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I turn all living beings upside down with my acting skills. Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:30   Independent & Freelance   Calw   213 views Reference: 155
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He Fei silently picked up the computer to calm rumors, while calling the company's public relations department, in fact, these do not need him to say that Wei Zhao has long seemed to go down, online news about Cen yuan Airport, whether articles or videos have been deleted completely. But this also is not absolute, have that experienced old hand early right key saves screenshot, still caused not small disturbance on the net. The only thing to be thankful for is that there is no news from the big brother yet. In He Fei's opinion, no news is good news. Seeing that things were temporarily under control, Cen yuan also slept until evening, just in time for dinner. Cen yuan got up sleepily, put on his slippers and was about to go downstairs. His stomach was almost flat. God knows he only drank a bowl of gruel in the morning and had already digested it. After that, he couldn't sleep until now. He was so hungry that his eyes were shining. Also do not know two people are not heart to heart, Wei Zhao as if the kitchen cooked food just served, Cen yuan himself stumbled down. Facing his eyes, Cen yuan grinned. "Heaven and earth have the biggest belly, and you have to eat after washing your hands." Bang! The gate was violently pushed open, and they looked up and saw He Fei sweating profusely, as if he had just been fished out of the water. Seeing the two of them eating leisurely, he Fei was so angry that his heart was about to explode,14 tube fitting, and no matter what boss was present or not, he roared at Cen yuan. Like a lion's roar. Something to the effect that their story has come to light. Cen yuan was roared by him at first, and was about to say that he didn't understand. Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration in his mind, and he didn't care what he was hungry. He looked at Wei Zhao in disbelief, and his voice seemed to be stuck: "You said that the matter between me and Wei Zhao was exposed?!" He Fei nodded and wished he could tear his head off. "Little ancestor!"! Pack it up. The pictures of you two are all over the Internet now, and everyone knows it. How can you be so calm? It's all on fire! After the shock at the beginning, Cen yuan sat back in his original position,38 tube fitting, and even began to eat again, he Fei simply did not see, the emperor is not anxious eunuch, he is why bother. Sitting sullenly on one side, holding his head, his skull hurts. After a while, Cen yuan finished solving the major events in his life and said slowly, "We are in love with each other, and we have already met our parents." In fact, they were urged to get married. What's the matter! Cen yuan selfishly felt that the person who exposed the news was simply the God of Wei Mu. They thought that the marriage would be delayed for at least another two years, but now they are so stirred up that they have to marry even if they don't marry! In fact, the storm on the Internet is much more terrible than He Fei's description, it is simply a hurricane mode, now even primary school students know that the top flow Cen yuan has a gold father! It is said to be the boss of Ming Xing! Wei Zhao, tube fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel tube fitting, the best actor in the former circle! Only the fans are all angry and crying. The puffer fish is all gone.. Old aunt powder CP powder all laughed, excited to tell each other: "Hey!"! Have you heard? My husband finally has a lover. [Relieved] [relieved] "In the lifetime series, the day does not perish my CP!" "The male God Sai Gao!" The mood of these people and the former Wei Mu as high as 99% of the coincidence, probably afraid of good goods in their own hands, now it is not easy to sell out, it is simply a miracle. But Cen yuan's fans are the most fierce opposition, most of them are young people, although Wei Zhao retired from the circle in the past one or two years, but how fast the metabolism of the entertainment circle, one or two months without showing up can be forgotten cleanly, except for Cen yuan, as for Wei Zhao's level of big coffee, it has long been a legendary existence. They raised the banner of resistance and said inspiring words, "firmly oppose the old cow to eat the tender grass!"! Oppose the gold owner, Dad! I'm so beautiful that no one deserves it! People who eat melons: ".." Those who don't know thought it was a cult demonstration. One of the more bizarre is that a few idle and boring rich second generation actually suddenly wanted to set up a party, called "refuse the old cow to eat the tender grass and note the lonely party", the key is to really let them do it! Cheng! Here we go! Party rules and regulations have been drawn up, and thousands of yuan of party fees have been paid, which are in contact with local women's street offices. Pictures have been posted on Weibo, which immediately caused a great uproar. Netizens were shocked: Niu Ren! Because this online Zhihu Douban began to discuss the right and wrong of the old cow eating the tender grass, watching the topic become more and more biased, suddenly a large number of black fans came in to leave messages under Cen yuan's micro-blog, and there were all kinds of bad words. His comment section was made to stink. With the army of black fans, more and more unknown passers-by gathered around. They were stunned to guess a wonderful story through a word or two. They didn't care whether their words could stand up or not. As some people said, they were just looking for a way to vent. Behind the virtual network, they were "pointing out rivers and mountains". They think they're the Messiah, but they're just a bunch of garbage! Scum! Just a bunch of dregs of society polluting the air! More and more viewers who do not know the truth are joining in, and the messages are spreading faster and faster, just like the plague spreading rapidly. Even if rational people realize that something is wrong, it is too late. Often, as soon as they defend a few sentences, they are greeted by the mad remarks of 18 generations of ancestors. Over time, no one dares to speak. People on the Internet are scolding red eyes, at first it may be pure scolding, then taste the sweetness has been addictive, gimmicks do not hook, then add more, especially homosexuality such a taboo topic. Later, more and more dirty jokes emerged one after another, their quality is uneven, but without exception, they are smearing homosexuality, AIDS, promiscuity, such words are only the most superficial insult, only the malice of human beings in the world can not be imagined. In the bright room,needle valve manufacturer, Jian Fangzhi smiled and gave himself a glass of wine. He drank it down with the overwhelming comments on the Internet. He was so drunk that he could no longer suppress his laughter. The voice of Yin Jie echoed in the air, like a ghost in the underworld. Just hearing it made people's scalp tingle. Cen yuan, I'll see how you turn over this time. Ha ha ha He laughed so wildly that he could be called crazy. chinaroke.com

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