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Is it not good to live in flood and famine? Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:50   Engineering   Aachen   346 views Reference: 66
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Tuanzi lay dejectedly on the big stone beside him and spread himself out into a cake. "Yes, at the very beginning, there were many opportunities left by the gods. At the very beginning, many people found them casually in the wild. However, many people did not use them to help others after they got them. There were many things they used to do bad things. Later, Those opportunities that have not yet been discovered gradually have their own consciousness and begin to hide from people. Later, many opportunities come together. Finally, they form me. When I have consciousness, I am like a machine. When someone comes, I observe them and choose the appropriate things to send out according to their roots, talents and even fate. I'll be a little weaker. "Do you know anything about the outside world and the development of this person after you gave the chance?" "Yes, but it's very limited. I can only know the occurrence of big events, such as the invasion of strange beasts, but I don't know what this person ate in the morning, whether he got married or not." Gu Yunli took a bite of the roasted fish, wiped the oil from the corners of his mouth, and then asked, "What is your plan?"? And do you know anything about the gods? "What plan can I have? I'm caught by you now, and I'll follow you in the future. God, it's been too long. Besides, I'm the creation left by the gods. Do you expect me to show you something? Are you telling a joke?" "I'm not joking. If you had the mentality of belonging to the gods,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, you wouldn't be here to talk to me so peacefully now. Besides, after so many years, you're used to human hypocrisy and greed. Don't you have a little resentment that the gods left you here?"? I'm not interested in your chances. We can make a fair deal. You tell me the news, and when it's done, I'll set you free. How about that? The colorful light of the dumpling brightened and then dimmed. "Why should I make a deal with you? Is freedom really important?" Gu Yunli put down the half-eaten fish and wrote to Pangu in his heart, "I think I'm going to have another philosophical dialogue, please provide off-site help!" Pan Gu:.. I will help you keep an eye on this little guy,White Marble Slabs, and I have locked the breath around here, you can rest assured to talk about it! Gu Yunli happily blew a wave of big brothers, then serious expression, and began to have a serious conversation with Tuanzi. You are in a secret place, except for the people who come to look for opportunities, everything else is blocked outside, and the people who look for opportunities have only one chance in their life. When they come out, they can't get in again. Since you are a combination of many opportunities, as you said before, the opportunities for hundreds of years are sent out from you, so you are forced to stay in the secret place for hundreds of years. This secret place is likely to move around over time, but what you can see is only that little thing in the secret place. You also said that every time you send out a chance, you will become weaker. Can I guess that once all the chances are sent out, you will disappear? Are you really willing? Tuanzi doesn't speak. 'You May want to say that you were born for this, and that even if you disappeared, pietra gray marble ,Stone Honeycomb Panel, it was your destiny. When I went in before, the things you discharged were the last of your family property. Do you think that if I am a good person, you will give them to me, and then you will disappear and never suffer from the torture of time? If I am a bad person, you will leave me in the secret land forever? Continue to wait for the next predestined person to experience all this again? Tuanzi shook and raised half of his body from the stone. "So?" Gu Yunli smiled in his heart and kept quiet on his face. "Haven't you ever thought about changing?"? Think about it, you have so many opportunities, why can't you take advantage of them? Why do you have to give it to someone else? Those people just like me, with a few magic, give yourself a shell, can easily get a chance, and you, so many years, experienced the pursuit of countless greedy people, forced to give their lives to others bit by bit, there is no such reason in the world, if you are not aware of it now, it is good, although painful, but you can not feel it. But now that you're conscious, you're alive, and that's the worst thing in the world, so I want to know what your choice is. Does my choice matter? If one day the gods suddenly get interested and look at the world again, I will be obliterated at any time. Since they are all dead, I might as well take the initiative. Gu Yunli: Why does this sound so familiar? Pan Gu: Hehe, isn't that what someone often says! It's finally someone else's turn to tell you. Gu Yunli looked at the remaining half of the fish, took a sip of water, and solemnly said, "How can you think that?"? How precious life is! All things in the world are spiritual, but few of them can absorb the essence of heaven and earth and eventually give birth to spiritual wisdom. Since you are alive, you have to think about how to live well. What kind of man is a man who wants to die? Pan Gu: Don't you feel guilty for saying that? Where's your face? Gu Yunli: What face do you want at this time! Tuanzi:.. "No one has ever said that to me before, but even if I am free, the world is full of people, and I will never be truly free." Very good, already said half, Gu Yunli is very happy. Freedom is not absolute, but also according to your times, society, system dialectical point of view, you are afraid that although you leave the secret, but will be greedy people scramble for, but as long as you become strong, you have power, they dare to rob you? When you are stronger than all of them, they will only flatter you and offer you respectfully. Some people say that power is not omnipotent, but also needs brains. But when your power is strong to a certain extent, all the tricks of conspiracy are useless. At that time,White Marble Mosaic, that is the greatest freedom you can do in this piece of heaven and earth. Of course, If you have a higher goal, you can also consider defeating the gods who left you here. forustone.com

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