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Holy Ruins _ 20200211202046 Full-time Job

Mar 7th, 2023 at 02:36   Engineering   Sankt Augustin   151 views Reference: 480
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"You let me down!" Lin Nuoyi flatly said this sentence can not see the true thoughts of her heart Xu Wanqing perturbed she felt a little bad because Lin Nuoyi is too smart even if there is no news there is no evidence but there may be some speculation At that moment Linnoy's communicator rang The little girl you sent to pick me up in your car was killed by a rocket on the way and she was very poor This is Chu Feng's words Although Lin Nuoyi had some guesses she did not think it was so serious She turned around and looked at Xu Wanqing The beam of light in her beautiful eyes was like substance Xu Wanqing gave a cry because her eyes were like needles which made her eyes ache and her heart panic At the same time she just heard the words of Chu Feng heart chaos that person really did not die was confirmed How come he wasn't in the car This makes Xu Wanqing fear at the same time but also some resentment why not die if Chu Feng disappeared everything will be wiped clean Some people are always like this and never look for reasons Home & Garden in themselves Mu will save me! Xu Wanqing prayed in her heart that she had done this to help Mu Uncle Qian take her down Don't forget that she is a strange person Use the latest alloy material shackles Lin Nuoyi said calmly Xu Wanqing suddenly froze with a brush her face was pale and there was no blood at all She was frightened and frightened and felt her ears buzzing She knew that only those who had committed unforgivable crimes would be treated in this way and that once the shackles of rare metals were put on them they would not be able to escape and they would eventually be severely punished A slightly fat old man came in benevolent usually very kind but now a little serious loyal to carry out Lin Nuoyi's orders Noi how could you do this to me! Xu Wanqing cried out You are my assistant I trust you in a short period of time can not communicate with the outside world let you help me deal with all kinds of things but you touched my bottom line! Lin Nuoyi looked cold She is tall and extremely beautiful which makes Xu Wanqing jealous but once Lin Nuoyi gets angry she has a kind of coldness that refuses people thousands of miles away which is particularly cool and gorgeous Although Xu Wanqing was very beautiful she felt ashamed of herself She was very afraid Now she was pressed by Lin Nuoyi's momentum and could not say a word Lin Nuoyi waved her hand and asked Uncle Qian to take her away Chu Feng where are you I'll pick you up Linnoy talked to him Have arrived at the county seat "I wanted you to invite me to eat the local specialties but now it seems that I will invite you" Lin Nuoyi said Chu Feng knew that she meant something as if she were apologizing He reported an address Soon after Lin Ruoyi drove a red car to the side of the road and said "Get in" Chu Feng looked at him and said "Red" It doesn't match your coldness I thought your car would be blue "Garrulous as ever" Lin Nuoyi showed a faint smile did not wear a long skirt casual hot pants T-shirts with luxury brand irrelevant China Manufacturers Soon they came to a restaurant It is very peaceful with soothing music crystal chandeliers and marble floors which is not comparable to those in big cities but it is a very good restaurant in the county town It is mainly elegant and clean Out of the car two people walk side by side into the restaurant Chu Feng naturally noticed her kind of hot pants T-shirt simple dress However this kind of casual also highlights her figure 170 centimeters tall a pair of straight and symmetrical long legs white very dazzling What's the matter Linnoy looked at him sideways I haven't seen you for a long time I've been dazzled by you Take a closer look Chu Feng said with a smile What Lin Nuoyi did not do to him was that every time he could say so justifiably that he was honest and that he was a bastard You haven't changed Lin Nuoyi said with a smile she did not hate Chu Feng's character said that they knew each other at the beginning it is precisely because of this At school the average person who would provoke her a group of suitors are cautious lest she be unhappy even because of her cold temperament 90% of the people can not muster up the courage to come forward Only this Chu Feng when he first saw her was such a bastard that he grabbed her seat folded her paper into a plane blew a breath gently in front of her and let it fly out of the window At that time this person was really hateful but she could not be really angry and finally she became familiar with him Come on let me see if you've changed Chu Feng smiled more brazenly looking up and down from her beautiful face to her snow-white neck and then Health & Medical all the way down Smelly poor sit down! Even if Lin Nuoyi's temperament is cold it's hard to see a smile on weekdays but now he has to turn up the corners of his mouth slightly and put away his cool beauty How beautiful and pleasing it is to smile like this! Chu Feng said helping her pull out the chair and press her shoulders to let her sit down Not far away when Uncle Qian saw it he raised his eyebrows on his slightly fat face but finally pretended not to see anything and looked out of the window leisurely I'm sorry When he sat down Linnoy said softly Come on I'm fine I'm fine It's just a pity for the little girl Chu Feng shook his head Yes I will make it up to her family Lin Nuoyi's good-looking eyebrows are slightly frowned Although she smiles less on weekdays her heart is not cold Chu Feng nodded What other dangers have you encountered these days Asked Linnoy A woman with a vine in her palm a bat a spider four scaly monsters and a group of men with guns have all come to me Chu Feng said carelessly Lin Nuoyi sat up straight with a brilliant beam of light in her eyes She looked at Uncle Qian not far away and said "Keep a close eye on Xu Wanqing No one can get close to her!" "Good!" Uncle Qian turned and went out to order I'll give you an explanation Lin Nuoyi looked at Chu Feng seriously What are you going to do with her Chu Feng asked Linno gathered up her beautiful hair revealing her white forehead and beautiful eyes with a little coldness "She has gone too far" she said "First she will be disqualified" Chu Feng surprised strange people still have a way to abolish trade-global.com

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Holy Ruins _ 20200211202046