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I heard that I am Xianjun's fiance wearing books. Full-time Job

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"Elder Martial Brother Ying, are these the two disciples you asked me to take to Shangyu to attend the grand meeting of cultivating immortals?" Di Sheng, dressed in a dark blue gown, looked carefully at Mu Junhuai and Xu Lin. He nodded and said, "Yes, Xiu Wei is at least not far from yuan Ying." A grand gathering to cultivate immortals? So this time he and Xu Lin were able to ascend to the upper domain because the upper domain was going to hold a grand gathering of cultivating immortals? "Yes, this grand gathering of cultivating immortals is held for the first time in five hundred years in Tianxian Pool of Lingtianxian Sect, which should require many disciples to run errands." Ying Li looked at Mu Junhuai and Xu Lin and said with a smile, "They should be very suitable." "Let two people who are at the peak of the golden elixir be the runners. It's really a pity that you came up with it, Elder Martial Brother Ying." Di Sheng grinned and said, "But now that the door to the world is closed, this is the only way to get to the upper domain." "The grand meeting of cultivating immortals is also a feast for hundreds of immortals. If you take them in to see it, you can also let them know the difference between the upper and lower domains." Di Sheng looked sideways at Ying Li, but smiled, "Since it's your request, I won't shirk it." Ying Li patted Di Sheng on the shoulder. "These two people have good luck. Maybe they can give Yunshang Mountains a long face in the future." Di Sheng showed a trace of curiosity. "What do you mean?" Ying Li looked at the two nervous people with a smiling face and said, "Mu Jun has a strange fire and practices the way of twins. His talent is not inferior to those wizards.". The most important thing is that he is a master of alchemy. Di Sheng was not surprised by Li's previous words, but the last sentence really shocked Di Sheng. He took a good look at Mu Junhuai and said in amazement, "Is he really a master of alchemy?" "I can't lie to you." "This is not enough, just a little surprising, is not yuan Ying, is already." Di Sheng closed his eyes with a smile and sighed,38 tube fitting, "I'd better not tell my predecessors that they can't stand the blow." Not everyone can have the title of Master of Alchemy. If a Dharma practitioner practices one more elixir skill and enters the door of Master of Alchemy within a hundred years, it will really hit those venerable and powerful people who have lived for hundreds or even thousands of years. Ha ha ha, you really can not say, tell you just let you help Mu Junhuai more, don't let him be looked down upon by others for no reason. "Not everyone can look down upon our disciples in the Yunshang Mountains." Di Sheng paused and said with a smile, "But if you say so, Elder Martial Brother Ying, I naturally have to take care of the two Younger Martial Brothers." "I'm relieved to have your words." Ying Li cast his eyes on Xu Lin and said,needle valve manufacturer, "Xu Lin practices the five elements, so he knows all about the five elements, and he also has a strange fire." Di Sheng's face showed a trace of surprise again, and he sighed: "Elder Martial Brother Ying, the gift you sent this time is not small!" "Yunshangzong has not injected fresh blood for nearly a hundred years, and it is necessary to have one more talent." Di Sheng nodded and said, "That's a fact. A wave of talented people sent up thirty years ago have now become two babies." Thirty years ago, wasn't it about Yi Zhuo and their rise? Mu Junhuai's heart beat faster for a moment, looked up at Ying Li, the corners of his mouth moved, wanted to open his mouth and know that his identity was inappropriate, so he bowed his head and asked nothing, waiting patiently for the two venerable to talk. How is Yi Zhuo now? Suddenly mentioning Yi Zhuo, Mu Junhuai looked up at Ying Li again. At this time, Di Sheng opened his mouth with a smile and said, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, "This Younger Martial Brother Yi is amazing. He has only been thirty years old. Not only has he been in the late yuan Ying period, but he has also been summoned by the suzerain to live in Lingtian Xinghe." Ying Li and Mu Junhuai and others were shocked, especially Ying Li, whose face showed a surprise rarely seen. Should he be in the early days of yuan Ying when he ascended to the upper domain? Di Sheng nodded and said, "It's true, but it's only one year to enter the middle stage. Later, many things happened. With the addition of Lingtian Xinghe, it's not surprising that 30 years have entered the later stage." Mu Junhuai listened to Di Sheng's words and lowered his head involuntarily. He tried to catch up, chasing Yi Zhuo's golden elixir from the congealing period, thinking that he was close, but after thirty years, he and Yi Zhuo opened another stage. Thinking of all the difficulties he would face next, Mu Junhuai could not help clenching his fist. It seems that Yi Zhuo is doing well in Shangyu. "Ying Li looked at Mu Junhuai, who was bowing his head, and said," Mu Junhuai, you can't slack off when you go to Shangyu. " Mu Junhuai closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. He looked up at Ying Li seriously. "The disciple will never fail to live up to the suzerain's expectations." Ying Li nodded and said, "It's a good start to have this momentum." He took two steps forward and came to Mu Junhuai. He put his hand on his shoulder and said, "The upper domain is not better than the lower domain. You should be cautious in everything you do, especially what I told you before." Tell him what to say? Do you mean Chunyimuyuan? Recalling what Ying Li had said to him in the past, he nodded and said, "Disciple, remember the words of the suzerain." Ying Li put down his hand and took out two boxes from the storage ring and gave them to Mu Junhuai and Xu Lin respectively. "Before leaving, these two bottles of Lingquan are left for you to use." Although there are many spiritual springs, it is hard to find a good one. In addition, Mu Junhuai needed the assistance of Lingquan, so naturally he was very happy to take it. "Thank you, suzerain." Xu Lin, who also needed to nourish himself, also took it gratefully, "Thank you, suzerain." Di Sheng smiled and came up and said, "Elder Martial Brother, the time is not nearly the same. If it's too late, we won't be able to catch up with the grand meeting of cultivating immortals." Ying Li nodded and said, "Well, if you're ready, let's leave." Di Sheng looked at Mu Junhuai and Xu Lin. "Are you ready?" Mu Junhuai opened his mouth first and said, "Senior, the disciple is ready." In the future, they will all be brothers, and there is no need to call each other senior. Just call me Elder Martial Brother Di. Mu Junhuai and Xu Lin looked at each other and tacitly bowed their heads and shouted, "Elder Martial Brother Di." Di Sheng nodded and said, "Now that you're ready, let me go." When the words fell, Di Sheng walked out of the Wansong Hall first and called a huge red eagle. When the Red Eagle fell, a voice came from Mu Junhuai's mind, "Mu Junhuai,tube fitting manufacturer, you remember that although the evil in your body has been removed, your body has been eroded by evil after all, and you are very sensitive to evil things.". Don't go to the land of evil spirits before you go up. chinaroke.com

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