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Jiao Man Empress Yu Linglong Full-time Job

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When Zaiqing saw Linglong's resolute face, he said lukewarm, "The life of a slave in the palace is very cheap." He was telling Linglong that the death of one or two palace eunuchs was nothing, but also warning Linglong to pay attention to his life and not forget his duty as a slave. Linglong did not answer, but looked at Zaiqing with a sneer. Thought: You this gigolo is the emperor is great? Miss Ben will beat you to the ground and bark like a dog. Emperor Zaiqing looked at Linglong, who was sneering at him, and his small figure was full of pride. You It was the first time that Emperor Zaiqing saw someone dare to defy him like this. Forget it, go down to me, and when I know where the mistake is, I will come to the imperial study as a servant. If this was said to the general palace people, they would have been frightened out of their wits, and the slaves abandoned by their masters would not be able to survive in this palace. But to Linglong, it was like the sound of heaven,potassium sulphate fertilizer, and not having to be a servant was the most wonderful thing for a lazy person like her. As for the rest, it's good that she doesn't bully others. Zaiqing watched Linglong walk out with a light step. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Was he dizzy just now? I made such a heavy punishment to her, how can I still see her smile when she looks back. Li Jin looked at Zaiqing still in a daze and shook his head to himself. "Your punishment for this girl is exactly what she wants.". If he hadn't guessed wrong, the girl would have used this excuse to wander around the palace until she left the palace. Zaiqing glared at Li Jin mercilessly. If you hadn't taken a fancy to this girl, I would have beheaded her. The little eunuch on duty in the imperial study saw Linglong walk out of the imperial study with a smile and hurried forward to salute. This new little maid of honor must have been favored by the emperor,caustic calcined magnesite, otherwise she would not be so happy. She still flattered the future master. She would not forget me when she became the master in the future. Linglong is in a good mood because she doesn't have to be a servant. Seeing a clever little eunuch give him a big gift, he was so happy that he threw a string of pearls from a small house to the little eunuch a year ago. I'm tired of playing with this thing, and it's just right to give it away. The little eunuch was surprised to see the string of pearls that Linglong had given him. Twenty first-class big pearls, each round and clear, the most important thing is that these twenty big pearls are the general size. I think this string of beads is enough to spend the rest of my life. The little eunuch hurriedly put away the beads and respectfully sent Linglong away from the imperial study. The palace maids who served outside the imperial study were still a few of them who were enthusiastic about Linglong's ability to serve in the imperial study. As a result, they saw that Zheng Gonggong, who was favored in front of the present emperor, respectfully sent Linglong out. They hurriedly threw their idea of tripping Linglong out of the sky. Those who could make Zheng Gonggong so respectful were not the princess but also the princess of the prince. In less than half an hour, there were rumors in the palace that the little princess of a certain prince had fallen in love with the emperor and had secretly entered the palace to pretend to be a palace maid. This little maid of honor is the dragon seed left by the first emperor when he left the palace to play. When the little princess grew up, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide price, she went to the palace to look for relatives. Anyway, these palace people like to talk about these unwarranted things when they have nothing to do. And the protagonist of these rumors, the exquisite little maid of honor, is staggering towards the imperial kitchen. She was going to have a good chat with the eunuch in charge of the imperial kitchen, but she didn't want to eat the food for the emperor. If the eunuch in charge was not honest, don't blame her for being rude. In the third chapter of the main text, Miss Linglong is angry. Grandfather Li, the steward of the imperial kitchen, drank a little wine leisurely and hummed a tune. This imperial kitchen is the fat job in the palace, although the monthly money is not high, but the silver from outside the palace every year is at least two or three years of expenditure of the average official family. Just as he was about to pour himself another glass, the glass that had been with him for many years suddenly broke in half. "Grandfather Li looked at his wine glass and said in a low voice," There are evil spirits coming to trouble our family! " When Linglong was not far from the imperial kitchen, she saw a big eunuch with two small eunuchs standing at the door of the imperial kitchen. Is this some kind of big shot? Forget it, or come back later, anyway, the steward of the imperial kitchen can't run away. Grandfather Li saw that the little maid of honor not far away had turned her head and walked away when she saw the three-talent magic array she had put out. It must be that the demon was afraid of herself. So Grandfather Li cried out, "Where are the evil spirits going?" Linglong was curious to see what the eunuch was doing. As soon as I looked back, I saw the old eunuch splashing a basin of blood on himself. The smelly eunuch wanted to die and dared to splash me with blood! Linglong lifted her foot and kicked over the little eunuch who was about to stick yellow paper on her body. He pressed the big eunuch on the ground, took off his clogs, and patted the big eunuch on his face. Today this girl does not beat you into a pig's head, this girl takes your surname! Today, Zaiqing was in a surprisingly good mood. He couldn't help laughing when he thought of the little maid of honor in the morning. I'm an emperor anyway. What's the name of a little maid of honor. Because of today's good mood, he will let his precious sister Zaichun pull him in the palace to find the mother of heaven, saying that today the mother of heaven will appear in the palace wearing a red skirt. Zaiqing originally did not believe that in the palace, there were strict rules on what color of clothes to wear, and it was impossible for a girl to wear a red skirt. But it's rare to have time to accompany your sister today, just take a walk. Jae-kyung looked lovingly at his only sister, Jae-soon. When she was young, she was thrown to Tianqingguan by her father because of her mother's concubine. Fortunately, Hu Dali,calcium nitrate sol, the leader of Tianqingguan, was kind to the declining princess. A few years ago, Hu Dali accepted the little girl as a close disciple. stargrace-magnesite.com

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