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Legend of Little Soldier Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:34   Engineering   Saarlouis   316 views Reference: 325
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Of course they weren't the guards. Didn't you see the guards stop them? The TV station, which felt that there was a play to watch, immediately aimed the camera at them. One of these men, a middle-aged man, was very angry as he pushed the guard who had stopped him and shouted, "Tang Long!"! I am the ambassador of Earth M, and you can't treat us. A citizen of country M is sentenced to death. Hearing this, the people of the TV station are all happy. It seems that a program with high ratings is indispensable. Hearing that this guy dared to call his master by his name, the guards and the people were angry and ready to beat him severely, but they were stopped by Tang Long, and at Tang Long's signal. Next, let these people come and meet Tang Long. The shouting ambassador of the M country walked up to Tang Long. Without waiting for Tang Long to speak, he snorted coldly, "You are really arrogant. I have asked to meet you again and again, but you don't agree." With that, he ignored the angry eyes from all around and said with a haughty expression, "Now, I ask you to immediately order the cancellation of the execution. Our people in M do not recognize your sentence." Death penalty for citizens of our country! I demand a new trial by the judges of my country! Tang Long and the people around him forgot to be angry and all stared at the arrogant middle-aged man,pumpkin seed extract, not understanding how the middle-aged man could be so arrogant as to say that such a powerful country was against a weak country. Only if there is. Doesn't he know that the Earth Star is only a primitive planet, while the Tang family has the power of six planets? Tang Long, who had been awake for a while, couldn't help laughing and said, "You!" Say what? A new trial by your judge? The middle-aged man raised his head and said, "Yes!"! Because we suspect that your trial was unfair! Otherwise,carnosic acid price, there wouldn't be so many people on Earth sentenced to death! Tang Long paid no attention to him. Instead, he asked Feng Shuang, "Are there any of his relatives among those who were sentenced to death?" The TV station also cleverly turned the camera to this side and began to collect. Set audio. Feng Shuang nodded and said, "Yes, his son was sentenced to death for rape. According to his son's confession, he wanted to experience whether there are women on other planets or on Earth." What's the difference. The middle-aged man immediately shouted, "Look how backward your laws are!"! It's just rape. Where does the death penalty come from! Like our M country, we can hold them for a few months at most! I strongly urge you to sentence according to the law of M country! All the people around shook their heads. It seemed that the middle-aged man was dizzy because his son was about to be executed and had made such a request. Pop, pop, pop! After Tang Longyang slapped the middle-aged man several times, he said in a cold voice, "Don't you have any common sense?"? No matter where you are from, if you break the law in that place, lycopene for skin ,best green coffee bean extract, you have to press. Sentence according to the law of that place! This is the recognized law of the universe, and I think you should also have such a law, right? Don't you even know that? How dare you hit me? I am the ambassador of M country! I will sue you in the cosmic court! The middle-aged man covered his red face and shouted ferociously. Tang Long gave him a few slaps again, and then laughed contemptuously: "Not to mention that there is no cosmic court, even if there is, they will not pay attention to you, the primitive earth star." A complaint lodged by a small country among hundreds of others. You.. You are insulting our country M! We declare war on you! The middle-aged man, who was dizzy with anger, suddenly pointed at Tang Long and shouted. Accompanied by him with a few of the earth people, immediately flustered to come to dissuade, but unfortunately, they were blocked by the television station. When they tried to shout, they were taken away by guards who covered their mouths on charges of disturbance. Of course, this scene was not captured by TV cameras. Oh? Are you qualified to declare war on behalf of the Earth Star? Tang Long said disdainfully. He deliberately drew the relationship of declaring war on the whole earth star. state, of course, understand the meaning of Yuming's phrase "will come back to visit soon." Panicked, the first thing they did was to scold the head of state of M. Why did he recommend that idiot to Zhongzhou Star as a diplomatic ambassador? After a while,stesweet stevia, they remembered that they were going to order the army to impose martial law. After giving the order, some of them ran home. Some went to the secret base, and only a few people were thinking about how to solve the crisis. prius-biotech.com

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Legend of Little Soldier