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It's a matter of carelessness Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:24   Transportation & Logistics   Radolfzell   209 views Reference: 217
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Su Weihan sighed in his heart, in fact, is he not a bystander? The person who goes deep into it-that's the real suffering-can't help turning to look at Qi Caocao next to her. She's not noisy anymore. After sitting in the car, her head keeps turning out of the window. You can't see her eyes-what's she thinking? No matter what she thinks, Su Weihan knows that this is not a child who is willing to give up. It seems that some things can't be hidden any more than the more astonishing truth. "Nanyuan Airport." The car drove away in the twilight. Under the plane, the city lights go out, and thousands of families sing and cry. Caocao feels like walking through the dark night, as if it is getting farther and farther away. The world of mortals is her seven-foot coffin. Her life is upside down. Enmity is not far away. Love and hate are in her heart. She can settle accounts at any time, but she can never leave. Nothing, nothing to be afraid of, she had a strange feeling, she was wrapped in a mystery, but it would soon make her see everything-slouching back in her chair, eating, sleeping, he talked to herself, she also answered, and smiled. Just, the hand has been in the purse, holding the mobile phone tightly in the palm of the hand. She trusts her Frost Sun, who will give her the truth. It didn't matter where he took her, and the more cautious he was about what to guard against, the blood of hasty anticipation boiled! Life is alive, once found, the original is their own body hidden so many secrets, how exciting! Caocao conceited think, this is in line with their own rotten life. So, he can wait quietly, waiting for the secret to be uncovered layer by layer, to see, to see if the innermost, innermost, is as unbearable as himself, hastily and even fascinated to look forward to, that kind of eerie, exciting, spiritual shock like high Chao. Look,uns c68700, this is a typical hedonist's attitude towards the coming truth. Perhaps, yes, all the people who loved her were worried about her in vain. Of course, there are indeed some unexpected things, he actually took her to Hangzhou's Fu Run Garden. Furun Garden was originally an inner imperial garden of Zhao Qi, Emperor Duzong of the Southern Song Dynasty. Its scope is not large, but its layout is exquisite and its architecture is luxurious. Thousands of years of wind and rain, after several changes of ownership. The key is that its last one belongs to: Zhang Lan. National dang patriarch. Zhang Yanhan's great-grandfather. I came to Fu Run Garden hastily. Really good place, "overlooking the West Lake, Gaoyi two peaks, pavilions and pavilions, Tibetan songs and dances" good place. But that time, the view was not good. Wild lake, wild lotus, cold, calm, desolate. This time, the scenery has not changed, but it seems to have some vitality. Su Weihan told her that the present owner of Fu Run Garden was Fu Kai, 347 stainless steel ,x70 line pipe, a dandy with ambition at the end of the last century. Su Weihan said that he had a good relationship with him. Caocao soon met the ambitious playboy who had a good relationship with him. Hasty intuition, this person plays the heaven, plays the earth, if really adds the ambition-guarantees to play the tax revenue of our common people for a lifetime! Just one word, slippery. The first thing he said when he met him was, "How much did you cheat Zhang Yanhan?" (Referring to the house) Fu Kai was a little startled, then smiled and really looked at Su Weihan, "She doesn't look like her mother at all." Su Weihan shook his head, "it looks like a fierce one!" Caocao didn't care what he said. They didn't shy away from mentioning Qimingyan in front of her. It seemed that everyone had figured it out and was going to reveal the truth. At this time, Caocao was not in a hurry. There is a set of Ming Dynasty tables and chairs in the room that I like very much. Caocao likes Ming-style tables and chairs because the simplicity of Ming-style furniture corresponds to modern minimalism: less is better, the less is the better. Zen Buddhism says, ah, one flower is one world, one leaf is one Tathagata; one sentence is also many, and one sentence is wrong. Sitting on this delicate chair, I suddenly felt that this should not be the style of this surname Fu! This man, surnamed Fu, looks like a Shanghai-style man, but he doesn't have such a delicate, refined and evil spirit in his bones. All this is quite like Zhang Yanhan's Fan. Perhaps he hasn't had time to change the taste of his former master. Can see the essence of these old demons at a glance, let the grass quite complacent. He crossed his legs and scraped the tea in the cup with eight banners in his hand, leisurely and irreverent. "Caocao, what do you think is missing in this house?" Fu Kai asked her, With a cursory wave of his hand, "Spring Gong," Fu Kai shook his head with a smile. "You are the same as your mother, and your answer is exactly the same." Caocao also laughed, "I and my mother are a virtue, taste a touch of the same." At this time, the careless mobile phone suddenly rang, she did not answer, looking at Su Weihan, "Excuse me, can I answer the mobile phone?" She's trying to humiliate him! Su Wei-han scraped the teacup with a smile and drank a mouthful of tea gracefully. Caocao also shook his cell phone exaggeratedly, "This is acquiescence." Open the phone in front of him, "Hello-oh, good," face does not change color, put down the phone again, look at him, "is there a computer here, Zhuangchong wants to send a picture of her son to me," never blush when lying! He saw Fu Kai pointing to a room. Do not move, or look at Su Weihan. Su Weihan then put down the tea and looked at her, "Caocao- 'as if he wanted to speak and stopped." "Hm?" Caocao still looks strange. He looked at her for a moment and waved his hand. "You go ahead and do your work." Grinning cursorily, he approached the room as usual. It was a study, and there was a laptop in it. Caocao was thinking about Shuangyang's phone call just now. Shuangyang only said that she should find a computer. He sent her something to show her. This was the only thing found in her mother's urn except the ashes. For the rest, Frost Yang said nothing. Absolutely loyal and truthful! So she didn't pay any attention to what the two men behind her would say. Don't you give her some psychological preparation? She suddenly saw him afraid- "Fu Kai said worriedly, but Su Weihan put down the teacup and stood up, looked at the watch on his wrist," he will be here soon, "shook his head again, sighed," if not absolutely necessary, how could he want her to know-Caocao ah, this child is too stubborn, tut, things are too coincidental, perhaps,uns c70600, doomed- " The two men, both sighing, were doomed to break the hearts and souls of the people around them. lksteelpipe.com

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