shit out of the puppet public security forces. Bao Sen, the hero of the people of Eastern Hebei, deputy commander of the Eastern Hebei Military Region and head of the 13th Regiment, died in an encounter with the Japanese puppet regime. Qian Fu'an, commander of the Puppet Group 101, did not know whether he was alive or dead. Obviously, the Japanese army regarded him as cannon fodder and a cushion. This guy was still not interested. He fought with our independent regiment on the border of Hebei and Shandong, which pursued them. In the moonlight, Qian Fuan brandished a pistol with a ferocious horse face and shouted to his officers: "The Eighth Route Army is the army of the Communist Party, the party army that Commander Qi said. We are the army of the country. If we don't wipe out these party troops, there will be no hope for China.". Brothers, give me a good fight. Beat back the Eighth Route Army, and Taijun will be greatly rewarded! The 1st Independent Regiment on the Hebei-Shandong Border really had no advantage over the puppet 101st Group Army. Had it not been for the hasty retreat of the Japanese and puppet troops,Nail machine supplier, Qian Fuan would probably have commanded his troops to counter-encircle the independent regiment on the Hebei-Shandong border. When Qian Fuan commanded the puppet troops to fight with the 1st Independent Regiment on the Hebei-Shandong border, the 2nd Armored Brigade and the 7th Division of the 3rd Corps arrived, and three tank regiments plus a vehicle-mounted division ran over the puppet 101st Group Army. Qian Fuan, who had forgotten his ancestors and committed all kinds of evil, even saved his hands from surrendering, and was directly beaten into a sieve by the vehicle-mounted machine gun on the tank. The 2nd Armored Brigade and the 7th Division did not stop, nor did they sweep the battlefield. Even the puppet troops who had fled sporadically were spared. The motors roared and the wheels rolled,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and they galloped southward. Li Qing ordered Liu Zhenhuan to leave one battalion to clean up the battlefield, while the remaining two battalions advanced with the main force to pursue the Japanese puppet troops. When they reached Dongguang, the 2nd Armored Brigade and the 7th Division encountered the 19th Independent Mixed Brigade of the Japanese Army, the second rear guard of the Japanese Army. These little devils ran away and did not forget to destroy, laying mines on the highway. Unfortunately, they did not have anti-tank mines, and the heavy tanks of the armored brigade ran over them and detonated the mines, but there was no damage to the tanks. During the mopping-up campaign in central Hebei, the 19th Independent Mixed Brigade was also extremely vicious and seemed to be very elite. When it comes to the main force of the Third Army, the 19th Independent Mixed Brigade is not enough to see. Without the need for artillery to speak, the 2nd Armored Brigade rushed straight over and scattered several skirmish lines formed by nearly 5,000 men of the 19th Independent Mixed Brigade in a hurry. The 7th Division outflanked them from both flanks and directly beat down the 19th Independent Mixed Brigade, unable to escape. The Japanese fled to Dezhou in panic. The 19th Independent Mixed Brigade was only a rear guard force. The battle ended so quickly that Yasuji Okamura did not know that the 19th Independent Mixed Brigade and the Puppet Group 101 had been annihilated! At dawn, two divisions of the Eighth Army of the Third Army, Coil Nail Making Machine ,Coil nail machine, which had sailed south along the canal, intercepted the 36th Division and the 16th and 17th Brigades at the junction of Wuqiao and Dezhou. Li Qing, who received the report, was overjoyed and immediately ordered the troops to follow up quickly and encircle the Japanese army. It was the richest gift for the reorganized Third Army to wipe out a division, three independent mixed brigades and a puppet security army group of the Japanese army alone. Not to mention Li Qing, Hong Chaoyuan, and Xu Shiyou, the cadres and soldiers were all crying out, not to mention cars, trains, and fleets. The soldiers riding on rubber-tired carts beat their horses very fast, for fear that they would not be able to destroy the Japanese devils if they were late. The main force of the Third Army, guided by tanks and vehicles, made a detour from the east, while the Eleventh Army and a division of the Eighth Army pursued the front, with the canal to the west. In fact, this kind of tactics is not fancy at all, and it is purely to oppress others by force. It was this kind of unfancy tactics that made Lieutenant General Jing Guanren, commander of the 36th Division, furious. He knew that his 36th Division and the 16th and 17th Independent Mixed Brigades would be collectively destroyed if they could not break through the frontal blocking troops. The three units of the Japanese army were all defeated by our army, among which the 16th Independent Mixed Brigade had been wiped out long ago, and the Japanese army had the cheek to rebuild it. When he was in Shandong, he was already afraid of being beaten by the instructor. As soon as he saw the main force of the East Field Army catching up, the 16th Independent Mixed Brigade, which served as the rear guard, was afraid of being attacked and retreated hurriedly. Lieutenant General Inoue was so angry that he ordered the chief of staff to organize a supervisory team and set up machine guns to fire, which blocked the retreat of the 16th Independent Mixed Brigade. This is really a strange story through the ages. The Japanese army, which has always been known for its barbarism and bravery, actually needed to set up machine gun fire to stop the troops from retreating. If it came out, Emperor Hirohito would probably be surprised to slip down from the belly of Empress Ryoko. While reporting to Yasuji Okamura for urgent tactical guidance, Lieutenant General Inoue ordered the 36th Mountain Artillery Regiment to set up a position and use artillery shells to open a hole in the line of defense of the blocking troops to cover the main force. It was a matter of life and death. The artillery of the 36th Regiment of Mountain Artillery of the 36th Division of the Japanese Army moved quickly enough. After a flurry, they began a test fire. Then, after correcting the parameters of the artillery, the Japanese artillery began to fire fiercely. Zhao Shan, political commissar of the Third Corps and commander of the Eighth Army, led the 22nd and 23rd Divisions to stop them in front of the Japanese because of their fast speed by boat. Then he fell in love with the battle of resistance. Among the key generals under Liu Yimin, Zhao Shan is an offensive and defensive general, who is actually the best at defending. However, the rapid movement of troops here, too late to build a solid position, Zhao Shan can only think of ways in the platoon. He put only one regiment in the front line, the troops were scattered, and the main force formed an arc blocking line behind it, with a faint potential for counterattack. As soon as the Japanese began shelling,Nail Making Machine price, Zhao Shan immediately ordered the forward blocking troops to retreat quickly, out of the range of Japanese artillery, and ordered the artillery regiment to prepare for battle. 3shardware.com

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