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Immortal inverse Full-time Job

Nov 17th, 2022 at 02:53   Medical & Healthcare   Sankt Wendel   250 views Reference: 76
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After walking out, he wanted to raise his head to the sky and roar. After spending these days, he finally integrated the ban here completely and thoroughly. At this time, his interest in the ban was already strong to the extreme. Turning around, Wang Lin's eyes flashed. Suddenly, with a sneer, his right hand fluctuated in the ban. As soon as the ban changed, the direction of the weeds inside changed. If you look closely, you can see that it is more complicated than before. Be careful if anyone passes behind me! Wang Lin muttered to himself that he had just added another layer to the ban by virtue of his own understanding of it. That is to say, if someone steps into this ban again, no matter how he breaks it, he will hit the second ban he set up head-on, and when he is caught unprepared, it is likely to be the cause of death. Of course, if we use the same method as Wang Lin, the difficulty of his research will increase several times in vain. With a sneer on his face, Wang Lin glanced around and suddenly moved to the next place in the grass. In this way, the grass around the peak was forbidden, which made it more difficult. After doing all this, Wang Lin pondered a little, but still felt that it was not vicious enough, so he blocked all the gaps between the surrounding prohibitions. In this way, if you want to enter this mountain peak, you must go into the prohibitions. Having done all this, Wang Lin raised his feet and walked up. At this time,Inflatable water obstacle course, on the mountainside of the peak, the Six Desires Demon King's eyes flashed and stared at a dense cloud ahead. The fog had been floating here for three days. Within three days, the fog remained motionless. No matter how the Six Desires Demon King performed his magic, he could not let it disperse. His face was slightly gloomy, and the young man who had been following him stood there with a blank face, staring blankly at the fog in front of him. The Six Desires Demon King's eyes swept over the man and looked back with a sneer at the corners of his mouth. He walked all the way. The first pass he entered was the land of glaciers. He was already very familiar with the land of glaciers. Although he did not have the ice wind cover of the ancient emperor, how could he be less prepared for a thousand years. At that time, he was in the sea, and he told everyone that he could take everyone through the second half of the first pass of the frozen land. With his identity,Inflatable outdoor park, he could say this, and he must be very sure. Indeed, he got a treasure five hundred years ago, which can perform water escape, and its effect is similar to that of Wang Qingyue's earth boat. In this way, with his cultivation and understanding of the land of glaciers, there are no twists and turns, and he can easily take the young people around him all the way. As for the road of no return between the first pass and the second pass, he did not spend any energy. Although he had nearly died when he first walked on the stone bridge, at this time he had already practiced his six desire magic skills to the realm of transformation. What he was not afraid of most was all kinds of emotional fluctuations and desires, which he had studied to the extreme. In this way, this road of no return for him, is like a child's play, easy to get through, if not for the protection of the young man's safety, it would not take any time at all. Although the final protection of one person, the journey is a little slow, but the result is still the same. What he really cares about is the second level, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable water slide, which is called Forbidden Mountain. As the name implies, it means that the whole mountain is forbidden. The higher it goes, the more complicated and powerful it is. When the four of them first came here, they followed the original strong side, which barely passed, but suffered heavy casualties, most of which were forced by the strong to test the power of prohibition, and were killed in front of them. Had it not been for the fact that the Six Desires Demon King had come with his master, I'm afraid he would have died in the end. Fortunately, at that time, his master was the main force to break the ban. He studied the ban and the array all his life, and studied all the way to break it. Finally, he stopped at a place about a hundred feet away from the top of the mountain. He was really unable to move forward, so he did the opposite. On top of the ban there, he laid another ban. Under the two constraints, he and several strong people transmitted their voices and attacked a monk in the middle of his deification. Open a passage that can lead to hundreds of feet abruptly. The passage could only exist for less than three breaths, during which all the survivors rushed to it, and only a small number of people succeeded in reaching the top of the mountain and entering the third level, while all the others died. Six desire demon king every time recall this matter, can not help but some fear, now, his cultivation has finally reached the middle stage of deification, this dare to come here to explore. Before the first pass and the road of no return smoothly, so that the six desire demon king's confidence is sufficient, he thinks he is lucky, through the third pass of the key figure in his own hands, with the six desire demon king's perennial analysis, this person can certainly help himself through the third pass, but the price needed is this person's life. But for this, the Six Desires Demon King doesn't care at all. What he cared about was how to get through the distance of a hundred feet from the top of the mountain. Although he had been prepared for a thousand years, he was only 50% sure whether he could do it or not. In the past one thousand years, he spent a lot of time and energy to study the art of prohibition. With his extraordinary memory, he remembered most of the prohibitions of the second level one by one. After a thousand years, he became confident. Along the way, there was no prohibition that could stop him. All of them were easily cracked by him, but every time he cracked one, he immediately restored it to normal. And added some prohibitions on it, the purpose of which is the same as Wang Lin. But this forbidden mountain ban, the more upward, the more complex, even with the six desire demon king, the speed can not help but slow down, often need to study for a long time, to step out of a step. For example, the cloud in front of him, he remembered that there was no cloud at the beginning, but now it appeared here, which made him suspicious. Besides, Wang Lin, after walking out of dozens of feet, the weeds gradually decreased, revealing the slightly black rocks under them. Wang Lin looked at them carefully for a long time, then took out the jade slips again and recorded them. The prohibition of rocks is completely different from that of weeds, which are formed by adding some wonderful rules according to the direction and orientation of grass leaves. But this rock is different, in addition to some stone veins,Inflatable indoor park, there is no abnormality, if not for some spiritual fluctuations emanating from it, it is impossible to judge the prohibition here. joyshineinflatables.com

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