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Huanlou Shierqu Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 03:29   Independent & Freelance   Castrop-Rauxel   320 views Reference: 154
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Liang Shangke Liao Qing saw him throw himself into an inn in a quiet part of the alley. He hurriedly glanced at Peng Tsung-ming and Wu Pi-ying, and then followed up. By this time, the inn had only one room in the outer compartment and three rooms in the second room. After the strange old man entered the inn, he slept in the outer compartment. Peng Tsung-ming and the other three had to stay in the second room. In the evening, Peng Zongming couldn't help being surprised and asked, "Uncle Liao, you've been walking for many years. Do you remember anyone like the strange old man just now?" Liang Shangke Liao seemed to be asked by him impatiently. He looked up and glared at him. As he undressed and went to bed, he murmured, "Little baby, it's really annoying to ask like a mother-in-law. The world is so big. You and I are just an embroidery needle in the sea. There are superior people outside, and there are mountains on the mountain. Even if your uncle Liao is the local guard of the official family, he won't know so clearly. Besides, there are some swordsmen in the world." "I only hear his name, but I don't know who he is. Even if we meet him face to face, how can we know who he is before we talk to him?" In today's martial arts world, Sun Haodong, a senior figure who can be called a leader, has an iron sword in Weizhen, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou in the southwest of China. Unfortunately, this old man seems to have been stimulated in Jianghu in recent years. He suddenly washed his hands of the golden basin and retired from acting. In the north and south of the Yangtze River, there is also an outstanding senior in Wulin. It is said that although this old man has excellent knowledge, few people in Jianghu have seen his true face. His name is.. Liang Shangke, Liao Qing,brass tube fitting, covered his mouth and yawned three times. He rubbed his eyes and said, "I can't remember his name. Go to sleep quickly. When I remember it, I'll tell you it's true.." The words did not finish, Liang Shangke Liao Qing snoring has fallen asleep. The next morning, when the three of them left the hotel and passed the guest room in the outer compartment, the door was open, and the strange old man had already disappeared. Liao Qing, the guest on the beam, cried out bitterly,ball valve manufacturer, "It's hateful. Blame the old man for slipping away!" "Uncle Liao," said Peng Zongming, "we should go to Uncle Ou's Sanguanji Village." Guanji was about ten miles away from Laohekou in northern Hubei, and before noon, Peng Zongming and the other three had arrived in this small town. On the market town of Sanguan, Peng Zongming's face suddenly showed a terrible pallor after he had gone around. It was as if a terrible and unfortunate thing was about to be played out in front of us. The three of them crossed the street and came to the outskirts of Sanguanji Town. Peng Zongming trembled and pointed to a pile of scorched earth and rubble not far away. He said, "Uncle Liao, is this Uncle Ou's Ou Village?" When he asked this, he opened his eyes wide, full of anticipation, and looked at Liang Shangke without blinking, hoping that his answer was not two words. Peng Zongming pointed with his hand. When Liao Qing, a guest on the beam, looked up at his finger, he suddenly patted himself on the back of his head. He opened his mouth in surprise and suddenly turned his head around as if to identify the direction. Then he was shocked and uneasy. He said, "This.." Isn't this Ou Laoer's Ou Zhuang? How. How can it be burned to a scorched earth? When Liang Shangke and Liao Qing said this, 12 needle valve ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, Peng Zongming was so anxious that he couldn't help shedding tears. He covered his face and cried bitterly, "From this point of view, Uncle Ou and Sister Wanli have been killed." As soon as Peng Zongming cried like this, Wu Biying could not help but have tears in her eyes, the color of bitterness and bitterness. Liang Shangke Liao Qing rubbed his palms and murmured in amazement and anxiety: "Ou.." Old Ou's father and daughter. Really There will be an accident. At this point, as soon as he touched his pocket, he suddenly remembered that he was resentful and said, "The teacup is not a thing. Good things can't be said, but bad things are like gods. This time he guessed right." Liang Shangke Liao Qing said that from the close-fitting waist pocket, he took out three inches of red, yellow and white to see the delicate small pocket. At this time, Peng Tsung-ming, who was hiding his face and weeping, had a little peace in his anxious heart. Liang Shangke Liao Qing opened the small red bag. At this time, Peng Zongming and Wu Biying showed a look of anticipation and uneasiness, looking at Liao Qing, the guest on the beam, looking closely at the handwriting on the square white cloth. Peng Zongming couldn't help murmuring, "Uncle Liao, what's written on Uncle Yu's white cloth?" Liao Qing, the guest on the beam, looked impatient and said in a loud voice, "The teacup is talking. I really see his ghost.." Our master, Ou Laoer, father and daughter, haven't been found yet, and they want us to find someone who has nothing to do with it. With these words, he threw the white cloth to Peng Zongming. Peng Zongming took the white cloth and looked closely at the words written on it with Wu Biying. After a while, Peng Zongming looked puzzled and asked, "Uncle Liao, who is the foolish old man Wang Jiu that Uncle Yu pointed out on the white cloth?" At this time, Liang Shangke Liao Qing looked at a white cloud floating in the distant sky, as if he was meditating on a sudden problem. When he heard Peng Zongming's question, he did not turn his neck, but looked at a floating cloud in the sky. He said slowly: "Last night in the hotel room, I mentioned to you that the elder of Wulin who appeared and disappeared all over the country." Liang Shangke Liao Qing, in his confused memory, looked for this rumor. Half a minute later, he said slowly, "This old man is very senior in Wulin, but he is a dragon who sees the beginning but not the end. Few people in Jianghu have seen his true face, so there are few rumors and deeds.". This old man's whereabouts can be met but not sought. Liao Qingxing has only heard of his name in Jianghu over the years, but he has never met him once. When Peng Zongming heard Liang Shangke and Liao Qing say this, he nodded and hum, and moved away from Ouzhuang, which had become a ruined wall, with Wu Biying. Three people because want to visit the foolish old man Wang Jiu, aimlessly along the water in the middle of Hubei, this day came to the small town of Taipingji not far from Fancheng. Along the way, Liao Qing, a guest on the beam, kept blaming the tea guest Yu Qi. When he arrived at the busy place of Yi Street in this town, it was already noon. He rubbed his stomach with one hand and complained incessantly: "The teacup is very harmful. With a few words written on a piece of white cloth like a reminder,hydraulic fitting supplier, Liao Qing's two legs were broken.". In front of the door of a wine shop, Liang Shangke Liao Qing snorted resentfully and fell into the wine shop. After Peng Tsung-ming and Wu Pi-ying entered, Liang Shangke and Liao Ching ordered the shopkeeper to bring several ready-made dishes of meat and vegetables and a pot of warm wine. chinaroke.com

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