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In terms of God, I only serve my teammates. Full-time Job

Feb 20th, 2023 at 07:28   Engineering   Saalfeld   149 views Reference: 313
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Before she could speak, Wei Xiao put away his sharp expression just now. His eyes were warm and firm. He called her softly: "Midsummer, is it not good to face it well?" Yin Midsummer looked at him steadily, smiling with red eyes, "I listen to you." She was also convinced of him! Wei Xiao also smiled and looked at her eyes with a touch of kindness like "children can be taught". Yin midsummer lowers one's head, continue to look at those data, amazed way: "Still have the data of my match unexpectedly, boss how long did you do last night?" Wei Xiao yawned and said indifferently, "I didn't sleep. I'm used to it. I used to climb the ladder all night when I was playing dota." "Thank you so much." Yin Midsummer originally did not have any hope, but his series of documents plus his visit as a boss, such a scientific way of persuasion, may. She can look forward to her parents' reaction, right? "So come on, stay and help me take care of the team!" He said the wind was light and the clouds were light. Yin midsummer nodded heavily. Wei Xiao first drove to the school to pick up a face of confused Gu Bai, and then went to Wei Zhai to pick up the elated Wei Yingying. Only then did Yin midsummer admire Wei Xiao's wily mind again. Wei Yingying is obviously a cover, and she has no use except to be the mascot of the team. Wei Xiao asked her to go,Manual Flush Valve, apparently using Wei Yingying to tell Yin's parents that there were not only men but also women in the base, so that her parents had no worries about her safety here. In addition, Gu Bai's university belongs to 211, such a top student can compete with them, she is only an ordinary key university, such persuasion seems to go up a floor. After listening to Wei Xiao's explanation of the reason for asking them to go together,Self-closing Shower Valve, Yin Midsummer held out his thumb to him and exclaimed: "Gao.." It's really high. After Wei Yingying got on the bus, Wei Xiao called her directly: "Yingying." Wei Yingying had never heard him call him so intimately, and hurriedly responded to him like chicken blood. Wei Xiao guided her step by step: "Do you want to go to the team for a long time and have your own position?" Wei Yingying nodded like garlic without even thinking about it. Wei Xiao looked back at her and asked her, "Come with me to Midsummer's home. You just need to be likable and express that you live with Yin Midsummer at the base for a long time.". How about letting you be a teaching assistant when things are done, and then you can go in and out of the base at any time? Wei Yingying is as happy as a dream. The assistant of the team! So after they enter the LPL, she can brag about this title for a lifetime! Looking at the brilliance in her eyes, Wei Xiao continued to ask: "Can you do it?" Wei Yingying could not stop laughing and replied, "I promise to finish the task!" "What are you talking about?" Gu Bai asked weakly after waiting for them to finish. Yin said with a smile: "You need to play a super scholar with a dream of e-sports!" "What do you mean by acting?" Gu Bai rolled his eyes at her and solemnly said, "My major is the top three in the country, OK?" "Uh-huh, you're the best!" Yin midsummer is in a perturbed mood, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Concealed Flush Valve, but full of expectations. That's more like it. Gu Bai finished with a big yawn, put his head on the  the third day,Time Delay Faucet, a family of four arrived at the training base in C city. Yin's parents were very satisfied with the environment of the base. Yin added a bed in his room and put a lot of cute hands. Yin knew that it was Wei Yingying's "residence" arranged by Wei Xiao. In addition, Yin's father and mother were also very satisfied with Aunt Liu's existence. They felt that not only the daily life and diet were guaranteed, but also an adult in such a house could rest assured. cnkexin.com

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In terms of God, I only serve my teammates.