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I waited for you for a long time. Full-time Job

Feb 23rd, 2023 at 02:26   Financial Services   Bayreuth   137 views Reference: 360
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The next day, when Wen Yining came to work, he saw several heads of the administrative department in the conference room early. She asked her colleague curiously, "Do you have a big customer today?" "Not a client, a mystery guest." Wen Yining put the bag into the cabinet, sat on the chair and turned on the computer, looking at each other, "who is it?" "Do you know Mingyao Kechuang?" The colleague came over and blinked. Wen Yining was amused by her nymphomaniac appearance. "I've heard of it, but I don't know much about it." "The boss of this company is coming to our group today." Colleagues lowered their voices, "handsome, rich!"! It's the model of the overbearing president in the romance novel! The other cut: "Isn't our General Manager Tang handsome?"? Not the president? Not a model? Why do you turn your elbow out when you are the breadwinner who pays your salary? "Don is always handsome, but I think he's a little old." "It's not old. Have you seen the news? A 70-year-old man likes to be a father!" Wen Yining was laughing and listening to the two little girls talking in a mess, and he was in a good mood all day. Twenty minutes later, the elevator door was crowded with people, and at a glance, several senior executives of the company were also there. Wen Yining is busy to hand in a form, also did not look carefully who is coming. When I came back again, I heard my colleagues gossiping there, "The real person looks better than the picture!"! He and Tang Zong stand together, my mother,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, what kind of immortal aura are they! I felt as if the legs of the people next to them had been sawed off. Wen Yining brain fill, strange terror, knock their heads, "OK, OK, do things, Manager Chen will come out later, see and be scolded." Several of them stuck out their tongues and quietly sat back at their desks. Busy in the morning,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, Wen Yining had to redo the plan that was rejected by Xiao Zong last time, and his cell phone rang several times in the middle, which was the ring of the information notification. Wen Yining did not attend to it, so he had time to take a look when he finished his work. Several Taobao advertisements, two emails and a WeChat notification. Wen Yining finally clicked on WeChat and was stunned. A few days ago, she sent Tang Yao to add a friend application, the other party has been no news, but 40 minutes ago, it was approved. Tang Yao's WeChat name is his real name, the circle of friends also did not set permissions, click in but do not see any content, should never send these. Wen Yining was thinking about whether to transfer the money for the last meal. As soon as his cell phone shook, Tang Yao sent a message: "Look up." Wen Yining raised his head. The door of the reception room had been opened, and all the suits came out one after another. Tang Qichen and Tang Yao were side by side, Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 stainless steel wire, followed by Ke Li. Tang Qichen and Ke Li are saying something, Tang Yao holding the mobile phone, looking at the direction of Wen Yining. He smiled, the man was already taking a step, said to Tang Qichen: "acquaintance, I go to say hello." Tang Yao walked up to Wen Yining with a deep smile. "Don't say you don't remember me. There are so many people here." He leaned close to her ear, suppressed his voice and said, "Give me some face." Wen Yining bowed his head and laughed. Two people in this state are not separated at all, and handsome men and beautiful women are pleasing to the eye wherever they are placed. Ke Li frowned and looked at Tang Qichen subconsciously. I said, we will see each other soon, "Tang Yao smiled and held out his hand." Miss Wen, once born and twice familiar, are we acquaintances now? " Wen Yining shook hands with him politely, "Thank you, General Manager Tang." General Manager Tang was in a happy mood and smiled like a spring breeze. General Tang's eyebrows were gloomy and his face was cloudy. Wen Yining remembered the business and said to Tang Yao: "By the way, last time you added WeChat, you never passed my application, and you didn't pay back the money. I'm sorry.". I'll transfer it to you now. At that time, she had the heart to remember the amount, which was less than three thousand and five hundred. She transferred an integer directly to Tang Yao, "you collect the bill." Tang Yao glanced at his cell phone, "a lot." "Make it up. Thank you." The two men looked at each other and laughed at the same time. Ke Li came over and asked, "Do you know each other?" Tang Yao nodded: "I have a predestined relationship with Miss Wen." He turned around and said to Tang Qichen, who was standing two meters away, "It's just right. Tomorrow, with your blessing, you can go around Shanghai. Xiao Li has recommended a place to me just now. Let's go to Tongli. I've seen a documentary about an ancient Chinese town abroad before.". Now I finally have a chance to play. Tang Qichen answered with a smile, "OK, I'll ask Ke Li to arrange the local reception." "No, there's one here." Tang Yao looked at Wen Yining again and asked politely, "Do me a favor and be my tour guide for two days?" Wen Yining was stunned. "Me?" She has not yet agreed, Chen Sa came from the side, "Yes, I approve this holiday.". Yining, on behalf of the company, treat General Manager Yao well. The matter was finalized, accompanied by Tang Yao, and they were going to visit the factory next. Walking to the elevator entrance, Tang Qichen suddenly said: "There are many good places in Shanghai, and all the food and food have their own characteristics.". You haven't come back for many years, and you can visit all parts of the motherland if you have time. I have a very good friend in the ancient town of Tongli, so tomorrow I will be free to accompany you. Tang Yao's smile does not change. One side of Ke Li was stupefied. Free tomorrow? But tomorrow at noon, Mingming and the leaders of the Housing and Construction Bureau have a social invitation. Chapter 28 a courtyard of spring breeze (8). Tang Yao is a special existence in the Tang family. His father's bastard behavior has always been a disgrace to Tang. He has seldom contacted his family since he went abroad for decades. He only made overseas phone calls on his birthday. It was not until a few years ago that the old man learned from his friends that Tang Yao had developed so rapidly. It's like the scenery in an abandoned garden, keeping a low profile. I love to see and hear things that glorify my family. Tang Yao also has the intention to recognize his ancestors and enjoy himself. He and Tang Qichen stand together, the stature volume is equal, is the handsome splendid person superior person,stainless steel welded pipe, between the eyebrow expression circulation quite has somewhat similar. Everyone said that Tang Yao's return to China was malicious and went for the property of the Tang family. Tang Qichen has been in an important position for many years, but not everything goes well. It's only a matter of time before the two brothers don't get along. There were many people waiting to see the play, and all the eyes inside and outside were staring at them. This is also the gossip that Wen Yining learned from his colleagues later. sxthsteel.com

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I waited for you for a long time.