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Kill God _ Against Heaven _ txt Novel Heaven Full-time Job

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Carlos in the stone rock to know the sea, the face suddenly sank, as if to guess the intention of Collison, cold face began in the stone rock to know the sea to condense the soul, to stop the influx of Collison. Collison clearly realized that the sacrifice of the Ice Clan was not enough to support him to his destination. He discovered the tenacity of Shiyan God's body and had a dispute in his heart. He was ready to share Shiyan's body with Carlos and hide his soul in Shiyan's body to enter the destination he wanted to break into. Whew! A cold light soul flew out, like a wisp of ice edge, straight to Shiyan's mind. Carlos could not help sneering in the sea of Shiyan's knowledge, and clusters of souls formed an ocean, building a barrier on Shiyan's skull to prevent the intrusion of Nacleson. Two people who had worked together suddenly fell out at the most critical moment. Pop, pop, pop! As soon as Collison flew away, the divine body of the ice woman quickly exploded and gradually turned into nothingness in the world of blue lightning. A soul altar floating appears, it is the ice woman, her soul just appeared, was suddenly hit by a blue arc across, like fireworks blooming for a moment gorgeous, directly disappeared. Fade away. Let me in! Collison roared, and the ice-blue crystals wrapped his soul and whirled around his soul, blocking the erosion of the outside world. Those ice-blue crystals, which they had condensed in advance, had the wonder of blocking the capture of electric light here for a short time, but they did not seem to last long. Collison was extremely eager,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, as if he knew that if he was exposed for a long time, something bad would happen soon. Carlos and his realm power is almost the same, but also insight into the mystery of this place, early release of the soul to arrange, in the rock head shell formed a boundary barrier, let him also a little headache, can not suddenly impact over. When he was clamoring, the rotating ice-blue crystal blocks slowly melted,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and some kind of force in the crystal blocks was rapidly consumed. Collison! You go to find Ibaka's meat tripod, that evil dragon is strong enough, perhaps enough to accommodate you two to enter together. Carlos fiercely opposed, "this boy is only enough for me to break in, you do not give me a disturbance, or don't blame me for being rude!" "How can Ibaka allow me to come in?" Collison shouted, "I'm too far away from his direction. It's too late. Hurry up and let me in!" "Get out!" Carlos shouted angrily "I'll fight with you!" The soul of the cold light suddenly condensed like an ice edge, and the power of extreme cold burst out and shot through the head shell of Shiyan. Shit, you're gonna break his soul! Carlos screamed, his face full of fear, and his soul's control over Shiyan's soul suddenly weakened as he shouted fiercely, and most of his strength was used to deal with Collison. Shiyan, who had been imprisoned in consciousness, temporarily lost the dominance of the divine body and watched the flesh and blood of his body corrode and melt little by little, and was burning with anxiety. Collison's arrival, so that his pressure suddenly reduced a lot, Gear Reduction Motor ,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the control of the divine body was once again controlled by his soul. The power that binds the soul is only lost for a moment, but this short moment is enough for him to do too much. Roar! In the terror area on the surface of the bubble, Shiyan roared like a wild animal and forced the immortal demon blood. A drop of blood as red as a gem, burning like a raging fire, flowed in the flesh and blood of his whole body, a surging force, instantly flowing all over his body. From the bloody body of the God came the crisp sound of firecrackers, his tendons and veins wriggled like snakes, his muscles erupted like volcanoes, and the terrible flesh and blood energy poured in, making his body energy soar to an incredible level. God body is still changing, towards the perfect form of the undead Demons, with the fierce surge of flesh and blood essence, endless power to the depths of his mind. A little of his forehead. Sniff! The soul suddenly evolved into a hot flame, and the terrible hot energy soared without limit, rushing towards Carlos'soul. It is the origin of the evolution of the fire purification, burning all things, in his knowledge of the sea, in addition to him, anyone will become the object of burning. The soul lost its bondage, Shiyan's power was controlled at will, his eyes were suddenly scarlet as blood, and the blood-colored mark on the forehead of the main soul gradually showed blood-red luster, covering all sides like ripples in the water. The soul of Carlos, who had invaded, was suddenly like a ghost, with a fear on his face that could not be concealed, gawking at the fire, watching the blood-red luster quickly pass by. Somehow, he felt a strong sense of uneasiness, and felt the deepest fear in his soul, as if the sea of fire and the rainbow of blood were enough to burn his soul completely, and the horror seemed more terrible than the blue lightning outside! Carlos's soul, in his knowledge of the sea suddenly screamed, he did not dare to try, did not dare to meet the invasion of two soul-destroying forces, desperate to withdraw from Shiyan's mind. Whew! The soul of Carlos, suddenly escaped, full of panic. The next moment, he found that the boundary he had built in Shiyan's mind, the power he had planned to use to hinder Collison's invasion, had been swept away! He looked at Shiyan in disbelief with strong fear and horror in his eyes, feeling as if he had pulled a hungry wolf from outside the country. Chapter 953 expulsion. Carlos escaped from the chalk of the rock God's body, feeling anxious and uneasy, and the ice-blue crystals suspended around his soul gradually showed cracks. (724 hours of uninterrupted updates of pure txt hand-written novel m) Blue lightning, snake-like, seemed to have officially begun to invade his soul. Like Collison, Carlos had nowhere else to go, and two groups of souls whirled around the rock,Brushless Gear Motor, ready for the next step of soul occupation. What's wrong? What are you doing? Collison communicated with him with his soul. "Just now you clearly possessed his soul. How did you take the initiative to escape?" "Shit!"! It's not because of you! Carlos is as irascible as thunder. "Without you, how can that boy break free from my soul?"! Now, I'm afraid one of us can't get in! ichgearmotor.com

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