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I'm a scumbag [wear it quickly] Full-time Job

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With these words, Zhang Xiaole slipped down from Shao Yu and pointed to a child lying on the Kang, who was hot and flushed, apparently seriously ill. Not only the child lying there, but all the children in the room were weak and looked very bad. It was obvious that they had had a bad time these days. All right, uncle, hold the tiger. Shao Yu stepped forward and picked up the child on the Kang. Uncle Zhang Xiaole suddenly shouted eagerly. And Shao Yu also saw a shadow cast on the Kang at this time, which was holding a dagger in his hand. Shao Yu did not look back, directly bent his body, then turned around and kicked the man. He did not expect that these traffickers also left a person to look after the house, the landlord clearly said that there were four people living in the yard, did not expect that it was actually five people. There was a long and thin scar on the face of the housekeeper, and the whole person looked ferocious. Although Shao Yu was holding a child in his hand, he was still very flexible. Although Scar had learned a few tricks, he was no match for Shao Yu. He was taken down in two or three strokes. Shao Yu found a rope to tie him up. Who are you, cop? Asked Scar. My name is Lei Feng. Shao Yu replied, neither salty nor light, and then casually found a rag and stuffed it into Scar's mouth. Outside the courtyard suddenly came the meow of a cat,Flush valve price, Shao Yu's expression, this is his secret signal with his brothers, that should be out of the traffickers have come back, the brothers outside to remind Shao Yu attention, Shao Yu immediately picked up a stick hidden behind the gate. Sure enough, two minutes later, the sound of unlocking came from outside the gate,Self-closing Faucet, and a woman came in with a child in her arms. Lao Dao, Lao Dao, the goods are coming. Cried the woman. Shao Yu jumped out directly from behind the gate of the courtyard and hit the woman on the head with a sucker punch. The woman fainted as soon as her eyes darkened. Shao Yu quickly caught the child. It was a little boy of three or four years old, with his eyes closed, apparently drugged. When the gate of the hospital opened, Shao Yu called his brothers directly. One brother went to the police, and the other brother sent several sick children to the hospital first. In order to avoid future trouble, he stayed behind to catch all the traffickers. The police learned that Shao Yu's plan was not blocked, but asked to send all the children out first, and repeatedly asked Shao Yu to ensure his own safety, and sent plainclothes to intercept at several intersections, so as not to escape the net. Chapter 52 80 hoodlums (end). At 6pm, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Manual Flush Valve, with the arrest of the last human trafficker, the operation was declared a great success. Professor Zhang and his wife naturally thanked him a thousand times, and the police also sent Shao Yu a silk banner and some rewards. Act bravely for a just cause and eliminate harm for the people. Feng Wu stood aside and read. Sun Li, who was holding the silk banner in both hands, said quickly, "Brother, it's my turn. You hold it." The last time Shao Yu took the silk banner, Feng Wu had no sense of participation at that time, but this time it was different. They all participated from beginning to end. They didn't expect that they would be praised by the police in their lifetime and take the silk banner. It felt like they didn't join the Young Pioneers but accidentally tied a red scarf. The hoodlums walked for several days. When I met an old woman crossing the road, I helped her more actively than anyone else. After such a battle, Shao Yu's security company became famous in a small area, and more and more people came to the door. In less than half a year, Shao Yu bought the quadrangle where he lived. At the beginning of the second year, Shao Yu successfully passed the primary election of the tournament and became one of the ten people representing the country. In August, the International Wushu Exchange Conference was held in the capital. Players from numerous countries flew over. Shao Yu wanted to live at home, but the Ministry of Sports asked for a unified arrangement. Shao Yu and other players stayed in the hotel arranged by the government. Are you Shao Yu? Shao Yu did not know this person, but listening to the other side is clearly a Chinese face, but holding a Xinjiang flavor of Mandarin, he guessed that this should be a Bonzi country. I heard that you beat eighteen of our country's waste by yourself. Shao Yu was convinced that this was the man of Bonzi country. What is it to beat a few losers? In a few days, I will show you what real Taekwondo is in the competition field. Said the other. Shao Yu nodded and said flatly, "I'm looking forward to it." The other side only felt as if a punch had hit the cotton. "That man is the national treasure player of Bonzi country: Li Xuanjun. Last year, my senior fellow apprentice was defeated by him." A Chinese player next to him said. A total of ten people from China participated in the competition this time. Shao Yu just met each other face to face, but he remembered the name of the other side for no other reason. The young man's performance in the domestic trials was amazing, and he will become a great talent in time. Among so many of us, I can see the origin of other people, but I can't see your way clearly. Is your kung fu handed down from your family? Or is it a hermit sect? Sun Xuefeng asked. Shao Yu smiled and said, "Think of it as a hermit sect." "Have time to learn from each other." Sun Xuefeng said with a smile. OK Shao Yu said that Sun Xuefeng was only seventeen or eighteen years old, but he had already practiced Bajiquan very well, so he also wanted to ask for advice. Soon to the official start of the time, a round of competition will brush down a lot of people, the second round and brush down a lot of people, Sun Xuefeng has persisted until the fifth round, and finally lost to Li Xuanjun, this time there are only eight people. Shao Yu's opponent in this round drew an American emperor, who was tall and looked powerful, but Shao Yu finally defeated the opponent by virtue of his light posture and strength. The next opponent is the Australian, Shao Yu is still easy to advance, turn to the last round, is the Bonzi country. You are so strong that you have won until now, but you Chinese are destined to be my foil. The former Sun is, and so are you. Li Xuanjun still has an accent full of Xinjiang flavor. Shao Yu took one look at him and said,Time Delay Tap, "I learned Chinese specially in order to say a few cruel words." Li Xuanjun's face stiffened. What a silly boy. Shao Yu said with a smile. Li Xuanjun naturally understood what Shao Yu was saying. In a hurry, he said, "Let's see the real chapter!" cnkexin.com

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