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Immortal Sword Body Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:32   Training   Bayreuth   126 views Reference: 367
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A glimpse of middle-aged sunlight clearly shows this. Where is my disciple of Xuanyin Sect? Which vein did you come to? Why can't you see anyone? "Can't see anyone?" At this point, the white youth finally showed a playful smile on his face. Naturally, they can't get out of the place where they are unless you go in Xuan Hanyin yourself. What place? Xuan Hanyin frowned and looked coldly at the white youth. "Yin Xiu, evil.". Don't play any tricks with me. "Playing tricks, how dare I compare with the younger generation of Kui of Xuanyin Zong thousands of years ago.". It's just that this generation is not as lucky as you, brother Xuan. The white youth shook his head and said in a leisurely tone. As soon as the blue veins on his eyebrows were raised, Xuan Hanyin said in a cold voice, "Where are they?" "Oh, brother Xuan, you're going to find them, but." Where "Then go into reincarnation." Yin Wuxie's face showed a touch of evil smile, and a pair of white eyebrows were raised at the same time. Yin Wuxie, you dare to amuse me! Xuan Hanyin snorted coldly, and a layer of cold white ice like waves rushed straight towards Yin Wuxie. Brother Xuan, why should you be impulsive? Suddenly, a golden streamer fell from the sky, and in the twinkling of an eye, all five of them felt their heart fire rising and could not restrain themselves. As soon as the golden awn fell, the ice awn on Xuan Hanyin's body was put away in an instant. At the same time, he frowned and said, "Lie Jiuyang.". You have to intervene in this matter! The one who fell was a middle-aged man with a height of seven feet and a handsome face. He was dressed in golden clothes. Full of gold, the whole body is scattered with a net Yang gas,fish measuring tape, at the same time there is a great majesty scattered out, especially Yin Wuxie and Xuan Hanyin two people, are feeling a little uncomfortable, slightly pulled a distance from it. At this moment, I heard the middle-aged man laugh. "Xuan Hanyin," he said, "why do you want to meddle in your affairs? You are not qualified." What! Xuan Hanyin and Yin Wuxie were stunned at the same time. Even the Lingkong Saint and Ling Di cast their eyes on the middle-aged man for a long time. Lie Jiuyang, I didn't expect you to break through! For a long time, Ling took a deep breath. Brother Ling,cattle weight tape, isn't it the same. We are born with noble integrity. Nature can be brave and diligent, not born of noble righteousness, my way of heaven, step into the sword soul, is like treading on thin ice, unable to move an inch! Lie Jiuyang smiled at Ling. Yin Wuxie three people's eyes are a little ugly, although this fierce nine Yang's words are not pleasant to hear, but it is about their heart disease, the way of heaven is the same vein, does not give birth to noble righteousness, it is difficult to get the road, especially after stepping into the sword soul realm, and the way of heaven is close, even the spirit of heaven can not have, how can we go further, Diameter tape measure ,Pi tape measure, it is undoubtedly very difficult. But immediately, Lie Jiuyang said doubtfully, "Yin Wuxie, this is not the time to joke. I woke up from a deep sleep before, and I sensed the breath left by the Taoist spirit. Since the Taoist spirit left the Purple Emperor Sword Valley by chance, we naturally have to find it before the Demon Way and the Demon Spirit. Why waste time here?" Shaking his head, Yin Wuxie's black face sank. Why is it so hard to believe my innocent words? Seeing that Yin was not like this, Lie Jiuyang was also a ***: "Is it true what you said just now?"? Which son of a bitch is it? Or are those old devils so shameless that someone has made a move? Lord Yin, the evil shook his head again. Who else is there? "He is a younger generation in the world of youth." "Impossible". But it was Xuan Hanyin who shouted coldly. Disciple of Xuanyin Sect, how can I lose to a younger generation of Qingfan Realm? What is the strength of this younger generation. What is the strength of my Xuanyin Sect disciple? The younger generation is the first plunder of the Sword Emperor, and the noble generation is the cold sound, the third plunder of the Sword Emperor, the cloud and the sky sound, and the first plunder by the earth line. With a sullen look in his eyes, Xuan Hanyin said, "Do you want to tell me that the right emperor of the Moon Fork Realm has crossed the two realms and sent me, the Xuanyin Emperor of the Purple Emperor Tiao Realm, three sword emperors and one sword emperor into reincarnation?" "Exactly so". Yin Wuxie said in a deep voice. Yan Ji, tell me the whole story again. "Yes!" Buyanji took a deep breath and then began to tell. With the passage of time, Xuan Hanyin four people look more and more dignified, to later, heard 6 Qing and the Red Balrog Zun compete for strength and sharpness without falling behind, even before and 6 Qing had two sides of the edge of Ling, also look complicated. After a stick of incense. What a strange boy! There was a strange light in the eyes of Lie Jiuyang. "Such a person should come from the world of Qingfan. It's really a big anomaly. However, there are thousands of Taoists in this day. Even the swordsman can't do it all one by one. All the actions of this person belong to the sword spirit. I can't say that. That's it. It's just brother Ling.". The Wind and Thunder Twenty-seven Style "That's Ben Zong's housework!"! Ling said indifferently. Brother Ling won't intervene this time. This boy is really too important. Brother Ling shouldn't ignore the overall situation! Lie Jiuyang said in a deep voice. Aware of the four men's eyes, Ling finally nodded and said, "You can catch him, as long as you don't hurt his life." With that, Ling's eyes turned to Xuan Hanyin. With a cold hum, Xuan Hanyin said, "Don't worry, Ling Zun. I, Xuan Yin Zong, will look for my mother's face. Naturally, I will be aboveboard and send the younger generation of disciples to get it back." Also aware of the strength of Ling, although the complexion is a little ugly, but Xuan Hanyin also knows that now he is not an opponent. Now, we split up, this white spirit sword valley has sword interference, we can not identify the location, can only explore with the mind, only less than a month, must find people, or when the time comes, with our present cultivation. It is bound to be excluded from the void of the Valley of Swords! Lingkong Saint took a look at the eight people of Muqingyuan not far away. "You can't be idle either. It's about the fate of all living beings. If you dare to care about your old love.". They will all fall to me, and both form and spirit will be destroyed! Look is a change, not far away, Mu Qingyuan eight people looked at each other, finally sighed, into the continuous white edge. Just as the people of the Purple Emperor Holy Realm began to search. A hole in virtual space. After the fusion of the stone sword,Adhesive fish ruler, the bronze coffin was no longer as stubborn as before, and was smoothly brought into the empty space of the cave by 6 Jiang. Brother, are we going to find our sister? Ruoshui pulled 6 clear sleeves and asked carefully. tapemeasure.net

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