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Hold the son to pour the city color Full-time Job

Dec 8th, 2022 at 01:16   Babysitting & Nanny Work   Salzgitter   199 views Reference: 202
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She remembered that her leaflet was given to her by An Zeming when he returned to his seat, and that he winked at her with deep meaning. Uh. Is this the legendary black box operation? "The beauty who put the leaflet on her face, congratulations on winning the lottery. Please come to the stage and finish an interactive program with our Cser." The host is already No. 41, Chapter 21 is a black box.. Repeated this sentence three times, but also obviously some impatience and face can not hang. But fortunately, when she said it for the third time, Huan Jin was finally picked up from her position by Shi Yan and Xia Chen, and hobbled to the stage with her pair of Hello Kitty cotton slippers. Cotton slippers. When several women in the same dormitory saw her cotton slippers, they were so shocked that they immediately covered their faces with leaflets and pretended not to know the woman who had just come on stage. And the other silver fans in the auditorium were even more embarrassed, and some even whispered to each other and even gave out a burst of laughter: the scene of the earthly concert was a thrilling and sloppy cotton slipper girl.. What? 42 Chapter 22 Abandoned.. The author has something to say: "Sigh, I can't write heavy things, so this chapter is particularly hard to write.". So you must understand the Lun family. The Lun family will try to pull it back to the direction of joy as soon as possible! The first few chapters were changed because I suddenly found that I forgot to change the number of chapters. Several chapters were sixteen, and I was embarrassed. Crying, why am I so sad? The new chapter was updated and could not be displayed,touch screen digital signage, which made others think that I was more fake, and then I lost my collection! God, don't bully me. Most of the time, fate is playing the role of a hide-and-seek child. Unfortunately, Huan Jin met such a child. When she dragged her cotton slippers and limped to climb onto the stage,interactive whiteboard prices, her mobile phone rang inappropriately. The ring tone was "My Father" specially made for her father. Then her face, which had been somewhat flushed, turned pale for a moment. This mobile phone card is her new one, and the only person who knows her number is her father. The number was bought when she went to the hospital to see her father yesterday. At that time, she said she would stay and take care of him, but he refused anyway. She had to go back to school, or she would not take medicine and injections. But she had to go back to school obediently. When she left, she went to the business hall outside the hospital to buy a new phone card, and then put her number into his mobile phone. And told him to call her if he had something to do. And she knows her father, he is a person who will not call her unless he has to, digital signage screen ,outdoor digital signage displays, because he is always worried about affecting her study. But She squeezed the mobile phone in the palm of her hand, then ran to the exit regardless of the pain in the soles of her feet. It's all Right. My father must miss her, so he called her suddenly! She comforted herself as she ran, but did not notice that tears had crept all over her face. The whole auditorium became quiet at the moment when the magic brocade turned around and ran away, and almost everyone's eyes widened incredibly, and their eyes continued to the door of the auditorium with the back of the magic brocade. The host was also somewhat confused by this change, but she was experienced enough to come to her senses immediately after being stunned for a few seconds. Holding the microphone high, she said to the audience in the auditorium with regret on her face: "Oh, it seems that this beauty has stage fright. It seems that this prize can't be sent out.." Silver dust standing on the stage did not expect such a change. He stared at the back of Huan Jin's departure with some chagrin. He wanted to rush off the stage to take his arm and ask her what had happened. However, he could not do that because his identity did not allow him to do so. He had to continue to stand on the stage and finish the performance. An Zeming, who was sitting under the stage, was much more free. When he saw Huan Jin suddenly running to the door, he bounced up from his seat like a conditioned reflex, but returned to his seat in the next second. Because he saw the fleeting years sitting on his right and rushed out first. Come on! Year after year. He looked at the back of the fleeting time and smiled a little pale. Xiao Jin.. Flowing years successfully blocked the magic brocade at the door of the auditorium, he looked at her face full of tears, there is a feeling called pain began to spread in the chest. Take me to the hospital. Huan Jin frowned, but did not give any explanation, but said to the fleeting years standing in front of her in a tone that could not be refused. With that, she bypassed him and continued to walk forward. Flowing years some stunned looking at her that some stubborn figure, she seems to be the first time to use such a tone and he spoke, and Chapter 22 Abandoned.. Before has been submissive appearance is simply different from the court ah! Thinking of this, his frown, which had been tight, opened gently. She strode to catch up with Huan Jin, who was limping in the direction of the school gate, and then took advantage of her unpreparedness to pick her up at the waist and strode to the parking shed. He likes the feeling now, because she finally asked him to help her! Looked down at the arms did not do any struggle to let him hold the magic brocade, his mouth quietly raised a touch of imperceptible arc. Did he finally really come into her life? "Thank you." Huan Jin, who had been silent all the time, suddenly spoke when he was about to arrive at the hospital. Can you tell me what happened? Along the way, in order not to let oneself appear too abrupt, so has been waiting for the magic brocade first to open the fleeting time, finally had the opportunity to ask the doubts in his heart. My dad,interactive kiosk price, he's sick. It's serious. As if expecting him to ask, Huan Jin's tone seemed a little calm, but his face could not hide his anxiety in any case. hsdtouch.com

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