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Holy Ruins Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:21   Tourism & Restaurants   Dachau   261 views Reference: 213
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Chu Feng was surprised and puzzled. I know you used to be strong, but compared with some people, your strength is still a little weak, especially now that you have physical problems. Lin Nuoyi hesitated to speak. She looked back into the distance and then went on. Even with the protection of the old master and others, it is not necessarily safe. She said softly. Is there already such a powerful force in the world? Chu Feng was surprised. Lin Nuoyi did not respond, but brought up the past again. In this post-civilized era, there have been several mysterious changes, the most recent of which was 21 years ago. Chu Feng heard, pupil contraction, thought of something. Because, in twenty-one years, some creatures have become kings, but they have not manifested in the world and have been dormant. Even, he has been speculating, in the earlier changes, whether someone has taken that step, has already begun to evolve? He was suspicious and said it directly. Lin Nuoyi shook his head and said, "That's not what I want to say." Then, with her spiritual voice, she sounded in Chu Feng's heart instead of opening her mouth again. Now there are foreign creatures coming, there will be people like that at any time, all because of the change of heaven and earth, opening up some roads. It was her spiritual whisper, and then she looked solemnly at Chu Feng. In fact, in the most recent incident, 21 years ago,Porcelain Marble Slabs, there were also individual channels opened, and people from outside the country succeeded! Lin Nuoyi's words like a thunderbolt, exploded in the ears of Chu Feng, this is really a big event! At this moment, he finally understood, why some plutocrats are full of confidence, there is a leak that they have inside information, so they rely on these! Twenty-one years ago, people from outside the country came over and worked with the chaebol. No wonder they understood the nature of the mutation one step ahead of others. Earlier,Agate Stone Price, when heaven and earth were still normal, Lin Nuoyi mentioned pollen, catalyst and so on when he talked with his family outside the campus. In fact, Chu Feng is not a hindsight, he actually had doubts, also want to go deep into the association, but never sure. When he came back from Tibet, he took the same train with Zhou Quan. On the way, he had an accident and stopped on the track for one night. That night, plants grew wildly, and a vine pulled down a satellite in space. Early in the morning, when they went to the roof of the car to explore, they unexpectedly found a man dressed in ancient costumes, carrying a black dagger. At that time, Chu Feng doubted whether this was an ancient person, but later he found a communicator on him, and he dispelled his doubts. Now that I think about it, there are too many doubts. It is very likely that people from outside the country have been living in this world for a period of time. I don't know why the accident happened that day. Maybe he was looking for a new path, Slate Wall Panel ,Agate Slabs For Sale, or maybe he was killed by the enemy. Today, the black dagger is still on Chu Feng, but he seldom uses it, because he has many associations, afraid that the black dagger will be recognized and attract the strong. He had always felt that the man had a special history. Chu Feng's brief trance, Lin Nuoyi has gone out for a long distance. He followed up, two people walk again, Chu Feng thought a lot, he made a lot of things clear for a while. Lin Nuoyi looked at him and told him that there were not many ways to choose in the current situation of Chu Feng. He hoped that he would be safe. If he could choose, it would be good to live an ordinary life. Where are those people? Chu Feng asked the outsiders where the so-called inside information was hiding now. Some are in the holes of the life magnetic field in the Arctic, some are in the medicinal gardens that appear after the famous mountain fields are cracked, and some are near the unicorn nests. Lin Nuoyi knew something, she would not say before, but today told Chu Feng. Some things she had known for a long time, and some things she had learned recently. Chu Feng did not speak, he was pondering, these so-called details do not seem to have been born. They don't come out because the fruits and pollen in the world are not effective for them now, and they need higher fruits to evolve. Lin Nuoyi told. Chu Feng understood, he was thinking, if he studied the field deep enough, can he start first? If these people have no goodwill to him, want to imprison him, help them to keep the army, then he might as well find this group of people first, set up a large field, they will be a nest end! Anyway, these people are gathered in the yuan magnetic hole and other places, these special terrain, the most suitable for laying a large field of terror! Lin Nuoyi left and returned to the God's biological camp. Now all the major forces are leaving for Zijin Mountain together. So, is he willing to let us protect him? Let him go into the mountains and concentrate on the field. The young man, whose skin was like jade and whose eyebrows had a little red lines, asked Lin Nuoyi with a smile. Linnoy shook his head. "That child is really not obedient. It's time to spank him," said the old woman, who was leaning on a shiny black crutch and had a kind face. With that, there was a golden beam in her eyes. When Lin Nuoyi heard this, he said, "Isn't it better to give him some time to cooperate?" "He has to be obedient." The old woman said lightly with a faint smile. Then she opened her mouth again and said, "Of course, I still have to observe his field attainments again. If he is not in place, he may not be qualified to be protected by us into the mountains." Zijin Mountain is very special, even before the change of heaven and earth, the top of the mountain is often surrounded by purple clouds, and now it is more and more extraordinary. After approaching here, the vegetation is green and glittering, like the carved Jasper from mining, planted in the soil, with spirituality and jade light. The cliffs and rocks here, even if bare, also have purple clouds, glittering and shining, and Ganoderma lucidum grows in the crevices of the rocks. It is a pity that there are no exotic flowers and trees in this area, otherwise it would have been contested and occupied by the big forces. I have to get back to the top here and make a breakthrough! What inside story, if come to aim at me, all blast into slag! Chu Feng secretly made up his mind. After arriving at Zijin Mountain, he began to measure the land here, look at the surrounding terrain, and figure it out carefully. This area is really unusual,white marble slabs, with a faint glow, if not hidden, as if there is a dragon singing from the void. forustone.com

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