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Jian Qi Qian Huan Lu Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:42   Engineering   Saarlouis   159 views Reference: 343
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Zhong Quan raised his head and gave a long roar, clanging down the glittering Taiwei ancient sword on his back, shaking his wrist and shining with golden light. You Donglin suddenly stepped back and gazed at his Taiwei Ancient Sword. Zhong Quan said coldly, "Although this sword has extraordinary splendor, it can't cut gold and jade. You can rest assured." You Donglin shook his head and said, "You really look like her, but the color is different." As soon as she was mentioned, Zhong Kui immediately became angry again. With a cold hum, he suddenly rushed forward with his sword. You Donglin fiercely wields his sword, which turns out to be a wonderful move of the Thirteen Styles of Gan Kun. But when he sees the white rainbow surging up, the oncoming force is swift and vicious, which is a wonderful sword in the martial arts world. With a roar, Zhong Quan suddenly rose into the air, bowed fiercely, and rushed down with his sword. This form is the form of "Dragon Scroll Pillar Heaven" in the eight forms of Yunlong, the supreme heart method of Kunlun. It is one of the three forms of heaven, and it is mysterious. You Donglin felt the heavy pressure like a mountain, especially the golden light of the enemy's sword, like a golden rainbow hanging in the sky. Although he used the thirteen forms of Qian Kun, which were handed down by Shangguan people, it seemed that if he could defend himself, it would be very good. "Are you Zhong Quan, the Dragon of Kunlun?" He shouted. When Zhong Quan used this style, it was so magical that it was like a divine dragon in the sky, rising and falling suddenly, and the light of the sword swallowing and spitting, it had already attacked more than ten parts of the enemy. But because of the enemy's long curved knife, phosgene dense, cover the whole body without a gap to take advantage of, the heart can not help but cheer. Hearing this at the moment, with a clear roar and a kick of his legs, he displayed the world-famous eight-style posture of Yunlong, turned around in the air, flew away for half a foot, and fell to the ground. He snorted coldly and said, "Since you know my name, you must be more careful." The two sentences made You Donglin ambitious, and his handsome face flashed with strange brilliance. Suddenly, with a wave of his long knife, he attacked the enemy. At the beginning of the Taiwei Ancient Sword in Zhong Quan's hand, he used the jade holding swordsmanship created by the Great Monk Pai Mei, a style of "muddy gold and uncut jade", and the light of the sword turned into a golden umbrella covering his whole body. Jingle several times, you Donglin even attacked three knives, all like cutting on the iron wall, shaking the wrist slightly numb, in the heart of great horror. When Zhong Quan saw that he seemed to be discouraged, he suddenly let out a long roar and cut out a sword. This sword is the most wonderful sword in the world. Although Zhong Quan has been running around in Jianghu in recent days, in fact, her skill has been improved. In particular, the positive and negative six strokes and eighteen types of Jianjiang Juehu Sword, after his constant meditation, had been integrated into his heart unconsciously, and its power was beyond his expectation. But listening to the harsh sound, You Donglin saw that the enemy's sword had only been cut in front of him, so he ignored it. Unexpectedly, the light of the sword had reached his throat. He was so frightened that he broke out in a cold sweat. He hurriedly used the thirteen types of Qiankun Jingao moves. As soon as the long knife stood up, in an instant, the brilliance was like snow, collapsible bulk containers ,ibc spill containment pallet, sealing the upper plate. Zhong Quan was also greatly surprised. He suddenly withdrew his sword, fixed his eyes on it, and confirmed that his own skill had entered the country. He thought to himself, "If I use the Yunlong Eight Styles, I will certainly be able to win him, but it seems to be too much trouble to fly up and down. Now I only need to use this Jianjiang Juehu Sword. Probably when I use the Opposite Hand Style, I can also kill this man by the sword.". Unexpectedly, the power of this swordsmanship is so miraculous. Just now, his figure was moved more than half a foot by the real magnetic attraction carved by me. I don't know yet. The hatred in my heart must be repaid with this vicious and extraordinary swordsmanship. In case. In case it comes to the crunch, I can't do it again. After all, he was a high disciple of Kunlun, and he always had good intentions. Under such circumstances, he was still afraid that he could not kill him. "Where did you learn this swordsmanship?" You Donglin asked? Just like her. As soon as Zhong Sheng heard him mention Lu Dan, he immediately got angry again. He snorted coldly and said, "Since I think I'm right, why do I look like her in so many places? Don't be mistaken, right?" Generally speaking, the words spoken by those who are in the fire of jealousy are often extremely sharp. Zhong Quan himself did not think of these two sentences at all. You Donglin's face changed greatly. He shouted angrily, "You are a man. Ten thousand deaths are not enough to cover up his guilt. You must know that a scholar can be killed but not humiliated. What kind of person do you think Youmou is?" In the sound of cursing, he attacked again with a knife. Zhong Quan did not move his sword, but when the light of the sword came and the wind blew on his face, he cut it out with a fierce sword. But see the golden light cut out in  True Qi. Deng Xiaolong had been hurt by the power of the blood palm. Suddenly, of course,plastic pallet suppliers, he pulled himself back and flew up. You Donglin was stunned for a moment. He was wondering why the enemy had retreated. Suddenly, he heard a clear roar. Lightning flew back, and a golden rainbow stabbed him down. binpallet.com

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Jian Qi Qian Huan Lu