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Legend of Galactic Heroes vol.9 Return to Heaven Full-time Job

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This brave independent businessman is not only not inappropriate because he is "not belonging to any organization", but also takes pleasure in this status. He fought for his life to break through the Imperial blockade, gather intelligence, and secretly transport supplies, not because he was ordered by someone, but because of his free will, so he got the supreme pleasure from it. For him, to become a superior or subordinate of someone, that is, to obtain a legal status, is not as meaningful as to become a friend equal to someone. Like Dasti Athenaeus during the Revolutionary War, Boris Goniff has always stuck to the position of "free and independent businessmen". He believed that everything could be done as long as it was not an obligation but what he wanted to do, and he once said that "psychological interests are more important than material interests", so some people thought that his qualifications were not so much a businessman as an adventurer. If it were up to Oliby Pobran to comment, he would have hit the nail on the head by saying, "That guy just likes a thrilling life anyway." As I have probably said before, the surname of Goniff and I are born to be incompatible with each other, and the family of this surname must be born with a genetic trait that can not coexist with law-abiding people. While saying such vicious words, he was concerned about the safety of the family of Ivan Goniff, who was heard to be on the planet Heinesen, and it was Pobran who frequently asked Boris Goniff for information. The green-eyed King of the Fall, on the contrary, showed no concern for his family, the Pobran family, at least on the surface. Both Olyby Poblan and Dasti Athenopoulos were regarded by later generations as representatives of the "hearty celebration atmosphere" in the government of the Republic of Isheron. Apart from the short period of sadness, this comment should be correct. However, it is mentioned in the records of Dasti Athenopoulos that the Poblan in Urian's time is somewhat different from the Poblan in Young's time, and it can be seen from the side that he consciously wanted to promote this bright atmosphere. But almost all of them are not shallow containers that others can see through, so Dasti Athenopoulos can perceive this, presumably because his own words, deeds and feelings have something in common with Poblan. Pobran was a man of great prestige and popularity among young people, which was the unanimous testimony of people of the same era at that time. Young soldiers, inflatable air dancer , as well as the children of married generals, always like to surround this bright, handsome and fearless young man to listen to him, and even the way he wears his hat and walks, many teenagers like to imitate. As for his relationship with the opposite sex, it is a place that many parents do not want their sons to imitate. In addition, when it comes to girls, the fact that Pobran only regards "women" and not "girls" as objects is well known, which makes the man unexpectedly gain the trust of others. …… So, is this good? Teenagers, call me the thoughtful, well-behaved Poblan. "Isn't it called Poblan, the Flower Bandit?" "Eh?"? You know all this nonsense. Did you hear it from Lieutenant General Athenopoulos? "No!"! From Lieutenant General Kajilun. "This misunderstanding from the older generation is the fate that young reformers are doomed to bear.". Let's stand up together! Drive them all into the memory of the past! …… Because Pobran was also responsible for teaching air combat technology to these children, his reputation and his natural command and persuasion of teenagers were indeed a very rare trait. As Athenopoulos, with his hands folded across his chest, watched Poblan lead a small group of young girls to the training ground for fighter pilots, he murmured, "If this guy had been born in peacetime, he would have been an unexpected kindergarten teacher."? It's appropriate to let him be the king of children! Said Athenopolis wryly, but with a touch from the heart. This made Urian behind him show a natural smile. If Lieutenant Colonel Pobran can be transformed from a flower thief into a kindergarten teacher, why doesn't Lieutenant General Athenopoulos give up his celibacy? It's celibacy that doesn't give up on me! After all, I have been in contact with celibacy for so many years, but I can't bear to abandon it! In fact, if Athenopolis had this intention, he would have had a family or lover commensurate with his status and personal charm. But at this time, his mood is probably like a ship that doesn't need a port for the time being. After Athenopoulos had gone to his office with the papers in his hand, Julian went into his office next door, with several letters on his desk. The use of letters to vent discontent or express opinions was accepted by Urian. In these letters, of course, there are some constructive contents, but there are also some bad words about Urian personally. A society that cannot openly show malice to its guides is not an open society. Therefore, Urian never tried to block the criticism or censure of others. Only when Yang was maliciously slandered would he have a selfless reaction. This can be seen from the testimony of Katrotier von Crocher and others. When Willy Young was alive, Urian stood beside him as if he were a genius with more judgment than a black-haired magician. But after Yang's death, this impression changed, although it was because of the change in the emotions of the viewers themselves, not the change in Urian,inflatable bounce house with slide, but it had something to do with the young man with flaxen hair and slender appearance, who always followed the Bible of Yang Willy's Quotations, like a hard-working preacher. joyshineinflatables.com

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