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Legend of the Red Star of Rebirth [School] Full-time Job

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Zhou Zuoren and Qian Daosun's defection to the enemy caused a great disturbance in the Chinese Cultural Festival. On 5 May, the Wuhan Cultural Circles Anti-Enemy Association sent a telegram to the cultural circles of the whole country, severely condemning Zhou Zuoren for "not hesitating to ruin his past reputation, openly echoing the Japanese pirates, and betraying his personality." It also "requested that Zhou Zuoren, Qian Daosun, and other traitors who participated in the so-called" Forum on the Construction of Chinese Culture for Rebirth "should be expelled from our cultural circles and punished with spiritual sanctions.". On May 14, Mao Dun, Yu Dafu, Lao She, Feng Naichao, Wang Pingling, Hu Feng, Hu Qiuyuan, Zhang Tianyi, Ding Ling and other 18 people published "An Open Letter to Zhou Zuoren" in the "Anti-Japanese War Literature and Art", pointing out that "the act of Mr. Zhou Zuoren attending the Symposium on Renewing Chinese Culture" is really a matter of betrayal of the nation and hatred of the enemy. No one is not ashamed of it. Poet Ai Qing also wrote a poem entitled "Repent, Zhou Zuoren" to express the feelings of the younger generation: "Zhou Zuoren Mutinied while the motherland was fighting hard. I accept the news with a burning heart. Zhou Zuoren, Can't you think of the way you've come? "You once guarded Demokrasi." You once attacked the government of the northern warlords. You were fearlessly at the forefront of the ideological struggle. Youth in China Never forget your name. Repent, Zhou Zuoren! Otherwise Youth in China I'm going to shoot you! How much expectation,Marble Projects, disappointment, pain and anger are filled in this trembling song! A symposium on the construction of Chinese culture was held, but it was only a meeting and did not form an organization. Okabe Naosaburo, now in charge of the headquarters of the North China Front Army, wanted to further the work of wooing cultural traitors. He remembered the association of students studying in Japan organized by Wang Yitang, former chairman of the puppet North China Government Affairs Committee and traitor, and wanted to use this association to unite pro-Japanese cultural traitors to serve the construction of the Great Eastern Jihad. Even Gangbu Naosaburo himself did not think that as soon as he put forward this idea,Stone Honeycomb Panel, it was immediately echoed by the cultural traitors in Peiping. In the past few days, because of the fierce offensive of the Japanese army in Wuhan and Guangzhou, these cultural traitors could not sit still and reported to the headquarters of the North China Front Army several times, imploring His Excellency Naosaburo, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Posts, to take time out of his busy schedule to attend their meetings and give important instructions. Okabe Naosaburo is now a veritable overlord in North China, and he is going to attend the meeting, which is highly valued from the Japanese army to the traitors. No, as soon as Naosaburo's limousine arrived outside the meeting hall under the escort of the guards, Lieutenant General Seiichi Kita, the head of the secret service, emaciated Wang Kemin, Qi Kuiyuan in military uniform, Wang Yitang and Tang Erhe with gray beards, Marble Granite Price ,Grey Marble Slab, Zhou Zuoren in long gowns and short gowns, and Qian Daosun in a suit and leather shoes all gathered around and scrambled to open the door for Naosaburo. Naosaburo's guards shouted at him, and the bayonets went all the way to the traitors' chests, and the scum gave way a little and opened a way for Kita Makoto to come forward and open the car door. Okabe Naosaburo is now accustomed to this kind of scene, and after getting off the bus, he pretended to be kind, shook hands with several traitors one by one, and kept saying "give you trouble", "please take care of me" and other words without salt and vinegar, as he walked to the venue. After arriving at the meeting hall, Naosaburo Okabe sat down in the main seat. Without waiting for Wang Yitang, who presided over the meeting, to introduce the agenda of the meeting and the participants, Naosaburo Okabe began to speak: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to be invited to attend today's meeting. Most of the people present here are students studying abroad in the Japanese Empire. They are elites nurtured by Japanese culture. It should be known that, geographically speaking, China and Japan, separated only by a strip of water, are cooperating for common prosperity. Culturally speaking, China and Japan share the same origin and promote each other. The Chinese once created a splendid ancient culture, but now China is lagging behind, and Japanese culture is catching up from behind. It is time for Japanese culture to lead Chinese culture and build a Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere integrating Japan, Manchuria and Mongolia. ” Chapter 528 four sides shocked (continued). Next, Naosaburo Gangbu talked about the great significance of promoting cultural exchanges and cultural integration between China and Japan. From the integration of Chinese and Japanese cultures to the unification of ideas and understanding, it has been conducive to overthrowing the reactionary Chiang Kai-shek regime, to eliminating the dehumanized Communist ideology, to building a new economic order, and to enabling the Chinese people to live a sound legal system, good public order and income as the people of the Great Japanese Empire. The traitors in the audience were salivating and their eyes were shining. Okabe Naosaburo changed the subject and began to talk about the achievements of the Japanese army. According to him, the Japanese troops on the Wuhan front had already invaded the suburbs of Wuhan and formed an encirclement of the three towns of Wuhan. It was very likely that Chiang Kai-shek would be captured alive in this battle and that China would be settled in World War I. The Japanese troops in Guangzhou made rapid progress, and Yu Hanmou's troops were vulnerable to a single blow. According to the reconnaissance report of the Air Force, the city of Guangzhou has begun to see a climax of escape, and it is believed that in less than half a month, the sun flag will be flying high in the city of Guangzhou. As long as Wuhan and Guangzhou were occupied, even if Chiang Kai-shek was not captured alive in Wuhan, his regime would be reduced to a local regime in a corner, and there would be no way out except to surrender to the imperial army. As for the Communist Eighth Route Army, Yen Hsi-shan's Shansi-Suiyuan Army, Li Tsung-jen's Kwangsi Army and other miscellaneous armed forces, they will either be completely wiped out by the imperial army or accept change, and there is no other way to go. Wuhan Front and Guangzhou Front, the anti-Japanese soldiers and civilians would rather die than surrender, fought bloody battles, and their deeds touched heaven and earth, weeping ghosts and gods. They were originally the objects of cultural people's capital close-ups and enthusiastic eulogies,Silver Travertine Slabs, but in the eyes of these cultural traitors, they were all ignorant of the current affairs. They were intoxicated with the brilliant achievements of the Japanese army and had no sympathy for the dead compatriots. Listening to Naosaburo Okabe bragging, these guys only thought that the cowhide was not big enough and did not break the cowhide. An unfashionable cultural hoodlum was so excited that he shouted Long live the Imperial Army. forustone.com

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