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I was spoiled by the bamboo horse. Full-time Job

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The wheels were rolling fast, and the rustling wind brought up his mint-stained clothes. Lu You sat behind him and stared at his back for the first time. For a long time, she grabbed the corner of Huo Miao's school uniform, and then, because of the gravity of the brake, she subconsciously embraced Huo Miao's waist. He was still so thin that the bones of his back were stuck in her palm. Sister Youyou. "Hm?" He didn't say anything more, and the smile on his lips was stronger. 22, Jinjiang alone.. Lu You was still late, and Huo Miao squatted on the tiles of the toilet and wiped the dark yellow stains on them. Huo Miao wiped it very fine, slowly wiping it with his finger against the corner of the rag. Lu you is wiping, the look in the eyes casually falls on his body. Huo Xiaomiao is preoccupied. She sprinkled a little water on Huo Miao's face. "What's wrong, little meow?" The movement of his hand stagnated and he hesitated for a long time. Youyou, if I go to the Japanese Chess Academy. "Hm?" She crouched in front of Huo Miao, with her eyes on him. Soon, there was a little smile on her lips. Nothing. He avoided Lu You's eyes and continued to wipe the tiles. Hey, Meow. He was stabbed in the elbow. Lu You slowly moved to Huo Miao's side,large ficus tree, "Let's go to shoot big head stickers after school." Huo Miao seldom takes pictures because he doesn't need to and because he doesn't like it. But when Lu You asked him if he wanted to shoot the sticker, he agreed without any hesitation. Lu You was familiar with the big head sticker shop and began to choose patterns as soon as he entered the door. Huo Miao found a chair to sit down and looked at Lu You in silence. When the guests in the shop saw Huo Miao sitting, they would inevitably look at him a few more times. Soon, someone asked Huo Miao to take a photo with them. Huo Miao shook his head politely and pointed to Lu You. Lu You wore a woolen hat, pursed her lips and tangled the pattern. Her sitting posture was irregular, the bench was tilted,Faux cherry blossom tree, and the two legs of the chair touched the floor. Huo Miao was afraid that she would fall, so he put one foot against the leg of the chair. Wow, this is cute. She wrote a code on a small piece of paper and asked Huo Miao's opinion from time to time. Huo Miao looked at the garish little rabbit heads and twitched at the corners of his mouth. When it came time to shoot, he was obedient. Accompanied by the boring and childish classmate Lu, I took a lot of pictures. The last one was a clean blue sky. Lu You pointed to the machine, "Little Meow, do you remember the picture you sent me?" "Yoyo." He stretched out his hand and put it on her shoulder. She was stunned and looked up at Huo Miao. Huo Miao grew taller again. She was a full head shorter than him. His breath penetrated her nasal cavity through the cool and thin air. She moved her nose and inadvertently smelled an inexplicable smell of tobacco. Youyou He called again. Lu Youcai came to his senses, "Huo Miao." She leaned on his shoulder and opened her hands to compare a flower. Click The photo came out of the slot, and the picture was forever fixed in the winter of 2004. In the past sixteen years, Huo Miao did not know why he wanted to play Weiqi, nor did he know why he wanted to play Weiqi. He didn't understand the meaning of playing chess until he sat on the steps and listened to Lu's garrulous words on a bitterly cold night. He put the invitation on the table and looked at it for a while and put it in the book. Xiao Miao. Grandpa called him outside. He pushed the door and went out. He sat face to face with Grandpa at the Go table. Grandpa holds the black chess in his hand and puts it in the corner of the chessboard. Huo Miao pursed his lips and tapped the table with his fingertips. What are you thinking? Huo Miao made several mistakes in succession, and Grandpa discovered his carelessness. His black pieces surrounded his white pieces, artificial plant wall panels ,artificial grass panels, and he was defeated in the whole game. Go to Japan. He answered truthfully. So you're going? Grandpa asked casually. Uh He pushed the white piece aside and restored a clean chessboard, "for himself." "Thinking about that little girl?" Grandpa is familiar with his personality, "once gone, it is three years of separation." Without saying much, he put the pieces into the chess box one by one. Walking in the world for a long time, people will feel more and more that age is the dimension of measuring aging, and time is more like a number that never stops running forward. Lu You's two minutes in the boxing ring can be as long as a year. From punching, to defending, to thinking about every step, every mistake of the opponent. A few tenths of a second passed very slowly. Wang Ke's strength is very strong, and he is good at quick boxing, which is deadly. She thought that people like Lu You were impatient, wanted to win and had no brains. But she soon found that Lu You was very patient, consuming her, and every punch she made would irritate her. So she was so angry that she threw a punch and finally missed the champion. Finally, when the referee raised Lu You's hand, Wang Ke found that Lu You was not as brainless as he looked. So when Wang Ke finally sat in front of the TV and saw Lu You lifting the trophy, she was not surprised at all. She thought that if there was women's boxing in the Olympic Games, she would be the first athlete to win the world championship. At the end of the competition, Lu You, who was accidentally qualified for the competition, won the only gold medal in the team. So it went smoothly, and she went from Group B to Group A. When Jiang Ruochen said goodbye to her, there was not much emotion. Lu You, you deserve it. He crossed out Lu You's name from the list of Group B. Lu You put on his bag and pushed open the glass door of Group B. At the door, a group of teammates stood on tiptoe watching Lu You walking slowly away. At the door, Lu You stopped. She stuck her hand on the doorknob and looked at Jiang Ruochen, "Uncle Jiang." "What's the matter?" For the first time, he didn't worry about whether Lu You called his coach. "You are my most respected boxing coach," she said. With that, she pushed the door and went out. Be the only person in Group B to swim to Group A. Years ago, Group B was disbanded in accordance with the rules of the higher authorities. Some people decide to change the project, some people give up completely and go back to school to study. Lu You practiced in Group A for more than ten days, and Jiang Ruochen came again. He didn't talk much and took a glass of water to Lu You. Lu You, pay attention to your legs, knees. Lu You sat on the bench, poured a mouthful of water and listened quietly as he corrected his mistakes. As soon as he finished,fake ficus tree, Lu You asked, "Uncle Jiang, will you be my last coach?" Her face was full of smiles. hacartificialtree.com

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