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If the dregs are covered with dregs, they should be worn quickly from the dregs. Full-time Job

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However, even if he Yunqing mustered up his courage, he only dared to pick the right opportunity to quietly test Su Jing's attitude, and he did not want to directly face to face with Chu Ziqiu's means. Who doesn't know that the former movie king, even if he doesn't take over the play now, seems to be gradually fading out of the public's line of sight, but some predecessors have secretly mentioned it, telling him that there were countless suitors around Su Jing, when they were dispersed, how bloody it was to occupy the president, that is, to occupy all the resources of the company, He Yunqing knows how attractive it is. No matter how much you try to please the broker on weekdays, you can't compare with such a step to the sky. Jiang yuan did not expect that the new people in the company would be so afraid of Chu Ziqiu. Then he thought, the old movie king, the remaining prestige is still there, is also normal, after all, the younger generation always dare not offend the older generation too much. Jiang yuanmu opened his mouth with displeasure and said, "say something quickly." Chu Ziqiu opened the script on the table and said carefully, "There are some changes in this play. I feel that it is too exposed. It was originally decided that Ye Ming and I would try out the play. Now it seems that the scale is too big." Jiang yuan did not read the script, he sneered, "I know this, the script is that I let the scriptwriter change, the current market is naturally to cater to the audience's taste." Chu Ziqiu frowned. "The script as a whole is very good, and what it promotes is also a positive theme. It's these pictures." Jiang yuan rudely interrupted him. "What's wrong with these pictures? It doesn't affect the script as a whole. Isn't it just to let you wear some exposed clothes? At most,interactive panel board, there is a rumor that the former movie king has been reduced to a third-level scene today. Don't pay attention to it." Chu Ziqiu pursed his lips and stopped talking. Jiang yuan saw that he was silent and followed up the victory by saying, "If you can't do it, you can change people to do it. But the ugly words are in the front. The company doesn't support people who eat rice. Don't rely on the old and sell the old and pick and choose." Since the blow of going out all day and indulging in debauchery has not been effective, the insult of forcing the superior movie king to shoot the third-level scenes will surely be able to complete this task. Look at this guy, his face is white from being squeezed. After half a ring, Jiang yuan heard the man say slowly, "OK, I accept it." Is this a compromise? He sighed in his heart, but the longer the resentment, the easier it is to break out,smart interactive whiteboard, and the progress of this mission has taken a big step forward. During the audition, Ye Ming, who was less senior, refused directly. He said, "Chu senior, this kind of play, you also don't take, since this is not mandatory to shoot, but can choose the script, why do you have to force yourself?" Chu Ziqiu is not familiar with Ye Ming, but for new people, he said with a little patience, "good play is rare, the core of this play is very good." Ye Ming gave a low laugh, but said with an indifferent expression, "Senior Chu, no matter how good the play is, you can't endure the rat droppings falling into the soup. If you take it, 65 inch smart board ,smart board for conference room, I'm afraid you'll regret it." Chu Ziqiu shook his head and declined the new person's reminder. Ye Ming looked at him helplessly and sighed, "I can't help it. If there is any trouble in the future, I will stand on the side of senior Chu." Chu Ziqiu smiled and did not speak. Ye Ming looked at Su Jing, who was walking arrogantly, and thought that even the president could not cover up the sky in the entertainment circle. If he really didn't like it, he would turn the day over. During the audition, the altered scenes were to be shot. Chu Ziqiu looked at the tights in his hands, and the buttocks and chest were cut open into palm-sized round holes. Here, he played a man who was unfortunately caught and was forced to confess by means of spiritual humiliation. In the original script, all you had to do was take off your shirt and be hung up and abused. Now after a revision, even Miao Xin, who followed him, could not bear Chu Ziqiu to shoot any more. If it is really taken out to gossip, gossip, tidbits and attacks, Chu Ziqiu's clear and clean image in the past will be destroyed in a moment, and even opponents will add insult to injury and follow suit. She went to Su Jing's side and asked tentatively, "General Manager Su, is this too revealing?" "Isn't it right to sacrifice for art?" Jiang yuan a look of course, "what's more, lighting and photography are already in place, now say not to shoot, it's too late.". ” Miao Xin also wanted to say something, but Chu Ziqiu gently made a look, then helplessly shut his mouth. She really has no right to interfere with the president's decision. Ye Ming stood aside with his arms folded, and since Chu Ziqiu did not accept the kind reminder, there was no need to continue to help. When the other party is really rejected and thrown away by Su Jing, he can pick it up and comfort it. Chu Ziqiu was about to go into the fitting room and change his clothes when suddenly another dress was stuffed into his hand. He was slightly stunned and looked at Su Jing. "This is." Jiang yuan cold hum 1, "nature is cut good tights, how, you want to use other get by" at this time a responsible props staff ran over, repeatedly apologize, "Chu senior hands of the original this, this is we in accordance with the general requirements of su, said the more people feel uncomfortable the better, just to order, didn't expect you are not satisfied, even personally designed one, then this change, I'm sorry to change it right away. "Jiang yuan waved his hand." I didn't agree with you before. Now I'll use the one I cut myself, so that some people won't have a chance to tamper with it and make up the number. " He took a special look at Chu Ziqiu and made it clear that he meant something. Ye Ming stood aside and gave Chu Ziqiu a sympathetic look. Even such an embarrassing dress cut, can not satisfy Su's vicious taste, do not know to be personally transformed this, will be what kind of effect. He sighed, the movie king, in order to love the heart, must hit the south wall to turn back? Chu Ziqiu did not refuse, he rolled up the first clothes, took the second one handed by Su Jing, went into the room and changed directly. It was not a long time to change clothes, but when he came out again, Chu Ziqiu's expression was a little strange. Not only him, but everyone's eyes were not right when they noticed the cut of the dress, which seemed to be a mixture of surprise and surprise, with a little warmth. Jiang yuan frowned and said, "Why, it doesn't meet the requirements of the play." Miao Xin looked at it, asked the director and the scriptwriter what they meant,digital interactive whiteboard, and came back to report, "General Manager Su, they said they were very satisfied and very consistent." hsdsmartboard.com

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The impostor brother of wear quickly is _ fubook. CC.