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I am not your enemy ... Full-time Job

Nov 9th, 2022 at 02:52   IT & Telecoms   Calw   118 views Reference: 29
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Then next year today, Nie Feng may have to burn incense in front of your grave. ” Broken waves treacherous smile, answer: "Since I have the courage to teach three points, I have come prepared!"! I'll leave now with the iron corpse male silkworm and see if you can stop me. As soon as Duan Lang's words came out, all the disciples in the field were in an uproar! Broken wave has always been only a small role in the world, now dare to openly challenge XiongBa, is he crazy? And in the midst of the uproar, the broken waves have really "words and deeds", turn around and leave! "Dou!" "Gallbladder!" Xiongba spat out two words in a rage, and then, although he himself had not yet made a move, the hundreds of disciples standing beside him suddenly understood the meaning of the gang leader. Do it for him! He listened to the sound of "Fu", and the lightning of the hundreds of disciples in the world had swept behind the broken waves, and the knife was split to the broken waves! Unexpectedly, the broken wave is still fearless, but did not look back at this group of disciples, just coldly spit out a word: "Xiongba!" "Have you forgotten that I said I had come prepared this time?" "And these disciples-" "How can they stop me?" Voice side, broken waves finally let Xiongba see clearly, what he is ready to come! Yes Fire! A move in the fire! A "bear"! The hundred disciples who rushed forward suddenly felt a flaming fire in front of them. They looked at it calmly in a flash of lightning, and saw that the whole body of the broken waves was covered with an evil heat. In an instant, his whole body was like a head. Fire Lin fierce beast! And this ferocious beast, from the fire,wholesale plastic pallet, has already made a move that can erode the sun. Fire! Lin! Erosion! Day! Before the hundred disciples could exclaim! They suddenly realized that they could no longer exclaim, because the fire had swallowed them all in one mouthful, and in the heat of the fire, suddenly there was the sound of "Peng Peng Peng" a hundred blows! They've all been knocked out! It is hard to imagine that the skill of the broken wave, which has always been ordinary, is so amazing at the moment, and it has enough strength to use his family's unique skill "Huolin erodes the sun". As soon as he makes a move, he has knocked down all the elites in the world who are not weak in martial arts. The skill is so high that it is amazing! XiongBa ten thousand expect broken waves in a short period of time to violence, not by Zheng: "Fire Lin eclipses the sun?" "Heard that this move must be used with exquisite internal force!" "Broken boy!"! Do you have the ability to use your father's unique skill to destroy the sun? "It's so simple!" Broken waves sigh with a smile: "Because I have become the same as the elder jade." "Yaksha!" The voice did not stop,collapsible bulk container, the face and hands of the broken waves, suddenly turned a piece of blood red, obviously as Yusanlang said, as long as the broken waves urge the power in the Yaksha pool, it is possible to go crazy, now look at his face and hands red, perhaps as long as he urges the power of the Yaksha many times, it is very likely that he will really sink into evil ways.. Broken waves, however, although a move to force Qunying, there are still people who don't believe he has got the power of yaksha and shot, but see the white shadow a flag, the ugly has been in broken waves between words swept to its eyes, one hand to the broken waves face straight split, one side of the strange way: "Broken boy!"! Don't be so self-righteous! I don't believe you have been strengthened. I want to try you! The voice suddenly fell, plastic trash bins ,plastic pallet supplier, the strength of the ugly palm has also fallen with the sound, but the broken wave is still cold way: "Wen Chou Chou!"! You are the one who thinks you are right! As he spoke, the broken wave stood out and blocked it. With a "touch", Wen Chou Chou, who was many times more powerful than those elites, flew ten feet away. Wen Chou Chou spurted blood from his mouth and nose on the spot and fainted! However, although the broken wave shook back Wen Chou Chou with one hand, another move of another person had been killed at the same time! It's a fist move! The fist is the frost! Qin Shuang, who has been speechless all the time, has arrived with the cold wind of his fist, which is one of the styles of his Tianshuang Fist. "Frost congeals to see clumsy!" This recruit "frost congeals to see clumsy", the fist wind contains infinite chill, can freeze the enemy's body to stiffness, take advantage of the situation to slow down the other side's moves and defeat it, but, Qin Shuang in this killing, obviously because of the eyes is Nie Feng's good friend broken waves and a bit of strength, and also one side before the attack to break waves straight way: "Broken waves!"! I, Qin Shuang, have no quarrel with you, let alone claim credit. I shouldn't have done it! "But the gang rules are like mountains, you offend my master, I also." Have to. Against you! Yes! Qin Shuang didn't know the enmity between his teacher Xiongba and Yusanlang, and didn't understand why the broken waves finally made an enemy of his teacher, but when he saw that the broken waves wanted to take away the iron corpse male silkworm, he had always been loyal to his teacher, and even though he was reluctant, he had to stop the broken waves from leaving! How clever are the broken waves? Of course, he understood the helplessness of Qin Shuang's words, and he smiled helplessly: "Qin Shuang!"! I didn't expect you and I to be so hostile today! "I am very grateful to you for agreeing with Bu Jingyun that day that I would become the fourth heavenly king!"! It's a pity that no one can stop me from taking the male silkworm away today, including you! "If you leave three points of strength in your fist, I will break the waves and respect you for three points, and also leave three points of strength.." "Break you!" The word "break you" suddenly came out, and the broken waves were strong all over the body. A flaming fire quickly rose into the sky, and the strength of the fire was a thousand pounds. On the spot, Qin Shuang's cold strength under the head-on cover of "frost congeals to see clumsy" was dissolved one by one. The strength of the fire went up again, and Qin Shuang's move was old. The second move could not be made up immediately. On the spot, he was heavily shaken open by the strength of fire, and he could! Ah! Even Qin Shuang is no match for Zhen Kai! At this moment, on the three-point teaching field, I'm afraid only those who can compete with the broken waves. Alone! And this man also.. Finally! "Peng", I do not know when, Xiongba has been with the naked eye is also difficult to catch fast, such as thunder, such as heavy rain, such as the wind, has appeared behind the broken waves! "You.." The broken wave had just shaken Qin Shuang back, and the second breath of True Qi had not yet been urged to move. He heard the sound of "Peng", and Xiongba had already made a heavy blow at his back door. Pai Yun Shen Zhang! Rao's skill after breaking the waves is amazing, but the speed and weight of Xiongba's blow is even more amazing! Fortunately,heavy duty plastic pallet, the body behind the palm of the broken wave was only shocked to move forward ten feet, but before the broken wave could calm down, Xiongba's second strong move had already been killed! Trick is a strong leg-Fengshen leg! cnplasticpallet.com

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