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Introduction: the slag attack [fast wear] aiyousheng. Com _ txt42483 Full-time Job

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Xie He to see things of course not like the system so superficial, Deng Jingwen's reaction is actually beyond his expectations, according to common sense, normal people know that they raised 18 years is not their own son, is the enemy to hold a substitute, even if the child itself is innocent, will certainly have the mood of anger, he thinks Deng Jingwen's good feeling should be Even anger may hurt Deng Zhuo. Only when he completely accepts the result and his mood returns to calm, will it be possible for his likability to rise by a breakthrough under the strategy. But in fact, the process of this decline has been omitted. When Deng Jingwen learned the truth, he did not have any emotional fluctuations from the beginning to the end. He did not show his grief for the death of his own son, nor did he show his anger that Deng Zhuo was not his son. He accepted it very calmly. If he had to describe his mood change, it would be about two steps: Oh, this waste is not my son, and it can finally be thrown away. This waste is very good-looking, and it can be used. This ability to control emotions without being moved, Rao is Xie He, is also a bit of admiration. But since Deng Jingwen is so good, accept so no obstacles, I have to quickly deliver goods to the door, the process is never important,jacuzzi bath spa, the result is the most important. Deng Jingwen said that if he did not want this son, he would not want this son. He froze all of Deng Zhuo's bank cards overnight, and the company and his family no longer allowed him to enter. Xie He had less than two thousand yuan in cash, but he was not very economical, because according to Deng Zhuo's character, he did not know how hard life was. Xie He squatted in the company or at the door of his house every day, squatting in any place where he might meet Deng Jingwen. But three days later, he spent all his money,garden jacuzzi tub, but he had no chance to get close to Deng Jingwen within ten meters. Xie He can exchange food and money from the system store, but in order to act realistically, he did not do that, hungry stomach also squatted! [444: Host Dada.. You are really dedicated _ (: 3∠) _] [Xie He: Baby, if you don't want to give up your child, you can't catch the wolf. Besides, it's not a big deal to be hungry:)] It was raining heavily. Deng Jingwen stood in front of the French window of the office and looked down. It was the fourth day. The boy was still squatting downstairs in the company. Because he was not allowed to approach, he could only stand outside. He was drenched by the rain. He stood in place with his hands on his chest and stamped his feet, like a small tree beaten by the wind and rain, tottering. The next moment, he fainted on the ground without warning. Deng Jingwen narrowed his eyes, was silent for a moment, and made a phone call: "Bring him in." The boy was quickly brought up, wet and pitiful, and placed on the sofa. Deng Jingwen walked over and reached out to lift the boy's hair sticking to his face, hot tub manufacturers ,4 person jacuzzi, revealing his pale and beautiful face, his eyebrows slightly frowning, and his originally gorgeous red lips frozen bloodless. He gently stroked the boy's face, and the smooth and tender touch of the skin seemed to break it with a little effort. This is his boy, who has been spoiled for eighteen years. It seems a pity to throw away such a good look. He let go and sat back down. After a few hours, Xie He opened his eyes in a daze and found himself lying on the soft sofa. He rubbed his eyes and saw Deng Jingwen sitting next to him. His face suddenly showed a look of surprise. "Dad!"! Dad Although it was very hard, the sound was very weak and hoarse. Deng Jingwen looked at him and said, "Eat something first." Only then did Xie He discover that there was hot food in front of him, and that he was already hungry on his chest and back, and that he could not hold back at the moment and gobble it up! For the first time, he knew how hard it was to be hungry! Because he ate too fast, he choked carelessly, coughed desperately, tears flowed out, and when he was dying, a glass of water was handed to his lips, and the other hand gently stroked his back. Xie He gulped down a glass of water, and then he caught his breath. The big hand that caressed him behind his back seemed to have some kind of calming effect, which made him feel at ease. He looked at Deng Jingwen with tears in his eyes. "Dad, I knew you wouldn't leave me." Deng Jingwen by the boy with such a beautiful to the extreme face, slightly red eyes, deeply attached to the eyes looked at, the action can not help a meal. Such a beauty, even if he does not want it, will soon be in the pocket of other men, right? Just think that the boy will be pressed by other men under the body, was-dry to cry for mercy, unexpectedly produced a feeling of displeasure, a thought in the heart can no longer be suppressed. Why can't the man who loves the boy under his body be him? This is the child he raised, even if it is to be enjoyed, it should be him. [Ding, target Deng Jingwen favorability 10, current favorability 45] Xie He rushed over and hugged Deng Jingwen's waist, sobbing: "Dad, I know I'm wrong. I'll listen to you in the future. I'll never get into trouble again. Don't leave me. Don't leave me again.." I'm so scared.. Purr Deng Jingwen inserted his right hand into the boy's soft black hair, stroked it down the hair, brushed his fingertips over the boy's thin cheeks, and finally lifted the boy's chin and gently pressed his thumb on the soft lips. It's not impossible to stay. He said. Xie He's eyes showed a look of surprise. Deng Jingwen went on to say, "But not as my son, but as my lover." He gazed at the boy's suddenly pale and frightened face, raised his lips slightly, and chuckled. "Would you like that, too?" [Xie He: Dad is so rude and direct! I suddenly fell in love with him:)] 444…… Chapter 40 Dandy Training Manual (aiyousheng. Com). Xie He's chin was pinched, and his pale face trembled slightly under the man's hand. For a long time, he opened his mouth hoarsely: "Dad.." You're kidding, aren't you.. Deng Jingwen raised his eyebrows, his boy,5 person hot tub, it seems, still can not recognize the situation, but this is not possible. monalisa.com

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Introduction: the slag attack [fast wear] aiyousheng. Com _ txt42483