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Jinling Xiayin Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:39   Independent & Freelance   Calden   289 views Reference: 171
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Du Qing was stunned and said, "So your father is.." Xie Hanyue said sadly, "No one knows the identity of my father. After he married into the Xie family, he gave up his surname and buried his past. Even I only followed the surname Xie!" "Elder sister," said Hsieh Han-hsing hurriedly! Don't say that. Although you are not a member of the Xie family, your mother has never seen you outside. From childhood to adulthood, she has taken care of you personally. Sometimes she loves you a little more than our own daughters. The Xie family, from top to bottom, does not respect you as a young lady! Xie Hanyue sighed and said, "Just because of the deep kindness of my mother's upbringing, I am willing to take this surname and take this responsibility." "Then you should do your best to fulfill your mother's wish," said Xie Hanxing. "I can't," said Xie Hanyue. "I'm not this material." Xie Hanxing said, "Niang thought about this problem, but she said that with Brother Du's support,tannic acid astringent, you could do a good job. She left the Xie family and gave you the family completely. Isn't it just to make it convenient for Brother Du to take over?" "How do you say that?" Asked Du Qing. "Don't get me wrong, Brother Du," said Xie Hanxing with a smile. "I'm not good at speaking. I didn't understand my mother's meaning. If my mother stays here and continues to be in charge, I'm afraid you won't be too interested in contributing to the Xie family! "So my mother made up her mind to leave and gave the house to my eldest sister." "Are you ready to leave already?" Asked Xie Hanyue in astonishment. Xie Hanxing smiled and said, "Yes!"! She had prepared for a long time. Unless Wang Feixia could kill Han Mochou and win today, she would stay and take charge of herself. But she didn't expect that the sword would end like this. But this is better. She felt that there was nothing else to hold you back. She was more relieved! Xie Hanyue said,jujube seed powder, "The real object in Niang's mind is you. Your temper and character are exactly the same as hers." "Elder sister," said Hsieh Han-hsing! Niang is very clear about my ability. She is more violent than cautious. She doesn't dare to entrust me with such a big event, just as she herself doesn't dare to start it easily. For many years, Wang Feixia has also used this reason to dissuade her. Starting a business is not a joke. She and I are not leaders. Wang Feixia knows that her determination is unshakable and she especially values you. They both try their best to promote you. Educate you, originally intended to achieve this career on you! Xie Hanyun couldn't help saying, "It's nothing. If Niang really hopes for her eldest sister, why did she force her to marry Zha Ziqiang?" "What do you know?" Xie Hanxing sneered. Xie Hanyun shouted, "I just don't understand, so I asked to understand!" The girl named Suyun said with a smile, "Your ladyship has explained this to us. She hopes that Mr. Du can help his eldest sister get married. That's why she has to save Mr. Du. First find Zha Ziqiang to hold the jar. If you really become a bridegroom, you will never survive today!"! And the future is long. Can't Mr. Du and his elder sister prepare calmly? Both Xie Hanyue and Du Qing were silent. Xie Hanxing said, saw palmetto extract ,fenugreek saponins, "I've made it clear. If the elder sister insists on ignoring it, I'll have to shoulder the burden and take them out. We'll start with the creation of the Escort Agency. With the skill of our twelve beauties in Jinling, we're not afraid of the strong beam in Jianghu. When the name is created, we'll expand the door.." "No," said Xie Hanyue hurriedly! The Hsieh family is an aristocratic family in Jinling. How can they do this kind of business? Xie Hanxing said with a smile, "I can only think of this idea. That's why Niang is not at ease. She thinks that if she gives me the house, it will certainly make a mess. But Niang's determination must not be shaken. The Xie family's swordsmanship has been handed down for many years, and it can't be heard in silence. Elder sister should pay more attention to it!" Xie Hanyue sighed, "I didn't expect Niang to cheat me!" Hsieh Han-hsing said with a smile, "Niang can't help it. These people have become talented people. It's always impossible to stay here. It's even worse to let them out. Dozens of mother worms are out of the gate. I don't know how much trouble they will make. Wang Feixia is an absolutely prudent person. He can't help it either. Niang was once told by him that she was angry and was ready to kill them all. He said that this was the way to get it done once and for all." If you can do it, you might as well do it, otherwise you will shoulder the burden! Tianma Scanning, Xuanhe OCR, Xiasheng Proofreading, Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization 37\ 022 The twenty-first chapter small building relative night talk Xie Hanyue is a very calm person, but in this situation, also a little at a loss, Du Qing whispered: "Hanyue!"! You must show it! Xie Hanyue hesitated for a moment, then suddenly looked up and said, "Good!"! I'll do it! Xie Hanxing smiled and said, "I know you will say yes!" Xie Hanyue said with a dignified face, "Although I have promised you, I don't have a unified plan yet, so now I hope you can maintain the status quo!"! No free movement, much trouble! "Of course," said Hsieh Han-hsing. "You're our eldest sister and the head of the family. Everything is up to you." Xie Hanyue thought for a moment and said, "Let's go to bed early today. Tomorrow morning, all of us will go to Qingliang Temple to do Buddhist services for Wang Feixia's funeral."! No more wine. Bring up the meal! "Why do you want to go to Qingliang Temple?" Asked Xie Hanxing. Hsieh Hanyue said, "Monk Zhihai, the abbot there, was a close friend of Wang Feixia before his death. It would be more appropriate for him to preside over this Buddhist ceremony. Niang doesn't want to come home again, nor does she want the Hsieh family to hold a funeral for Wang Feixia. Moreover, Wang Feixia is only a housekeeper in the Hsieh family. It's not good for the neighbors to know about the funeral in the house. It's the most appropriate place to use the temple to mourn the dead. Xie Hanxing didn't care about this. "That's tomorrow," he said with a smile. "But today is a big day for our Xie family. We should have a good celebration!" Xie Hanyue said in a deep voice, "Wang Feixia's body is cold. Anyway,turmeric extract powder, he is always the hero of the Xie family. He died for the Xie family. Are you still in the mood to celebrate?" Xie Hanxing was silent, and the rest of the girls naturally dared not speak, so a feast ended in silence! prius-biotech.com

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