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Ice and Fire Magic Kitchen _ Infinite Novel Network _ Full-time Job

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Zi Qingmeng turned her back to him and shook her head. "No, of course not," she said. At least it proves you're not a hypocrite. How can you protect us if you are in danger? Thank you for your promise. Finish. She lifted the curtain and left. It turned out that she was so rational that it seemed that no one could underestimate her. I hope I can get them out of here alive. Nian Bing murmured to himself. Nian Bing, may I come in? A soft voice came from outside. Nian Bing felt a groan in his heart. How could one come and another, and they were all sad. This let the mercenary regiment people see, I do not know how to think, but, this is the last one, but he can not refuse one, to be exact, he even some look forward to her arrival, "Linger, come in quickly.". It's cold outside. The curtain was lifted, and the dragon spirit, who had never spoken to Nian Bing except when they met, came in. She was not wearing her thick fur coat. The ice magic robe looked very thin on her body, and her pale pretty face. It makes people feel pity. Long Ling sat down opposite Nian Bing, with a faint smile on his pretty face. "Nian Bing, are you all right after a few months?" Her expression looked relaxed, but the sadness in her eyes did not change at all. Linger, I'm fine. How are you? After asking this sentence, Nian Bing almost slapped himself in the face. Can the appearance of the dragon spirit say a good word? Unexpectedly, Long Ling nodded affirmatively and said, "I'm fine!"! You know what? Since you left,inflatable floating water park, I used the method you taught me to exercise my mental strength, and soon I entered the realm of "big is". If I had more time to practice, I think I would have become a wizard even earlier than you. Nian Bing lowered his head and said, "I congratulate you first." Long Ling smiled indifferently and said, "There is nothing to congratulate. You are much better than me in talent.". Oh, by the way, I haven't congratulated you yet. When will you get married with that Phoenix girl? If I'm still here, remember to give me a wedding invitation. "Are you still there?" Asked Nianbing? What do you mean? Feng Nu and I are just ordinary friends, just like you and me. Don't get me wrong. "A common friend?" Sad color more intense a few minutes,Inflatable outdoor park, "that is my misunderstanding, however, the Phoenix girl is really beautiful, so beautiful girl you do not chase it?" Nian Bing sighed and said, "I remember I told you that I have no right to love now. That's not an excuse, but my sincere words." Long Ling smiled and said, "It has nothing to do with me.". Oh, by the way, Dad asked me to tell you, don't forget to represent the union to participate in the competition, and in half a year, the time will be up. Nian Bing nodded and said, "Now that I have promised, I will go." Long Ling's eyes were a little brighter. "Then you must survive when you carry out this mission.". At any time, you should put your own life first. This is for you. You should put it on quickly. As she spoke, she pulled out a dress from her magic robe. Faint golden red light flashing, large inflatable water slide ,Inflatable water obstacle course, it seems to be a vest, looks very light material, like gauze in general, read ice subconsciously asked: "What is this thing?" Long Ling smiled and said, "You know, our bodies are the most fragile. My father asked me to bring you this vest. If you wear it, even if your opponent is a martial arts master in the realm of Wu Sheng, it can block most of your attacks. It is the best defensive animal for magicians.". I don't know how the texture itself is made. Dad has tried it. Even if it's level ten magic, it can't be destroyed. It has special effects on the defense of fighting spirit. I came to you to finish the task my father gave me. Here you are. I'm leaving. Tomorrow I may be in danger. Be careful yourself. With that, Long Ling gave Nian Bing the golden red vest in his hand, smiled at him, and then turned away. Gold red vest, start as if nothing, gently unfolded, a faint fragrance, read ice did not think much about it, attention is all on the vest, casually throw out a flame, in the light of the fire, the vest shines with a faint luster, this kind of cloth read ice has never seen, gently pull, the vest with excellent elasticity was stretched a little, and returned to normal when he let go. No wonder the seemingly small vest dragon spirit said it was given to him by the president. One more life-saving thing is naturally a good thing. Nian Bing quickly took off his clothes and put on his vest next to his body. Sure enough, the elasticity of the vest is very good. It is very comfortable to wear it close to the skin, as if it is as comfortable as the skin. The air permeability makes the body feel no discomfort at all. I tried it on the body with the flame technique under the ice consciousness. There is no burning feeling. There is no trace on the vest. It is really a very good treasure. The delicate fragrance that appeared before became stronger after the vest was worn on the body, stroking the soft vest, Nian Bing suddenly shook his whole body, his brain was like an electric shock, and the whole person became completely dull. Pulled up the corner of the vest in his nose to smell carefully, his body trembled slightly, what the master gave his vest, what afraid of their own danger, Longzhi simply can not guess that Linger will meet himself. What's more, people are how, Linger is also a magician, there is such a good protective magic weapon, as a father, naturally should give their daughter. This fragrance is so familiar that it is clearly the body fragrance of Linger! Apparently, the vest was originally on her. Long Zhi gave her a protective treasure, but she gave herself, before tomorrow is about to face a crisis, this affection, this silent affection, if you can not understand, that is the biggest fool in the world. Linger, you are really silly, why do you want to be so good to me, I do not deserve you like this ah! Linger, I'm sorry, I failed you too much. Chapter 60 strangle the dragon legion. Two drops of crystal tears fell from the corner of his eyes. He knew that he could not keep his present attitude towards the dragon spirit in any case. Linger gave him the vest. In addition to what he had said before, he obviously gave up his own safety to take care of him, and did not tell the truth. He made up a story to deceive him. Nian Bing's heart trembled,Jumping castle with slide, trembling for the first time for a woman, holding the edge of his vest tightly with both hands, trying to control his emotions. joyshineinflatables.com

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