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Immortal inverse Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:16   Independent & Freelance   Salzkotten   244 views Reference: 204
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"Look inside. If you can find Wang Lin, I'll spare you two!" The voice of the original, fell in the ears of two people, then, the crack disappeared. Ben sat cross-legged outside the pit, silent. He could not enter the crack, otherwise, there would be no traction outside, and Wang Lin, who was trapped inside, would never come out. But if he didn't go in, it would be too difficult to find them, so he didn't kill them, leaving a mark in their bodies and letting them look for them. In the midst of nothingness, Wang Lin sat cross-legged on the star compass. Now he suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes flashed and he said to himself, "So that's it!" His eyes flashed cold, and he stood up and controlled the compass to fly, while the divine consciousness spread out, looking for the two men who had entered nothingness. Time passed slowly. On this day, Wang Lin was controlling the compass to fly. Suddenly, his expression moved and he galloped away. Soon, he saw two people flying not far ahead. It was the old man in green shirt and the woman in white gauze. The two men were rather discomfited at the moment, and their breath was weak. When the two of them saw Wang Lin, their faces were immediately complicated. The white gauze woman wanted to say something, but when she opened her mouth, she sighed lightly and did not speak. Wang Lin took a cold look at the two of them, moved his body, flew to the front of them, summoned his right hand, and immediately two drops of blood flew out of their eyebrows and were caught in Wang Lin's hands. Senior. I The white gauze woman hesitated for a moment and whispered. Wang Lin simply ignored two people,face detection android, after holding the blood, the right hand a call, the star compass immediately flew to the hand, he was put into the storage bag. Just then, sitting cross-legged outside the pit, he suddenly opened his eyes, showing a trace of agility in his eyes, a punch in the void, and suddenly a circular space crack appeared. In addition to its appearance, it is in front of Wang Lin in nothingness, Wang Lin looked at the sudden appearance of the crack in front of him,temperature check kiosk, without any surprise, the body moved, went in. From the beginning to the end, he did not say a word with the two! After Wang Lin stepped into the breach, the breach disappeared, leaving only two people in nothingness, left to fend for themselves. Appeared outside the pit, feel the sun shining on the body, Wang Lin took a deep breath, the feeling of the rest of his life after the robbery, rose in the heart. He glanced down at the pit under his body, and as soon as he moved, he disappeared in place, along with himself. Wang Lin flew out of the land of immortals, stopped outside the valley of the past, released the pagoda, sat cross-legged under the pagoda, closed his eyes, and sat opposite him, also closed his eyes and meditated. A day later, Interactive digital signage ,facial recognition thermometer, Wang Lin and Ben Zun opened their eyes at the same time. As soon as Wang Lin patted the storage bag, he took out the reincarnation fruit with dazzling yellow awn. Looking at this fruit, he hesitated a little. Relative to the degree of demand for this fruit, it was obvious that he was the most suitable. Too bad there's only one! Wang Lin threw the fruit and was caught in his hand. As soon as he pinched it with his big hand, the fruit broke and a thick golden liquid flowed out of it. The liquid was not much, only very little, but when it touched the skin of the original, it immediately penetrated and spread along the cracks on the skin of the original. At the moment of the original, as if the body was covered with a layer of gold net, his whole body cracks, originally not surprising, but at the moment, it is sending out bursts of gold. Slowly, the golden awn became brighter and brighter, and eventually melted into the flesh and blood from the crack and disappeared into the body of the original. From the beginning to the end, there was no change in his expression. After a long time, there was a flash of gold in his eyes. The meridians of his whole body had all disappeared, and the speed of absorbing the spiritual power of heaven and earth had increased countless times. At the moment of the original, is really a family of ancient gods! As for the fruit of reincarnation, it has disappeared at the moment. Ben Zun stood up, stepped on his feet, sank into the ground and disappeared. Wang Lin took a deep breath, patted the storage bag, and a section of reincarnation wood was placed in front of him. He picked up a piece and began to make years of wood carving. Time, like years, passes slowly. In Zhoujiacun, Zhou Ru is already three years old. She is quite beautiful, but at the age of three, she has never spoken. For this matter, her parents invited a lot of herbalists and took a lot of medicine, but in the end, it was the same. Little Zhou Ru's temperament is very quiet. She never plays with other children in the village. Instead, she often sits in the yard of her home and looks at the sky with confusion in her eyes. Zhou Ru's father, a middle-aged man with rough hands, was sitting in the yard, looking at his daughter and sighing. For the sake of his daughter, he bought a lot of ginseng and found a lot of herbalists over the years, but unfortunately, the child still did not speak. Are you really dumb? Zhou Ru's father sighed. On this day, an old man in a Taoist robe came to Zhoujia Village. Some elders in the village immediately greeted him respectfully and ordered him to go down and call all the children under six years old. Not long after, a total of nineteen children under the age of six in the village, accompanied by their parents, came to the center of the village. Zhou Ru's parents, also in it, Zhou Ru's big black and white eyes, confused looking around, she was afraid, tightly pulling her mother's clothes. The woman crouched down and soothed her daughter softly. Then she looked up and whispered to her own man, "Ru'er is too young. I think forget it." Zhou Ru's father shook his head and said, "Try it. If you are really chosen, the child will be rich in the future." The woman bit her lower lip and did not speak. The old man in the Taoist robe looked haughty, showing a faint trace of impatience. He had gone to several villages, but he had not seen anyone with spiritual roots. If the school had not stipulated that all disciples should go down every six years to look for people with spiritual roots, he would not have gone down the mountain. This Zhoujiacun, he came six years ago, twelve years ago, did not find a child with spiritual roots. Six years ago, I found a child with spiritual roots in Liujiacun in front of me. I don't know if I can find it again this time. If I can meet another one, I can get three medium-grade Lingshi. The old man secretly said that his eyes swept over the children, frowning more and more tightly, and the color of disappointment in his eyes became more and more intense. Suddenly, his eyes froze, fell on Zhou Ru, immediately stunned, his body moved,digital signage kiosk, a few steps came to Zhou Ru's side, right hand on her forehead a little, immediately face the color of ecstasy. hsdtouch.com

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