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One man and one beast returned to the inn in a boring way. Jeong-hong, come with me tonight. Go and ask the more than ten monks in the city. Buqingyun pupil contraction said, blindly waiting is not the way. Jing Hong also understood this meaning and nodded in response. At night. In the city of Xiangping, thousands of families are lit up, the excitement is not reduced, and the streets are crowded with people. Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong walked in the crowd and went to the residence of the first monk. When they arrived at the inn, one man and one beast appeared directly in the room of the monk. Who The white-haired monk shouted coldly, but before he turned around, his body could not move, and he immediately knew the strength of the man! His face suddenly changed, and at the same time the tone of his anger disappeared. Trembling way: "Before..". Senior ... I don't know where the younger generation offended you. ” Some people, the higher the position, the stronger the strength, the more afraid of death, this old man is so. Bu Qingyun asked in a low voice, "Tell me where you come from?" "The younger generation is Kong Wuyue of Kongshan Cave Mansion." The Imperial Friar did not dare to hide anything. Kongshan cave house is a school in Liangzhou. As an upper-middle power, the old man's position in Kongshan Cave House is obviously not generally high. Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong left without a sound. They did not stay much and went on to the next goal. It was not until one man and one beast left for a moment that the old man reflected that he had recovered his action and quickly turned his head. He found no one there,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, but he was already in a cold sweat. It seems that the city of Xiangping is not suitable for a long stay.. More and more strong people are emerging. It seems to go back to the grand occasion of the contention of a hundred saints in ancient times! In ancient times, when the hundred sages were contending, it was the most prosperous time in the real world. The immortal monks no longer only appeared in the legends, and there were countless strong people in Nirvana. At that time, the imperial monks could only be regarded as having just set foot on the road of the strong. Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong'visited 'five Yukong monks one after another, none of whom were from the ancient clan surnamed Ji. They are in the realm of Nirvana,ultrasonic dispersion machine, so they don't worry about whether these monks will lie or not. They just need to explore the divine consciousness when they speak, and they can tell the truth of what they say. Until the sixth person, is in the brothel, at this time in the room is heard the voice of love between men and women. Uh Uh ... Um-hum "The woman's groaning voice rang through, and the sound alone could make people's blood flow faintly.". Bu Qingyun could not help frowning and appeared directly in the room with Jing Hong. I saw a pair of men and women naked on the bed, they found two people at the same time, each sent out exclamations. Who are you? The man should be about forty or fifty years old, with white temples. At this time, he said angrily that if a good thing was disturbed, anyone would be angry. The woman covered her body with a quilt and screamed directly, which was very harsh. Bu Qingyun glared angrily, and the woman suddenly fainted, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and her voice returned to calm. Who the hell are you? The man narrowed his eyes, his face was very dignified, and the two men who suddenly appeared were silent, and their strength was definitely not under their own! "Tell me where you came from." Jing Hong said in a bad tone. Where did I come from? Answer me first, who are you? The man said angrily, holding his breath in his heart, and hearing the tone of such a command from the other side, the anger in his heart suddenly burned up. Jing Hong strode forward, and with a bang, he slapped the man heavily on his big face, directly causing his mouth and nose to bleed at the same time. You How dare you The man wanted to say something, but suddenly he felt that the space around him was locked and he could not move. He woke up from a dream and was shocked. I found that the strength of the two people who appeared in front of me was above their own! "Two seniors. I don't know them, and I haven't offended you. I don't know why I want to ask about the origin of the younger generation." "Say!" Bu Qingyun frowned slightly and shouted angrily, scaring the other party to shiver all over, his face pale as snow. The younger generation is the three elders of Kongshan Cave House. The man answered in a trembling voice. Bu Qingyun and Jing Hong looked at each other and saw a trace of joy in each other's eyes. This time they finally met the ancient people surnamed Ji! The first person asked before was the man of Kongshan Cave House, and listening to his story, he came alone. The man claimed that he was the three elders of Kongshan Cave House, which was obviously a lie. At the same time, Bu Qingyun's divinity also felt the fluctuation of this person and confirmed his identity. How many troops did the ancient clan with the surname of Ji send? Bu Qingyun asked in a low voice. The man's face suddenly changed greatly, and then he pretended to be stunned and pretended to be stupid, "Ji surnamed Gu clan?"? Are you from the ancient clan of Ji? This kind of person will not spit out some things if he does not suffer. After Jing Hong got permission, he approached the middle-aged man step by step, then grabbed his right leg and pulled it violently, only to hear a terrible cry, splashing a string of blood beads at the same time. Ah The man screamed, beads of sweat appeared on his forehead, and his cry woke up the naked woman who had just turned over with him. When the woman just woke up and saw that she was covered with blood, she screamed and fainted. Say This time it was Jing Hong who shouted. The man clenched his teeth and endured the pain. He grinned and said, "Are you the ancient people surnamed Ji?"? I have never offended the ancient clan with the surname of Ji. Why should I be tortured like this? What kind of hero is a bully? Step Qingyun pupil contraction, it seems that this person is really not into the coffin without tears, then with the front of Jing Hong made a look. Jing Hong took the hint, threw away the broken leg in his hand, and then stepped forward again. The man was so frightened that he wanted to retreat, but he couldn't move. He could only shout, "The ancient people surnamed Ji are bullying others. You will die a terrible death!" "Still talking hard?"? It seems that you want to die! Jing Hong cold track, quickly stepped forward, just grabbed the man's right hand, was about to pull down,sonicator homogenizer, the man suddenly a soft body, the whole body black up, two white eyes lying on the bed. fycgsonic.com

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Invincible login gift pack system _ 20200215155810.