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Laugh at the clouds and play with the wind Full-time Job

Nov 25th, 2022 at 01:26   Real Estate   Castrop-Rauxel   181 views Reference: 137
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Bai Chun's fish soup is nutritious and delicious. Dong Xiao drank a small bowl before eating rice. From time to time, he looked at Zhuo Yun, who was trying to pick holes in the small fish. What's the matter? "No, are you a little fat?" The face seems to be a little rounder than on a hot day. …… I do not know Zhuo Yun is completely unaware, but recently three meals a day are normal, and eat meat every day, it is not surprising to gain weight. In the past, a person in the company wanted to eat, and did not want to eat. Not as persistent as Dong Xiao in food. Dong Xiaoguan said, "It's good to be a little stronger." "Yes." Zhuo Yun is really not in the mood to care whether he is fat or thin. But don't grow into a big belly. Zhuo Yun raised his eyebrows and stared at someone whose scalp was tingling for a long time. He smiled softly: "I really hope you grow into that kind." “…… Women all have that day. Dong Xiao coughed lightly and added, "But I warn you, don't grow into a big belly!"! That kind of man, no matter how wretched he looks, is like the dead old vice president of our company, an ugly man with a bald head and a greasy belly who is nearly 50 years old, who drags a little MM who is 18 years old through the market all day long. Whenever I see a man with a big belly now,Nail machine supplier, I think of that wretched old man and want to vomit! Dong Xiao gnashed his teeth and wished he could be cut to pieces. Zhuo Yun looked at her confusedly and pointed out the truth slowly: "Is it impolite to you?" Dong Xiao was so angry that he burst out in an instant and scolded him: "That disgusting old man touched a woman when he saw her. All the women in our company have been attacked by evil hands. I really want to tear him up.". Originally, I had nothing to do with him as a newcomer, but I happened to meet him yesterday. Touching my ass, I couldn't resist pushing him and hitting the railing. Then He said he would fire me. After saying this, Dong Xiao hung her head in embarrassment. She was fired before she had worked for a month. No matter how she explained it, it was not pleasant to hear. She couldn't help wondering if she was too impatient. Those female colleagues had been cheated but held back. Why couldn't she hold back. But things have happened,wire nail machine manufacturers, and nothing can be saved. I've been holding it in my heart all day, and now I'm relieved to say it. Zhuo Yun frowned, no wonder that Dong Xiao's appetite tonight is not as good as before, I thought it was because there was no pepper in the hot pot, it turned out to be because of work. Even if he doesn't fire you, there will be a gap in a company in the future. You're just an intern now, and you haven't signed the contract. Why don't you just come back temporarily and come to work in our company after the New Year. Although there are few women in our company, there will never be such a thing as you said. And even the internship salary is a little higher. I told you you wouldn't go before, and now I have to wait for the beginning of the year. Dong Xiao listens to more and more tangled, if and Zhuo Yun a company work is very close, but she is a little resistant to this kind of close. I want to go to the job fair myself. Such an answer pushed the dinner to a deadlock. Did not go out a few days, Iron Nail Making Machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, Dong Xiao was dismissed as expected, fortunately did how many days to get how much salary, a cent is not more, a cent is not less. The expected ending did not make her so depressed. Instead, he ran all over the city's job fairs with high morale and was busy with the enthusiasm of looking for a job every day. Compared with her enthusiasm, Zhuo Yun seems to have no good-looking face, forcing Dong Xiao and himself in a company is indeed wrong, but he is still very unhappy, Dong Xiao is completely regardless of his company, although back to complain about how bad the company outside, is not willing to pay attention to Zhuo Yun's advice. Is this suggestion very difficult for her? Zhuo Yun can't understand the whole thing. The days of continuous job hunting flew by, and Christmas came in the blink of an eye. On Christmas Eve, Dong Xiao had another interview and promised Zhuo Yun to go home and spend the day together. Zhuo Yun took time to buy the material he needed at noon and waited to go home after work. At three o'clock in the afternoon, the men and women in the company could not sit still, and everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the night. Zhuo Yun knocked on the computer quickly, with a smile on his face all the time. Colleague A came over quietly and interrupted Zhuo Yun in a low voice: "Boy, you have a lot of luck and peach blossoms." "No." Zhuo Yun continued to type without lifting his head. 91TXT Colleague a stares at Zhuo Yun's light face. Now women don't know how to do it. They all like this kind of small white face which is not masculine at all. If they like it, they like it. They also want to save face and refuse to come forward to make an appointment. He has become a matchmaker who runs errands. It's really uncomfortable. Let's go out to play together in the evening. Meng Damei, who is popular next door, will come. Damei ignores everyone and sees you. Brother, you should seize the opportunity. Meng Meiren? Zhuo Yun frowned, a white-collar worker next door in an office building, a slender woman with thin legs like toothpicks stepping in and out of high-heeled shoes was very noticeable, because every time Zhuo Yun worried about whether she would fall and break her body. Not at all. Not at all. The worst standard of beauty should be more beautiful than his mother in her forties, otherwise it is not a beauty. For example, the one at home, he never said she was beautiful, because she was really not beautiful. Turning down the invitation of his colleagues, Zhuo Yun waited for the time to get off work. Received a text message at four o'clock, looking forward to sneaking into the toilet to peep at the message, it was a bolt from the blue. The whole day's expectations came to naught. Zhuo Yun held back his anger and called Dong Xiao, who quickly answered the phone. What on earth are you so anxious to say that you won't come back at night? Zhuo Yun asked, at this moment he thought the big thing should not be more important than himself, this is their first Christmas together, said the first Valentine's Day is also right, he is looking forward to the whole according to the standard of Valentine's Day, and most importantly,Nail Making Machine price, does she know that this is a special day? Dong Xiao covered his ears and said, "I'm sorry. This is an emergency. I'll go back to accompany you tomorrow night, OK?" "Not good!" "Don't be so stubborn. It doesn't matter if it's just a foreigner's broken festival. And Lin Lan needs someone to accompany him now. Just be considerate." Lin Lan? Zhuo Yun remembered that the girl was Dong Xiao's roommate. 3shardware.com

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